Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foolishness at it's finest by Home Free

Happy Holidays fry friends and welcome guests! Wishing y’all the best in the New Year! Well, once again the guys of Home Free have been busy and now I’m behind. That’s OK, it’s not like y’all need me to tell you how enjoyable Home Free videos are, but it sure is fun! I’m taking a different approach to today’s review of Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, I hope you like it!

The opening scene of this fine and goofy little Christmas ditty was all I needed to see to know this one was going to bring tears of laughter. Those of us that saw their A Country Christmas show knew those bright and cheery clothes could only mean tons of fun, but now what I wasn’t expecting was the #cutestcuddliestteddybeardressedasthemostadorableelfever! When Rob walks away, defeated at the start, my heart just melted. But I wasn’t down for long. The #UglyChristmassweatersuits that Austin and Tim are wearing are #theyugliestsuits I’ve ever seen. However, #TimandAustinwearthemwell. The Adams as #saidReindeer and #bearbutt are priceless. There are so many #kneeslappers in this little gem, I’m not sure how many to mention. #blanksongbooks, #thefaces, #Timbeingsneaky, #Austinandhisremote #WTHiswithAdamChanceandthebleach #whyAdamreindeerwhy #ohthefaces #howmanytimesdidAustingethitinthehead #Timandthelights #andohmyTimandthelights #Robandthoseears #SingitRob #haveatoothbrush #SMH and last but not least, #pleasecomecarolingatmyhousebutIhavenobleachsorryChance  

I hope that wasn’t too hard to read, but I just felt this silly work of art needed a special description that #onlyHomeFreedeserves. My blog is short today (and those of you that have met me, insert short joke here) but only because I have some baking, cooking and wrapping to do before Santa comes tonight. I did want to give y’all a #ridiculousvideoreview for a #ridiculousvideo this Christmas Eve. No matter what holiday you are celebrating #HomeFreeandHomeFriescanmakeitbetter. #Watchoutforthemaninthesleighwhoplayswithelves before you #staggeroutthedoorintothesnow! Spread a little cheer this holiday season and get ready for 2017. I can’t wait to see what Home Free has in store for us! 

Just in case any of the guys stop by to see my daftness, Merry Christmas to you and yours Adam R., Rob, Tim, Austin and Adam C.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home Free + Great friends = Sheer brilliance

Howdy Home Fries and guests! Today’s blog is a little different, as I will be talking about a couple of exceptional collaborations with great friends of Home Free, Peter Hollens and the one and only, Chris Rupp. Two incredibly talented men on their own, then you add our fave five guys of Home Free and you get nothing less than soul riveting music that will send chills right down to your cowboy boots!

Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art recently went viral and this gospel trend sounds remarkable with these perfectly harmonious men. Their new collaborations with old friends is no exception and building on that viral uplifting climb they are soaring on.

What Child Is This, is one of the more divine Christmas carols. Chris Rupp and Home Free take this song to a heavenly level. It was so good to see Chris together with Home Free, it just felt right. They made a simple video with a striking background in the caves. The shadows are superb! But the vocals, oh my, the vocals. The men of Home Free, past and present, never disappoint and this song and arrangement is an absolute example of their jaw dropping, spine chilling vocal gifts. Chris makes your heart flutter and brings you full into the song. The harmony sounds like it just happens with little to no work, yet its complex and performed without flaw. Austin fills my ears with pure delight when he chimes in with unequaled expressive energy. We all love Tim’s ground shaking bold bass, but his voice in this song is almost beyond my words. To be able to sing low and high, sweet and profound, spiritually and amazingly low here, takes my breath away. These six men bring indescribable depth and passion to this song. Thank you, Chris Rupp for sharing this with Home Free! The Home Fries miss you, but we are very proud of what you’ve accomplished on your own and with 7th Ave. All the best to you and congratulations on this brilliant video.

Amazing Grace is a song that pulls at your heart strings, it’s powerful and gripping. But grab hold of your boot straps, because this version of the song will take you to a peaceful place that you’ll never want to leave. Peter Hollens is always a treat to hear and has many videos of his own as well as one with Home Free. When Peter picks a song this emotional and adds five more men that possess more talent than a human should be allowed, you get a hymn that can fill your very being with goodwill and tranquility. It was done so beautifully. Each man added his own unique essence to the song. The video itself gives just enough ambiance to enhance this virtuous song. I enjoy Peter’s work and it’s great to see him work with Home Free again.  This is an impeccable arrangement of Amazing Grace and should do that viral thing in no time. Gorgeous, gentlemen, simply gorgeous. 

It was great seeing some fresh new collaborations and I couldn’t have asked for better companions for Home Free than Chris Rupp and Peter Hollens. These two songs are not available on a Home Free CD, right now. However, you can get them on Chris Rupp's A Little Bit of Christmas CD and Peter Hollens' A Hollens Family Christmas CD’s that have recently been released. And don't forget that Home Free has recorded their Full of Cheer Christmas CD as Full of (even more) Cheer with their new baritone/bass, Adam Chance. It's worth a listen to and features How Great They Art and a new studio recording of Colder Weather. Below are links to all their websites, where their Christmas and other CD's can be purchased.

I love Christmas music and a good spiritual song and I love the way these men have brought them back in style and with their own very special style!

Home Free website:
Chris Rupp website:
Peter Hollens website:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A new avenue for Home Free and they are perfect!

Welcome my wonderful followers. I know I missed a review for SOLD! However, I may let my 9 year old daughter write that review since she loves that video, so stay tuned!

Every now and then you see or hear something that moves you more than you thought it could. Well Ring of Fire by Home Free did over two years ago, followed by I’ve Seen. Today it’s How Great Thou Art. Such a powerful song on its own. A song that you can’t help but stop and listen to (with your eyes closed), so you don’t miss anything. And yes, where I am extremely partial to Home Free, when you hear them vocalize in perfect angelic harmony this spiritual message, you will understand why these men have become so popular. 

Each man of Home Free brings his own unique and incredible style to every song they perform, but How Great Thou Art takes this to a whole new level. Dare I say to the heavens? Adam, our beloved vocal percussionist sings and I think it’s fair to say, “and the crowd went wild.” So many Home Fries have been talking about how much they love Adam’s voice. Well, he is a Rupp, after all. Austin does what he does best, sing with passion and nothing short of perfection. I can’t say enough about how far this young man has come and the Home Fries adore Austin and are enchanted by his voice. Rob, well, that “voice of angel”, elevated his fans right up to the clouds. The newest daddy of Home Free sings with grace and love and so beautifully. Chance, with his smooth vocals, gives the harmony a rich, uplifting sound that helps fill this song with devoutness. Tim, then there’s Tim. From Mom to O Holy Night to Die a Happy Man to How Great Thou Art, Tim has shown us that he has a soft, gentle side to his big booming deep voice. And there’s nothing sweeter than a man with a magnificent bass sound, sing so silkily and elegant. All this talent, all this sigh-provoking beauty, harmony that sends chills down to your soul and words that give your heart a reason to love and worship make for an immaculate video and song.

If you haven’t seen Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art (do you live on the moon?), you need to watch it! My fave five deliver a flawless performance alongside the exemplary scenery of The Alps behind them. The scene where the six foot plus tall men of Home Free are so tiny amongst the great mountains, says so much! I felt the true meaning of the song right there. Saying I love this video/song just doesn’t seem to cover it. But, I’ll say it anyway, I absolutely love How Great Thou Art, by Home Free. 

FifGen you captured God’s great earth with amazing precision. Simply gorgeous! My words are just my opinion, but the number of views this video has and the attention is has and continues to receive, shows that my opinion is shared by many others.

You can find this song on the Full of (Even More) Cheer, Home Free’s re-release of their Christmas album Full of Cheer. You can pre-order your copy at or at I can’t wait to see them on their A Country Christmas tour! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy summer brings some awesome Home Free videos!

Hey my wonderful Home Free blog junkies, I’ve missed blogging more this summer! And while my life has been the proverbial roller coaster lately, Home Free have been crazy busy professionally and personally! It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. I mean just this summer they’ve had videos galore, an amazing birthday concert, engagements, babies, concerts in Europe, a TV appearance and more videos! Damn, I’m tired just writing it out! I’m still enjoying “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. Just the other day, while getting ready for school, my eight year old daughter says, “suns come up,” and we both broke into “I got cakes on the griddle. Life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle…” There is nothing better than sharing classic music like this, with the younger generations.

In August (my birthday month), they came out with two new videos. One for the lovers and one for the partiers. Even though there was a collective heart break when Tim announced his engagement to his sweet girl, Jenika, the Home Fries wish them all the happiness in the world. And this video of “Die A Happy Man,” is a wonderful tribute to them and their love. This song is sexy and thought provoking (made my think of someone). Chance took it and really gave it soul and love, I closed my eyes and just listened to his smooth voice. Then he announced his own engagement! Yeah, love is the air for Home Free! But back to the video for “Die a Happy Man”, it’s charming and cute to see these two just being together and enjoying each other. And the song, well the song just makes you want to be in young love. Great song, wonderful voices bringing it to life by Home Free and a delightful tribute to love and Tim and Jenika. Home Free’s pure talent is so apparent and spectacular in this song, it’s definitely a must hear! Kudos for this little gem, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Then we shift over to a different kind of song and video with “Snapback”. I had never heard this song, so when we got the teaser about the new video, I went out and gave it a listen. Fun song with a beat that’s hard to resist. But, as has happened so many times, then Home Free got a hold of it. Yes, I am in love with Home Free’s version of this song! They sound full and rich. The video, well now, let’s not lie, we all enjoyed the view of our guys! We all enjoyed the diving amusement and silliness (Adam’s little surprise at the end, lol!). However, I think the video was truly stolen by, yep, you guessed it, the froggy float!!! He’s so cute and so is Tim when he jumps in with froggy. So, a little end of summer jollies from my fave five guys, to a great song! I often play “Snapback” three or four times when it comes on my playlist, just because it makes me happy and I can’t sit or stand still!

That was a bit of a quick rundown of these two videos, mainly because they have another one coming out soon, so I decided to get caught up before the next one. Which we all know will be another Home Free amazing song and video! They just can’t do things any way but AWESOME!

Remember to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to Home Free's You Tube channel at

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Church and Country Boy, Home Free can do anything!

Howdy faithful followers! Welcome back to the foolish prose that runs through my mind about these endlessly talented and respectful men of Home Free. I never did blog about Tim’s birthday bash, but it was a once in a lifetime concert that I will take with me to my grave. I felt 25 again and I wish the night had gone on forever. I didn’t have near enough time to talk to all the wonderful fries I met for the first time and the music took me to my happy place. So instead of a play by play, I will just say Thank You Tim Foust and friends for an evening that made me feel incredibly alive and blissful. I had planned this long, emotional and sappy blog about My Church, but my perspective got lost in my absolute love for the song. So, I had to take a step back and re-think the whole write up. In the meantime, my fave five released another new video!!! So now I’m three events behind and life has been crazy, but a good crazy! So I will try to plow through the harried thoughts in my head and share my opinion of My Church and Thank God I’m a Country Boy. Sounds like our boys are getting spiritual and I know the Home Fries are loving every note of it!

My Church, this song is brilliant and brings back a world of “stuff”! All good “stuff” and I really can’t get enough of it! I have heard the original and Maren Morris does a beautiful job. Her unique, smoky voice gives the song an inspirational edge. Well, you know what’s coming, I’m sure. That’s right, then Home Free got a hold the song. Honestly, I’m running out of ways to say how deep, rich, passionate and flat out ridiculous their voices sound. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can slow these guys down. Every time I think ‘how are they going to out do this?’, they do! Their spin on My Church is almighty and riveting. I’ve mentioned before how each of these guys, on their own has impressive talent, and when you put them all together, their music is without flaw. The video was one of their simple, but moving videos that gives you just enough to look at without taking away from their pure and unblemished voices. I’ve always enjoyed how you get to hear all of them highlighted in most of their songs, and My Church is one of the best. You could feel the words of this song, from their hearts. This one was definitely on a replay loop for several days. Oh, and damn nice car, Nate! So, standing ovation for My Church, gentlemen! Without a doubt, top  notch vocals and exceptional choice of theme for the video.

Thank God I’m a Country Boy. OK, I was my daughter’s age when this song came out. Yes, I did like John Denver, but didn’t appreciate him until I was a little older. When I saw the song title in the Patreon message I said, “Oh, this is going to be fun!” Goofballs, they are such goofballs. Loveable, adorable, gifted goofballs! Of course, the guys sounded harmoniously perfect and gave it the unbeatable Home Free style, not to mention the spirited yodeling! But I have to give this one to the video! No, those aren’t cakes on the griddle and should Tim really have an axe? Did anyone else think of the Beverly Hillbillies while watching this video? What are they raking? Never mind, I don’t want to know. Austin’s city life was highly amusing, but the boys without him was even funnier! Home Freemont, LOL! Beer and farm tools, SMH (could end badly). And should Tim have lighter fluid? Maybe in the next video, Chance or Rob should handle the dangerous items (Adam’s hands are usually busy air drumming). Love it! The faces they make are priceless, another part of their one-off charm! This is one of those videos you must watch over and over to focus on one guy each time, to fully absorb their expressions. And yes, thank God they are country boys! We wouldn’t want them any other way! 

Thank God I’m a Country Boy is definitely a knee slapping, spoon tapping, goofy video that Home Fries are going to enjoy sharing and watching over and over again. My Church got attention from everywhere, as well it should! Two more winning videos by Home Free! 

If you're not supporting Home Free on Patreon, you should consider supporting them for $1. For $1 you will get to see their videos earlier than the public, plus other perks! It's worth it!

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Now, back to watching the new video!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

@HomeFreeGuys cover of God Bless the USA leaves goose bumps

No time to waste on pleasantries. Home Free has taken amazing, phenomenal, emotionally moving, patriotic chills and love to whole new level with song and video. I’ve seen videos where they just stand or sit there and manage to grab a hold of your heart and soul with their remarkable voices and incomparable style, but this song and video just surpassed all of them.

I don’t even know where to start, but this will get me going in the right direction…this cover of God Bless the USA by Home Free is spine chilling, spirit lifting, heart-pounding and gut wrenching. Their presentation is simply unparalleled. I know I may be biased, as I adore Home Free and what they do with music, but I truly believe this video will stun all those that watch it. 

The scenery alone is striking and brought that proud smile to my face. This song has always been one that makes people stand up and sing with pure honor and dignity.  Lee Greenwood captured the true sense of patriotism with this magnificent song and Home Free maintained that finely tuned attitude and gave it even more life and essence. It’s almost impossible to find the right words to describe how I felt the first time I heard them sing this song live. Now they’ve made this video and I’m speechless and affected right down to my core, but thoughts are exploding, like fireworks, in my head. I have seen Home Free live seven times and it was only at the last concert in Tulsa that I snapped my first picture during this song. I had a sense of disrespect if I took pictures and didn’t stand and sing from my heart during this song. After seeing this video, I know now, I did the right thing not taking pictures during this song. Bravo, Home Free, Bravo. This video should be your pride and joy. I know Ring of Fire changed your lives, but this video will change many lives. Thank you!

Now that all the glory has been shared, I really need to get a few “holy smokes” out of the way. First, it was great to see Chris and his beautiful cowboy hat. I thought it was perfect that he got to sing ‘the lakes of Minnesota’ and that Rob joined him. Chris, Rob and Austin sound spectacular together in this song (like every other song, but this one stands alone). But then, OH MY, TIM!!!! To give Tim “across the plains of Texas’ was just fitting, but the way he sang that line made my heart stop beating. I think I shrieked a bit. Of course, being a Texan myself, I couldn’t ask for a better representation of Texas than the mighty bass voice of one Mr. Tim Foust, y’all. The emotion in the faces of all the guys was very apparent and put me in a very happy place, especially Austin and Rob. But the drum playing by Adam toward the end, where he played the air snare drum, gave me shivers. That was absolutely Adam Rupp perfection.

I know I get all gooey when I talk about these guys and I know I’m not alone in my thinking, but of all their videos, this one rattled my bones. I love all their videos. Sure, some more than others, but their fun personalities and ridiculous talent wins out every time. This video has me “falling in love” with Home Free all over again. So pure, exquisite and picturesque. Not to mention these fine gentlemen are easy on the eyes (you knew I would go there eventually). Home Free you amaze me and I hope this video goes viral and gets the attention is truly deserves. God Bless the USA!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just imagine a country a capella group rocking a dance tune!

Hello my faithful followers. I know it’s been a while, but I have been working hard at a new career and other changes in my life. Of course, I’m not the only one facing changes. We can now give an official open armed Home Fry welcome to Mr. Adam Chance as the new member of our beloved Home Free vocal band. And before I go into this new video, let me just say Chance (I will be calling him Chance) has more than exceeded my expectations and I wish Home Free 2.0 great success and fun in their upcoming endeavors. I can’t wait to them live, again!

I know Try Everything had Chance also, but there were still good-byes to be said and partying to be done. Now we can throw Chance under the Home Fry bus, which is full of over-whelming love and sibling like kidding, so let’s get to it! Home Free released a surprising cover of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling! This video/song caught me off guard. I had not heard the original and as many Fries would agree, I might be disappointed in the original after hearing Home Free’s version. I know Fries have apologized to original artists because they like Home Free’s version better, in the past. And, in my opinion, they have done it again. Don’t get me wrong, I like JT’s version of this song, but my fave five a cappella geniuses have, again, taken a great song and filled it with so much depth, soul and an over-abundance of pure talent, that you can’t help but like this version more than the original. 

Austin and Rob rock this song! Beautifully executed vocals and some sweet moves too. I don’t want to get in trouble with my honesty here, but Austin’s moves were making me replay scenes, over and over again (electric wavy, oh my)! Tim’s bass was just bassilicious! Yes, I just said bassilicous, am I wrong? #yeah Chance was everywhere and built this striking, robust harmony that fills your ears with bliss and he had some killer sounds! And then there’s Adam. This man gets more astonishingly good every time I hear him do his “Adam Thang”. If he gets any more realistically drum sounding, people are going to be looking for the drums hidden in the video instead of the chicken! But rest assured, it’s all Adam Rupp, 100%! Put all this bewildering vocal skill together and the song is full of flavor, richness and energy! 

Oh and let’s not go any further without mentioning the dance moves seen in this party on tape. So, go Chance with the booty shake. I giggled, out loud, more than once! Tim was having too much fun. The bench dancing was a treat and a little backside shimmy to boot. Adam’s moves are getting every bit as good as his beatboxing. I often watch videos and just watch Adam all the way through, so I can see every move. Austin was a boogie master! This seems to be his type of song, you could tell he was having a blast. And Rob getting down with his bad strut! There were several other dance appearances that made me giggle, *cough Buegs cough*, and want to get up and dance myself. A festive get together like only Home Free can do and great dance song made even better with a style that only Home Free can deliver. I got this feeling, down in my bones and my funky fave five guys just put into full swing. And let’s give a shout out to Satchmo (he needs to negotiate for a bigger role)!!

Whether they are doing down home country songs or breaking down the barriers with hip shaking dance tunes, Home Free will rock your world with their unique sound and amazing talent! Love the fun and love Home Free. This video will have you snapping your fingers, moving your feet and wiggling your seat! You won’t be able to take your eyes up off it, either! So check it out and share the heck out of it! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Good things to come

I sit here, with plenty to do, but find myself continuing to think of Home Free, and in particular, Chris Rupp. The five gentlemen of Home Free have been such an incredible and positive influence in my life the past two years. The good news is Home Free will continue to make me laugh and appreciate amazing music, the bad news is they will do so without Chris Rupp.

I like to find the positive in every situation and as sad as Chris leaving is, the positives are far greater! For starters, Home Free will live on and that makes Home Fries unbelievably happy. We can still count on the road trips with the windows down and Home Free playing, Tim’s ground rumbling bass notes, Austin’s earth shattering wails, Rob’s sweet angelic or rapping vocals and Adam’s mind blowing beat boxing. Soon I’ll be able to add Chance’s specialty. Next, Adam Chance is getting an opportunity to perform with a vastly talented and entertaining group of guys and I, for one, am very excited to see what he brings to the stage. We’ve heard him sing and he fits right in. He has come down to meet the fans and won our hearts. So all in all, Home Free is going to be fine and the fans are excited to see what the new kid has to offer.

Now, for Chris and his positive. Well, in my opinion, Chris has so much talent I’m sure there is only positive here. I mean he plays piano and guitar, sings, writes songs, arranges and has a dynamic stage presence, plus, he’s just a nice guy! He has worked so hard for so long on Home Free and now they are well on their way. I’m am so happy that Chris has decided to turn all his work and effort into something for him. He deserves this opportunity. I bought his Shine CD and I love the music! Country Reigns and Moving On are my favorites and for two very different reasons. Country Reigns is just good stuff, period! Moving On, for me personally, took three incredible losses and gave them new perspective and light. It’s impressive when a musician can bring out such a wide range of emotions. Chris does that beautifully. Then there’s Drinkin' with Me for a little fun and Shine for a little dancing and so much more. His first CD is already a great success. I’m so happy for him and very proud of him. I have often had feelings of pride when it comes to the men of Home Free and this bittersweet time is no exception.

Thank you to Chris for the decisions you’ve made over the years. Your choices have given so many of us, Home Fries, some of the best times of our lives. I mean I’ve been to concerts in my youth and even dabbled in music and writing in my lifetime, but to be able to sit back and take in all the fantastic music and unforgettable mishaps of these down to earth guys, is priceless. The Home Free style has always been unique, lovable, fun and full of vocal genius. So, again, Thank You Chris for your decisions. I wish you all the best, all the happiness and all the positive vibes you could possibly handle and more. You'll forever be in the hearts of Home Fries! Good (hat)guys do finish first!

The big positive for us fans....well, now we not only have new songs and videos to look forward to from Home Free, but Chris Rupp too (maybe both together too)! Double the fun for us! I can’t make it to the Patreon party next week, so I’ll throw my good luck and good-bye hugs and wishes here. Bring on the next generation of Home Free and Chris Rupp! #totesexcited #notears #TryEverything #MovingOn

Party down Home Fries, watch out for each other and have a terrific time!


Friday, April 29, 2016

My Oklahoma Home Free adventure

Howdy y’all! I’m back from my unbelievably fantastic Home Free/Home Fries weekend in Oklahoma. I think many fries would agree when I say it went by far too fast! I haven’t laughed this hard, screamed this loud, been so psyched, enjoyed myself or drank that much in years!!!

My weekend started Saturday morning, when two other Texas fries and I drove up to Norman, Oklahoma to the Riverwind Casino. Now for those reading this that have seen Home Free live, you know how difficult it can be to find just the right expletive to describe how you feel when you’re in VIP talking with them, getting pictures with them and watching the concert. In VIP they are sweet, funny and just plain folk. They tease the fans and don’t hold back. They are welcoming to those who are there for the first time and make sure the veteran concert goers get a new and entertaining experience. Now, on this particular VIP, I had the thrilling job of giving Adam Rupp his birthday cards from Home Fries around the world. Yes, Saturday April 23rd was Adam Rupp’s birthday. I was at the end of the VIP signing line and I am naturally a nervous person, so I hope my voice didn’t shake too much when I told him, “on behalf of Home Fries around the world, Happy Birthday!” He smiled big when I handed him a big birthday bag filled with cards and gifts from his loving fans! Nothing brighter or more satisfying than a grown man’s childlike grin when he’s humbled at his fan’s generosity and gratitude. His smile alone made my day and I was happy I got to make this presentation, at least once. 

Now, for the concert. Home Free was just as dynamic and top-notch as they always are, but this concert had two extra things about it that made it just a little better. Tim announced Adam’s birthday and told the audience to feel free to get Adam fruity umbrella drinks from the bar to help him celebrate. Throughout the concert, various colored drinks and shots kept appearing. Occasionally, one of more the guys would take a sip or chug a shot. At one point Adam had two drinks and a microphone in his hands. He seemed a bit perplexed as to how to remedy his situation until mysterious hands from back stage took the drinks from him. The second thing, was these awetacularific speakers, as tall as me, that stood on either side of the stage. I was in the front row, but far right and there was an extra VIP section in the center, so those speakers were in front of me, but about twenty feet away. When Tim hit those low notes or when Adam dropped the bass, that twenty feet might as well have been TWO!! I have never felt my chest rattle that hard, not even at one of their concerts. I keep putting my hand on my chest to steady my very skeleton! My hair blew back, honest! I don’t mean like model down the runway blew back, but my hair blew back from the power of the low notes through those mighty speakers. That was freakin’ AWESOME! Gives a whole new meaning to “feel the rumble”! Forget bass in your butt, this went down to my core and heartbeat!

Our after concert get together was small, but filled with so much laughter the waitresses brought us all water, thinking we had had too much to drink. That included our designated driver who wasn’t drinking at all. I guess we made too much noise for a Saturday night in Norman, Oklahoma. 

On to Tulsa we go. Our pre-VIP fry meet up was fun, but short. Time wasn’t on our side this day, but we managed to make it. During this VIP, I did not have birthday cards, however, I did come with a bag full of Girl Scout cookies. For those who have followed me for a while, you might remember my daughter took them GS cookies last year in Dallas. Adam got me in trouble with Nate because he was digging in the bag looking for his favorite flavor, Tagalongs! Well, he did it again. That’s right, Adam was digging in the bag to find his favorite and when he found it, he pulled out the box. When I finally got free, I could hear Nate telling us to keep moving. Chris had already moved out of the signing line and I wanted to tell him good-bye, so I quickly handed Nate the bag of cookies and called Chris. I asked him for a hug, since I would not be able to make the Patreon party. He gave me a hug that one would get from a friend. I was touched (and no, he doesn’t know me from any other fan). A true sweetheart and gentleman. I do wish him success and happiness, always.

Second VIP down and I’m feeling great! This time I had a couple of drinks before the concert. Similar to Norman, I was in the front row, but the stage was about thirty feet away. There was an empty wooden floor between the seats and the stage (this will be important later). The crowd was loud and energetic and the guys were just crazy good! I love when Austin gets that adorable little kid smile when the crowd goes insane. Well, the Tulsa crowd brought it and the guys loved it! Their performance was flawless and exhilarating! I could live happily on the effervescent vibes that you get at their concerts. Rob was on fire, Adam was beatboxing perfection, Austin was stunning and spirited, Chris was smooth, sweet and moving and Tim, well Tim was Tim…sarcastic, bassy and brought the house down! ESPECIALLY during Ring of Fire. He said something like “how about some dancers for this one,” and every person from the front row ran, not walked, RAN to the stage and filled that wooden floor! It was so much fun to watch. He may have worried about the decision to invite dancers for a second or two, but it turned out to be a Foustanding idea! The crowd loved it and I believe the guys did too. It made that low note at the end a treat for those close to the speakers, dancing. This was definitely a concert I wish could have gone on all night! 

And as a little bonus, Chance (Adam Chance) came down after the signing line and signed autographs and talked with us. You could tell he was a little overwhelmed and shy, but he did great! My daughter is now the proud owner of a Home Free night shirt, signed by six members of Home Free! We did go out after the concert and again had some laughs and hung out until way past my bed time, but I loved it!

Whew! That was long, but the weekend was amazing! Home Fries are the best! There were a lot of first timers at both concerts, so hopefully the guys gained some new fans. They just get bigger every day and they are getting some well-deserved attention. They will be opening for Alabama, that’s right, you read that right, they will be opening for Alabama in September in Kansas City. I wish I could be there, but I know they will rock the house, as they always do! Good luck Chris, welcome Chance and keeping being awesome Home Free! I can’t wait until my next Home Free/Home Fries adventure.

Until next time, enjoy every day and smile at a stranger! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home Free covers Try Everything with perfection!

Good afternoon faithful followers. Today we don’t just have a new video to go over, but we have a new member of Home Free to throw into the discussion. This one is pure fun and uplifting! I just got back from seeing Home Free, twice, over the weekend, so that blog will be coming soon. 

Let’s start with the song, Try Everything. Love the title and the song just reels you in and doesn’t let go. I heard it when I took my daughter to see the movie Zootopia, and I fell in love with it! Excellent decision to do this song. I haven’t stopped listening to it since I first saw the video. And yes, I support Home Free on Patreon, so I got to see it early. I just play it over and over again. Home Free adds their all too famous and notable magic to this incredible song! All that rich, gorgeous, meaty harmony that fills the room with energy and heart. Sometimes when I’m listening to this song, I close my eyes and let my ears take in every juicy note and beat and, when the song is done, I’m smiling from ear to ear. It’s a wonderful feeling. It may fall a little outside of the country genre, but Home Free really makes this song kick ass!

As you know, Chris Rupp has decided to leave Home Free for a solo career. To me Chris is Home Free, but all the guys are equally important to their success over the years. Chris, being one of the founding brothers, is the main face I associate with Home Free. The fans will miss him, more than we realize now, but at the same time we are excited for him. However, his adorable smile and smooth voice are missing from this video. It’s going to be difficult for some, but you really need to hear this, because Chance is going to give you this surprising sense of “Home Free is going to be just fine!”

So, I’m happily listening and watching as the video spins around a recording studio from a couple different views. The guys are their usual, love to watch them perform, selves. Chance seems to fit right in, harmonies rocking, Adam jamming (that man would be lost without arms), Rob and Austin sounding remarkable and making it look way too easy, and Tim and Chance filling it in with depth. Yeah, then all a sudden, Chance starts singing on his own. My heart skipped a beat and when I heard him I felt the smile break out, it was beautiful! Chance sounds, well, like he’s been doing this a while. Oh yeah, he has! It was perfect and I got the most satisfying and comforting feeling when I heard him sing. I knew Home Free made the choice to bring Adam Chance in for a reason, and he is completely convincing in his first video with Home Free. He won’t be officially initiated until he gets mobbed by Home Fries. Hehe, we don’t really mob, but it’s not our first rodeo, so we do give them a run for their money! (side note: how many times do you think Adam accidently, on purpose, smacked Tim and Rob while making this video?)

Brilliant! Great song, great singers, great video, great addition and great job! You really need to watch the video, if you haven’t already. You won’t be able to stop the smile and feel good when it’s over. And you’ll watch it again and again and probably again!  The Oklahoma concerts were amazing and you’ll hear all about soon. Until, check out this Home Free video of Try Everything!