Friday, July 24, 2015

You Received Three Standing Ovations at the Opry, What Are You Going To Do Now? Perform in 100 Degree weather in Greenville!

By guest blogger Leslie Tidd

After an EPIC night & performance at the Opry, Home Free & the fries traveled to Greenville, Ky. We arrived in Greenville early Sat morning around 1:30am, along with several other fries. We slept a few hours and were up to get our chairs set up for the concert that night. We left to finish up last minute odds and ends and returned around noon.

 Wow it was hot, the heat index hit 114 at one point but that didn’t deter any of the fries from sitting and waiting.  As we waited, we helped others set up their chairs after the sound booth was moved back opening more spots for chairs. After rearranging seats several of us left, only to come rushing back when we received word that someone took it upon themselves to move 4 chairs that belonged to the fries. All was resolved by the time we got back. It was great seeing all the fry’s stand together & prevail. #FryFamily

The guys arrived, checked in and we sat and watched their sound check. Shortly after sound check, Tim came back out for his birthday. He was greeted by 100’s of fries that had gifts and well wishes for him. Tim hugged everyone that wanted a hug & took a group pic with all the fries. Tim received so many gifts a gator was needed.

The guys are such characters, the man who was introducing them was taking a little longer than they expect, so the guys acted like they were running in slow motion coming to the stage. I’m sure you can imagine & hear the laughter from the crowd. Home Free took stage and the high from the previous night was still there despite the heat. During intros Tim introduced Austin as King of the jungle; I wonder if King of the jungle supersedes King Timmy? Tim also thanked the line dancers and asked if they’d like to join them on tour. Obviously, the answer was YES!

Home Free chose not to do some of the intro bits to their songs, unsure if it was because of actions from previous concerts or the heat. (Plus side no one disrupted their show)  Adams drum solo was amazing as always; it was shorter than usual but I’m guessing the heat was a factor. The guys didn’t have an intermission. (This was my 1st outdoor summer concert, so not sure if this is normal for them or not) I periscope the concert and during Adam's solo, Chris was also periscoping. So I ended up periscoping Chris, periscoping Adam. :-p

Did I mention the heat? Wow it was hot, as hot as we were the poor guys had it much worse on stage. At one point Austin grabbed a sweat towel and wiped Tim’s brow. Before the show ended the guys were drenched but none of that took away from their performance. They were absolutely amazing.

I don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing this weekend was. Witnessing the EPIC Opry milestone was the obvious highlight. However, seeing the fries stand together and what we’ll all withstand to be there and support them, proves the best group in the land, has the best fans in the land!

Want to know a secret? Tim told the crowd that Wagon Wheel/Song of the South will be on their new album.
So now we know 2 songs!

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