Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Who hasn't done a write up about Elvira, yet?

Well, #Elvira came in and hit the internet by storm. She’s back with a brand new sound and she has gone #Elviral. Not my hashtag, but a darn good one! This perfectly put together song sung by Home Free and The Oak Ridge Boys, stays with you long after you hear it. Many folks have been caught singing “Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow” at work, home alone, on buses or walking down the street. You just can’t stop singing it. I love Elvira’s contemporary make over. Now, she is a rocking lady with sweeter harmonies, jamming drums and more rumbling bass! Since its release on August 21st it’s received over 230 thousand views on YouTube, and climbing.

It has been written about by so many groups and bloggers that the list of articles is wrapped around the corner of the world wide web! I’ve provided a list below of the write ups I have found. I’m sure there are more and will be more, as the word spreads. Rolling Stone County Music Newscast Sunnyy 94.3 FM 105.9 Sunny FM Chicago Time Post - Lovin’ Lyrics Soundwave Radio The Christian Beat Hip Hop Beats

And there's one more write up below in this blog ;-)

Friday, August 21, 2015

My heart is on damn fire!

First, O.M.G., second, DAMN!!!! #FANDAMNTASTIC, that is my word for the new Elvira video and song by Home Free and The Oak Ridge Boys. Oh my, my heart is pumping and my hands are shaking over this song. It is Holy Sweet Potato Pie good (or whatever your favorite pie is)! I keep playing the song as I write this and it gets better every time I hear it. I knew it would be amazing, but they blew amazing out of the water and kicked ass!

Each one of these wonderful gentlemen is remarkable. I tip my cowgirl hat to each and every one of them. I predict this video will go viral in twenty four hours. I know the Fries will make sure of it, not to mention the ORB fans. What an unparalleled combination of talent and charisma!

Their harmonies are dynamic, energetic, brilliant and absolutely PERFECT! I could go on and on about how amazing these gentlemen sound together and I’d never be able to get it all in one write up. Oh them basses, “Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow,” and I am in love! Mr. Sterban and Tim, you rock my world and this song! Adam is stellar as usual, but I wasn’t expecting the ambitious presence he had in this song, it was wicked! Mr. Bonsall and Mr. Allen are spectacular and give this sweet lady the love she deserves. Austin continues to blow us away with his powerful and soulful voice. And Rob, well he brings it like only Rob can bring it, smooth! Sorry Rob, but I’m afraid Mr. Golden wins the beard contest (next time, you’ll get ‘em next time). The harmonies from Mr. Golden and Chris, put the scoot in this two stepper and bring it all home. Together this baby has a rocking beat and OOMPH (pun intended). I’m feeling this song all the way down to my toes! I’ve played it about a hundred times and just can’t stop! I may need help, if I don’t surface in a week, come find me. I’ll be in front of my laptop watching the new Elvira video, in a trance!

But what made this video even better, if that’s possible, is the country boy love I see in the video. I got a kick out of Austin getting The Oak Ridge Boys’ autographs on his t-shirt! These fine men look like they are having a blast, with life-long friends. The posse with extraordinary talent! What I would have given to be a fly on the wall when they recorded this video. Not so much to see the antics, but to be in the same room with such all-encompassing talent and vocal nobility.

They sang the hell out of this song! They brought this classic into the future and made it a whole new classic, with the original artists The Oak Ridge Boys and the a cappella yumminess of Home Free. Wow, I am stunned, giddy, bouncing up and down in my chair and just happy as a hungry tick on a fat dog! They have completely out done themselves with this one and the fans are going oom poppa oom poppa mow mow crazy!

Congratulations Oak Ridge Boys and Home Free for one goliath of a collaboration that resulted in a ditty that will have this country hankering for a peek at the beautiful Elvira. I think I have a new favorite Home Free song! And, as Home Free states, a huge "damn good job" to Geoff Castellucci, of Voice Play, for his incredible arrangement of the song! #FANDAMNTASTIC

If you haven’t heard it yet, what in tarnation are you waiting for?

Monday, August 17, 2015

A year of enjoying Home Free and Home Fries!

July 2014 five highly talented young men (with a featured guest, so six really) released a video to the world that would go viral. I’m sure it was a turning point in their career. However, this simplistic, yet stunning video also changed my life. Home Free’s cover of Ring of Fire, featuring Avi Kaplan, seems to be a pivotal moment in the lives of so many people, many of whom I have either met or become friends with over the past year. I don’t know the exact date I watched the video, due to when I saw it I went on a Home Free hunt and didn’t stop for several days! I know it was within a week or two of my birthday, because I bought the Home Free Crazy Life CD and Tim Foust’s The Best That I Could Do CD for my birthday. What I think is so fantastic is how many fries have recently written or posted about their one year “Fryniversary”, with no intentions of slowing down. I guess I’ll join them.

I know most of you have heard the story of how Home Free and more specifically Tim’s song I’ve Seen inspired me to start writing again. So today I will tell all the other things that have come from Home Free’s music.

The most rewarding thing is that I now have friends all over the world ranging in age from 17 to those in their 60’s. I have met a few of them and they will always have me as a friend, whenever they need me. The first fry I virtually met was an awesome girl of 17 that lives in Brazil. I felt so ridiculous going gaga over Home Free at my age and then I found out her age and she made me feel like a kid again. As the days went on and we all goofed around about Home Free, I realized these a guys just inspire youth, smiles, giddiness and pure adrenaline. I have been encouraged and inspired by so many wonderful people and I hope to meet them all one day. I’ve cried with them, laughed until my side hurt, felt embarrassed and completely vulnerable, not to mention felt a little drunk after seeing Home Free live. Yes, Home Free is a strong source and the Home Fries cling to that source and each other with all our hearts and souls.

The first time I actually met fries was when I had plans to see Home Free in Dallas. Well, a couple weeks before that concert an extremely kind fry offered me a VIP ticket to the concert in Oklahoma City, which was a few days before the Dallas concert. Well, how could I possibly say no? I made my arrangements and the next thing I knew, I had made plans to drive to Oklahoma City with two ladies I had never met before. I joked about how my mom had done this years before, by going to California to meet fans of a soap opera, that she had never met, and we teased her that one of them could be an ax murderer! Well, these ladies assured me they had no axes! Two concerts and a great trip to Oklahoma later, we’ve all become good friends. I know I would do anything for any of them. And we have planned to see four Home Free concerts together in October! I met so many other fries at these two concerts and hope to see them again and meet other fries, I haven’t met yet!

As for my writing, since hearing I’ve Seen, I have written twenty nine song lyrics, twenty poems, one children's story and started the second story in the adventures, created two blogs and have had the honor of playing a small role in helping an incredible lady and dedicated fry create some extraordinary tribute videos for each of the members of Home Free. Plus, I’ve volunteered for other small writing “assignments” at work and for our Girl Scout troop. My hope is to, someday, get paid to write!  

Let’s not forget the guys that started me down this unbelievable trek, Home Free. Their music has so much to offer and I find it hard, at times, to find the right words. Their voices alone are remarkable and together they are this perfectly put together 3D puzzle. Their sound is rich, vibrant and full of life and energy. You want to hear the song over and over again. Their arranging talents have blossomed over the past year and the fries continue to be amazed with each new song. I’m so excited for the new album, I could just bust! If they don’t hurry and release it, the fries are going to hunt them down (visions of Young Frankenstein where the villagers are breaking down the door with Inspector Kemp’s wooden arm). Hurry, Home Free, hurry! And yes, I do support Home Free on Patreon, it's so worth it!

Happy “Fryniversary” to all my fellow fries that found Home Free around this time last year!

How long have you been a Home Fry?

I've Seen by Home Free (written by Tim Foust)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Home Free All About That Bass cover video published a year ago on 8/18/2014

Hey, Home Free fans! The Don’t It Feel Good tour is almost here and I know there are fries heading out to State Fairs and music festivals all over the northern part of the country to see Home Free this summer. I don’t understand why they don’t want to do outdoor summer concerts here in Texas (Dallas area). We had a great summer, only twelve days over one hundred degrees, so far.

Today I thought I’d go back and check out Home Free’s cover of All About That Bass, since it was released almost a year ago. Let me start off by saying that when this video came out, I had just discovered Home Free from their Ring of Fire video. I had not heard the original song, nor had I seen the original video. When I saw Home Free’s video, I thought it was funny and loved it, but I didn’t know how funny, at the time.

So, here I am, a little out of touch with the world, watching All About That Bass cover by Home Free. It was great, I liked the song, they guys had fun with it, I could tell they were cool. After I had watched all the videos of Home Free I could find, I decided to watch the original video by Meghan Trainor.

First, Meghan you’re a doll. I’m glad you have the guts to say what’s on your mind and the talent to make the delivery enjoyable and yet still mean something. You go girl! Second, I could not stop laughing as I watched the original video and how it compared to Home Free’s video. The hair and the hats, laying on the sheer colored fabric and the pretty camo plastic cloth and the list goes on. And to go from the pop version of this song to the really cute and perfectly arranged country version was brilliant.

It may have been All About That Bass, but this video was all about Home Free and how they were gearing up to win over fans around the world! They started with a terrific song by Ms. Trainor, did their own creative, awesome arrangement and with Kristine Slipson, put together an adorable video with just the right amount of humor and an over-abundance of talent! And, of course, seeing them do this song live, is a special treat. Nothing like five guys singing about booty and posing like Barbie dolls, something Home Free pulls off quite well!

I know the fries have all seen this video, but ICYMI

Who thinks Austin looks 12 in this video (especially compared to WWAG)?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Home Free, more Periscoping and Home Fries can't get enough!

The whole Periscope thing has just been a complete blast! There is nothing like hearing that whistle go off on my phone and then see Home Free live! Now, so you don’t think I sit around waiting for Home Free Periscopes, I often watch them later. But there have been a few that I am so glad I got to watch as they happened! The fireside chat, periscoping from the stage during a show and during a break while recording a video with Kenny Rogers! There have been so many and the fans are falling in love with Home Free all over again. These live streams have not just given fans some extra time with the guys, but those who have never been able to see them live, get a delightful sneak peek!

During the fireside chat, the guys did a little singing, some joking around and even opened themselves up to questions. It was almost as good as sitting there with them, just hanging out and being friends. They were genuine and full of little surprises, like Austin breaking wood by throwing it  at rocks, successfully, I might add.

Then they scoped from the stage! The first time they scoped from Downey, ID and sang A Little Bit of Everything. I was so impressed with how incredible they sounded AND how well Rob handled the camera while singing! They did great! Then they scoped from Kasson, MN and sang Champagne Taste. Again, they sounded fantastic and played to the audience and the camera! I’m not sure if that makes them impressively talented or really big camera hogs?! After these two great scopes on stage, fans in the audience posted videos of the guys Periscoping during the show. It was kind of funny seeing it from the audience point of view. Best part, though, was when Tim asked a lady in the audience if she was watching them Periscope and when she said yes, he laughed and said, we are live on the other side of your phone! Yeah, but we were on stage with you! Tough choice, right there!

Then today, when I thought the Periscopes just couldn’t get any better, they jumped on during a break while shooting a Christmas video with the one, the only, The Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers! Chris opened up the scope and put the camera on Mr. Rogers. He waved, but I’m not sure he knew exactly what was happening, but he smiled and was very gracious. Yes, I was very happy to see Home Free all dressed and looking sharp, but Kenny Rogers. This was a short scope, but a truly awesome one!

So, again, I refer to Rob as #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun! But a HUGE Thank you to all of Home Free for bringing us along with you on this fast paced, spectacular ride! We've seen them real time when they're tired, on stage, relaxing, wasting time and goofing off. Honestly, I can't wait to see what to see what they will do next! Your fans are simply astonished at your non-stop devotion to us!

Down Periscope!

Heres’s a few screen shots from some of these Periscopes.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A little Home Free goes a long way!

A little Home Free inspiration goes a long way! Have you ever checked out the other blogs that just love highlighting the guys? I started mine to be able to separate my personal blog from one that I really wanted to use specifically to promote Home Free. However, there are several other blogs out there that have been supporting the guys a lot longer than me!

First, there is Home Free Happenings at  You can find anything you could possibly need, in regards to Home Free that is, right here. Tour schedule, a great newsletter, Patreon information and even a link to saved Periscope session with or of Home Free, plus other video links. This is a great blog to check out for anything Home Free.

Next, there is Home Free Fasion at , that’s right, these guys are stylin’! Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin always look great and at Home Free Fashion you will get a close up look at just how cool they are! From belt buckles to vests to some mighty hot tees and bandanas, this blog will keep you up to date on the latest Home Free fashions, just in case you missed them.

Now we’re going to hit Rachel Cheng’s BuzzFeed Community at Rachel is a witty and clever blogger with an affinity for Home Free. Do you blame her? She breaks down the entertaining music videos of Home Free in a nerdy kind of way that only Rachel can do. You really need to check out her write ups on Home Free. You’ll be back the next time she posts, just to see what she’s up to next!

The final blog I’m going to talk about is not completely Home Free related, but the writer is a huge Home Fry and she loves writing about the guys! It’s Carina’s Joys of Life at Carina is an amazing writer with a talent to twist a short story in a direction you may not have seen coming. However, you can tell that Home Free is definitely one of her Joys of Life. Her articles about Home Free are fact filled and heart-warming. Check it out!

If you’re a Home Fry, and you haven’t visited all these blogs, you have some catching up to do. If you’re not a Home Fry, you might be after you visit these sites and watch Home Free videos.

Home Free Website -

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home Fries speak up

Yesterday a brave Home Fry posted a deep dark confession and it opened up the topic to all Home Fries and it led to many other confessions. My friend and fellow Home Fry, who graciously allowed me to use her name and declaration here today, began her confession like this, “HELLO: My name is __Cindy__! It has been 106 days since I last saw Home Free….” She goes on to talk about meltdowns waiting for concerts, 57 days until her next fix and hallucinations of new albums, oh and burst of excitement over Home Free periscoping! Yes, she’s a Home Free Addict and proud of it!

This admission led to so many other fries pouring their hearts out with how long it had been since their last concert, oh hold on please, Home Free is periscoping from Utah…… Hi, I’m back. That was fun, they started periscoping as I was writing this and well I couldn’t miss it, could I? And no, Rob, y’all are not boring and don’t forget to flip Adam.

OK, back to the revelations of the Home Fries. Some had seen Home Free as little as a few days ago, some several months and some, bless their hearts, have yet to see them live. But our support group is here to make sure those fries get to see lots of videos and pictures. I mean that’s our job to feed their addiction of Home Free with everything Home Free, right?
Never have I seen so many addicts in one place that thrive off each other and make it a happy place to be. In these admissions I saw phrases like ‘the wait is killing me’, ‘intense withdrawals’, ‘faceplants’, and ‘go crazy’. These fans are suffering from the constant teasing from Home Free about new songs, a new CD and the periscoping (and maybe a slip of the tongue, once)! If we had any more fun, we’d all bust a gut!

A funny story here, Cindy has been working on projects, one for each of the guys, and today she was working on Tim’s and asked for an opinion. Before I knew it, she and I were ridiculously having a conversation that was made up of song titles from Tim’s CD and Home Free’s Crazy Life CD. Yeah, we need help, or do we?

I know Home Fries are content in their world of everything Home Free. But a word of advice, don’t ever offer a Home Fry a cure. Fries don’t want a cure, they want a new album, they want a concert new their home, they another Periscope with Rob, #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun.

Are you a Home Free addict? No? What the Hell?

Check out their YouTube channel here: