Friday, July 31, 2015

Did someone say party?

Hello Home Free fans and visitors. I hope everyone is still enjoying the latest video released by the fun loving guys of Home Free. Country Fried Pop Medley has been a huge hit since its release on July 29th and is over thirty five thousand views on YouTube. That number may be off, I’ll make a sad confession here; those view numbers are confusing to me.

Today’s topic is Home Free and Patreon. First, Patreon is a great site that allows fans to support artists and creators by contributing money in amounts they can afford. I’m certainly not an expert on Patreon, but it has helped many creators get started and keep up with the competition.

Home Free is on Patreon and is currently sitting at $24,174.00 per video from 2,405 patrons. WOW! Patreon allows them to set milestones. When they hit those milestones, they give the Home Free patrons something in return. So far they have reached 7 milestones, ranging from $500 all the way up to $20,000.00 per video. That is just outstanding, in my opinion. The last milestone, at twenty thousand per video, the patron fans got learning tracks for Anyway the Wind Blows. That was pretty cool, I love listening to each part. It gives their already rich, full-bodied sound even more depth. And just to be clear, patrons receive many other benefits for their contributions too, including mp3’s of the songs and even live streaming with the guys depending on your level. The more you contribute, the more benefits you get. But the one thing that makes it completely worth it, is you get first pick at concert tickets and that’s with just a $1 per video contribution!

Their next milestone is $25,000 per video and they are getting close! Now before I tell you the patron reward for this milestone, if you’re not a patron close your ears (you’ll hear the screams). Are you ready for this? When Home Free reaches the twenty five thousand dollar per video milestone, they are going to throw a Home Free patron party! Home Fries around the world are squeeeing in their seats! Did you hear it? #partytime

If you’re already a patron, pass it on. We all know how these wonderfully talented guys have given many of us a cheerful spirit and youthful energy when we hear them sing or see them live. If you’re not a patron, consider a $1 per video contribution. There are several options, including contributing $1 and setting a monthly cap, so you don’t break the bank.

Still need some convincing? Well if a Home Free patron party isn’t enough, then check out some of their videos. Below are several useful links to learn more about Patreon and Home Free!

Are you a Home Free Patron?

Summer in the Country video -
Country Fried Pop video -
Butts Remix video -
Champagne Taste video -

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