Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home Fries speak up

Yesterday a brave Home Fry posted a deep dark confession and it opened up the topic to all Home Fries and it led to many other confessions. My friend and fellow Home Fry, who graciously allowed me to use her name and declaration here today, began her confession like this, “HELLO: My name is __Cindy__! It has been 106 days since I last saw Home Free….” She goes on to talk about meltdowns waiting for concerts, 57 days until her next fix and hallucinations of new albums, oh and burst of excitement over Home Free periscoping! Yes, she’s a Home Free Addict and proud of it!

This admission led to so many other fries pouring their hearts out with how long it had been since their last concert, oh hold on please, Home Free is periscoping from Utah…… Hi, I’m back. That was fun, they started periscoping as I was writing this and well I couldn’t miss it, could I? And no, Rob, y’all are not boring and don’t forget to flip Adam.

OK, back to the revelations of the Home Fries. Some had seen Home Free as little as a few days ago, some several months and some, bless their hearts, have yet to see them live. But our support group is here to make sure those fries get to see lots of videos and pictures. I mean that’s our job to feed their addiction of Home Free with everything Home Free, right?
Never have I seen so many addicts in one place that thrive off each other and make it a happy place to be. In these admissions I saw phrases like ‘the wait is killing me’, ‘intense withdrawals’, ‘faceplants’, and ‘go crazy’. These fans are suffering from the constant teasing from Home Free about new songs, a new CD and the periscoping (and maybe a slip of the tongue, once)! If we had any more fun, we’d all bust a gut!

A funny story here, Cindy has been working on projects, one for each of the guys, and today she was working on Tim’s and asked for an opinion. Before I knew it, she and I were ridiculously having a conversation that was made up of song titles from Tim’s CD and Home Free’s Crazy Life CD. Yeah, we need help, or do we?

I know Home Fries are content in their world of everything Home Free. But a word of advice, don’t ever offer a Home Fry a cure. Fries don’t want a cure, they want a new album, they want a concert new their home, they another Periscope with Rob, #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun.

Are you a Home Free addict? No? What the Hell?

Check out their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTFuNYrqAcsmSjgqYMvxOqw

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