Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Free Monday done right!

Good afternoon Fries and newcomers! Wow what a day already for Home Free. I know most of you have already seen the announcements, but my head is still spinning! Monday’s can be pretty damn good when they start like this!

First, features three videos in a Video Shootout fan poll each week. Any video that wins four weeks straight, goes to the Video Shootout Hall of Fame. Home Free just beat out Jason Aldean and Keith Urban in week three and go up against Miranda Lambert and Laura Bell Bundy in this final week. If they get the win this week, this will make the second video in the Hall of Fame for Home Free. Their cover of “What We Ain’t Got” made its way into the Hall of Fame earlier this year. This time their Lego animated “Crazy Life” video is fighting for a spot. Way to go Home Free and Home Fries!

Crazy Life - 

Then, as a sweet surprise, none other than Kenny Rogers, that’s right, the Gambler, made an announcement that rocked the Home Fries world. Kenny is coming out with a new Christmas album this year and has several guests recording with him. You got it! Home Free is one of the guest artists that will be recording with Kenny Rogers on his new Christmas album. So, first congratulations Kenny on your first new Christmas album in seventeen years, you are a classic gentleman and country superstar! Second congratulations Home Free for the opportunity to record with such a legend! And that’s the second legendary country artist to invite Home Free to the recording studio. Earlier this summer they joined The Oak Ridge Boys to bring Elvira back! From the new fun pop of “All About The Bass” to the classic “Elvira”, Home Free does it all, countrified, of course.

And if that’s not enough to make the Home Fries bust open at the seams, on Friday July 17, 2015 Home Free is debuting at The Grand Ol’ Opry! Wow! Does it get any better? Knowing these five amazing guys of Home Free, they will find a way to make it better. Until then fries from all over are traveling to Nashville Tennessee to fill up the Opry with a large order of Home Fries! This blogger won’t be able to be there (I have a celebration of my own), but I’m hoping I get some guest bloggers to fill us all in when they return. Congratulations Home Free on your debut at The Grand Ol’ Opry and recording with The Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers. Y’all are destined to become the modern classic gentlemen of country music, with an a cappella twist!

I’m a little early, but Sunday is Tim Foust’s birthday and I’ll be on the road, so I’m gonna leave this here for all to see.

What do you think is next for this fast rising talented group, Home Free?

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  1. Wonderful article about great things happening for a great bunch of guys!