Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good luck Home Free at your Opry debut!

Hey Fries and guests I wanted to take a few minutes to give a quick shout out to Home Free and the Home Fries! Home Free may be performing in Reno tonight, however, there’s a mess of Home Fries heading to Nashville, Tennessee! Tomorrow, Friday July 17, 2015 Home Free will debut at the Grand Ole Opry!! I can only imagine how the guys of Home Free must feel about this honor. One question I would ask them if I had the chance to interview them, would be “Do you get nervous before a performance.” I have an idea the answer tomorrow, just might be, not just yes, but HELL YES!

The Grand Ole Opry means so much the country music world. Walking out on that stage must be an overwhelming feeling of pure joy, a sense of achievement along with a whole lot of nervous. A huge Congratulations to Home Free! I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come for you. I am so excited that the country music crowd at The Opry will get a chance to experience the unique rich sound of your music.  Best of luck to you!

And the Home Fries will be there to show their love and support. I know the seats would be filled with mostly Home Fries, if we could all be there. I look forward to a couple a guest bloggers sharing their experience with us next week. Safe travels Home Fries!

I’ll be heading south to hot and humid San Antonio, but part of my heart will be in Nashville with Home Free and Home Fries! Y’all have fun! Next trip to The Grand Ole Opry, I’m there!

Are you going to The Grand Ole Opry to see Home Free?

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