Monday, July 27, 2015

4 Home Free concerts in the Lone Star State for me!

This blogger has gone and done what she said she wasn't going to do! When Home Free announced their Don't It Feel Good fall tour dates, I was down right pumped that they had five concerts in Texas. Now Texas is pretty big, so five concerts could be hundreds and hundreds of miles, one way! They will be in Austin, Nederland, Houston, Abilene and El Paso. El Paso is about 650 miles from me, so that one was a no. However, those other four cities are very doable!!!

Now I'm not a rich woman, but my first thought here was "I'm going to Austin, Nederland and Houston and I'm going VIP." I knew I would have to take my daughter to at least one concert. I thought my son might want to go to one also. Plus, I kind of have a Home Free posse, and we all wanted to go together. You know, ladies road trip, no men allowed. After the excitement settled down, I realized I couldn't do all four shows, but I could do two, for sure! So there was my plan. I'd go to  Houston with the girls, yeehaw! Then we'd come back and get the kids and go to Abilene. That works, plan made, start saving my money!

Well, one day I was innocently hanging out on Twitter and a radio station in Austin posts a contest to win 2 tickets to see Home Free in Austin. All you had to do was retweet, so I did. I never win anything, but I retweeted anyway, promotion for the guys, right, right! A few days later I get an email and I thought it was from a representative in my son's drum corp, but it wasn't. It was from KASE iHeart radio station in Austin and I had won two tickets to see Home Free, WHAT??? I laughed for about an hour. Downside, I had to pick up the tickets, in person, in Austin within 30 days. And how do you like them fortuitous apples, I was driving to San Antonio to see my son on his birthday and perform within a couple weeks. New plan, stop in Austin and pick up FREE tickets to see Home Free!

Once I had purchased tickets to Houston and Abilene and had the tickets I won to Austin in my hands, I realized that I might as well go to Nederland too. It's a lot closer to drive from Austin to Nederland to Houston, then Austin to Dallas to Houston. So, before I looked anything up, I bought a ticket to the Nederland show. Then I looked it up and guess what??? Don't laugh now! It's about the same distance. Ha, what a dork!

So my plan to see two Home Free concerts in October has turned into four concerts and approximately 1240 miles and never leaving the state of Texas. I know it will be worth it. Some girl time, some driving with the windows down and the music all the way up, some time with my kids, oh and let's not forget four awesome Home Free concerts! Don't tell anyone, but I think I have become a Home Free groupie! When you see these guys live, you'll feel the same way us Home Fries do..."When can I see them in concert again!?!?"

How many miles have you traveled to see Home Free?

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