Monday, June 29, 2015

Beer budget works for the ladies

Today I want to share some thoughts about Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget by Home Free. Tim Foust wrote it, funny as hell, awesome song, enough said, I’m out (drops the mouse on the floor and the batteries fall out, oh wait)!

No really, this song is a winner all the way around. Tim Foust did write this song and recorded it as a solo artist. It was a cute song on his solo CD, but if I’m allowed to say (and hope Tim won’t hate me forever, should he ever see this), Home Free made this song even better and cuter! The video is a perfect work of the male mentality. So why do all the women fans love this song and video? That’s easy. Five cute guys singing about wives spending too much money, beer, going to jail and expensive designers, what’s not to love? Did I mention that Austin isn't wearing a shirt? Oh and then there’s Tim, who does grumpy better than Grumpy, himself! Add in some superb whistling (won’t mention the whistle on Tim’s CD, *snicker), a little background dance moves (well, sort of), a cameo of Avi Kaplan and Home Fries and you get a good laugh and a hankering for a beer!

The song itself, makes the guys shake their heads in agreement and the ladies giggle, you know, maybe they agree a little too. Hearing Tim, the rumbling bass, talk about Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, had me laughing so hard my side hurt. As a side note, I did have to look up Jimmy Choo, because I had never heard of him! But we can all reassure Tim and the rest of Home Free that if they went to jail, Home Fries would drive hundreds of miles to visit them, even if the mall isn’t nearby.

Bottom line, this song has hilarious lyrics, a back home country beat and a Duck Dynasty feel, but with only one beard. With almost two million views, it seems to be a fan favorite and a guy favorite! Be sure to take a look, before they haul his ass away!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A look back to last summer

Almost a year ago Home Free released a video cover of Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids. First let me say that Kenny Chesney makes this song cool. The video is a laid back look at growing up when life was simpler and how the simple life can be perfect if you just go with the flow and let life happen.

Now let’s get to Home Free’s cover. Their job is to take this enjoyable tale and make it sound amazing with no instruments. I’ll start with the soulful beat Tim and Adam add that give the song new depth. They blend in the harmony and background of Rob and Chris which fills the song with energy. Then there’s Austin’s care free, charismatic lead that brings this baby home. A great song made even better by taking away the instruments and letting Home Free do what they do best, aca-arrange it with their own style.

This video was filmed in a grassy patch at Wright State University, where Home Free is sitting together singing their tale. So, as the song is highly memorable, but down to earth, the guys are hanging out on campus and when they start singing they give this song a whole new feel. I love their sound, the enticing beat, the sweet vocals and flawless harmony. Of course, I can’t conclude without mentioning that in addition to their captivating talent, they are quite fetching.

Their videos have come a long way since this “American Kids” cover. But, this one will always give the fans a close up look at these a cappella favorites singing a song that takes us all back to a time where life was dreams and fun. If you haven’t seen it, check it out and if you have seen, why not watch it again.

Where would your map dots be?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Free loves Minnesota State Fair Foods

Hello Fries and visitors! The Minnesota State Fair is coming and we all know the Home Free guys are big fair goers and love to try new fair cuisine. There are some interesting ones this year. Let’s play a little game. Let’s check out some of these new foods and guess which ones we think the Home Free guys might try. Thanks to Leslie for this fan suggestion. Here's a few of the 40 new food items!

Buffalo’d Bones – fried spare ribs tossed with buffalo sauce” Well YEAH I don’t see any of Home Free missing this one
Burger Dog – ground burger, hot dog, bacon, cheese & jalapeno: Not a chance the Home Free guys will miss this puppy
Cowboy Bites- bacon, corn, jalapeno & cream cheese breaded & fried: This a Hell Yes for HF, with a nice cold beer!
Deep Fried Ribs- baby back ribs, breaded & fried w/BBQ sauce: Fried & ribs, yes for all men!
Snicker Bar Salad- chopped snickers & apples in vanilla pudding: Maybe a split for Home Free here. I can see them all eating this but it depends on how much spicy they've had.
Grilled Venetian Pizza- grilled over an open flame in 3 flavors: I take Home Free for pizza guys, so I’d say yes here.
Hot Tail – Roasted pig tail in ginger sauce: Meat in ginger sauce, hmmm. I’m calling for a split here, maybe Rob & Adam.
Indi Frites – Indian seasoned russet & sweet potatoes, battered & fried: Home Free split, I think. I say yes to the FRIES, but the battered part leaves me wondering. Maybe Tim and Austin.
Italian Dessert Nachos – Cinnamon sugar cannoli chips, sweet cream fruit & more: Now this is a dessert. Sounds very sweet, so I’m going with a split, but undecided on who. Maybe Rob and Austin.
Limerick Stix – pimento cheese & cayenne pepper fried in corn meal: I’d say this is a Home Free yes
Mac N Cheese cupcake – mac & cheese in bread crumbs: This would be a great snack for Home Free. Maybe more breadcrumbs than they’d like, but I think they would try it.
Maple Bacon Funnel Cake – bacon funnel cake topped w/bacon & maple glaze: A Home Free yes, cause bacon. This could be a split, but I’m going with yes.
Minnesota Wild Rice Benedict Muffin – eggs benedict in a rice muffin cup: Yes for Home Free
Prime Rib to go – prime rib, peppers, onions & mushrooms in a bread cone: I’d say yes for HF, meat! I sure hope they guys have room for all this meat!
Sriracha Balls – chicken or cream cheese mixture, breaded & fried & topped w/Sriracha sauce: I’d give this a Home Free yes. It’s a lot of spicy, but it goes good with cold beer.
Breakfast burger – sausage, bacon, onions, cheese, egg and tomato: I think this a Home Free favorite.
Spam burger – in 5 flavors: Maybe it’s just me, but I see Chris, Tim and Austin all over these. Say what you will about Spam, it’s good!
Sweet Potato Taco – mashed sweet taters, black beans, onion & coleslaw on tortilla: I’m undecided on this one. I see maybe and no written all over it, but the guys could surprise me.
Totchos – tater tots, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits & green onions: A fun snack to enjoy with cold beer, I say HF yes
Wine Fried Kalettes – battered kale fried in wine: Yeah, I’m gonna have to say a Home Free HELL NO on this. Now watch them all like this one.
BBQ Pickle Ice Cream – vanilla ice cream mixed with BBQ sauce & pickles: Hmmm, Home Free split, am I right? I see one or two trying this one, just for kicks (Tim and Adam).

How brave are you with Fair Cuisine?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What I would ask Home Free if I had the chance to interview them

Not that this blogger has any expectations, but if I ever had the chance to interview the fab five guys of Home Free, these are the questions I would ask.

1.     You’ve been asked many times how winning The Sing Off has changed your life and we all know you have gained a lot of fame and recognition over the last year and half. Y’all are famous, but it seems you can still have a personal life that remains personal. Are you ready for the next level of being famous? Where going to the grocery store or dinner with friends and family becomes a parade of fans or more personal pictures of you are released.
2.     Obviously traveling and constantly being busy can be stressful and rewarding. What is your favorite and least favorite part of the “Crazy Life” of being busy musicians?
3.     If you could create your own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor what would it be?
4.     You’ve had a chance to work with The Oak Ridge Boys and will perform at the Grand Ol’ Opry and were even inducted in the CMA. What would prefer to do next? Open for a big name country music performer or have one of your songs played on the radio?
5.     There are some incredibly talented Home Fries out there. What one fan homemade gift/artwork/poem/meme/picture has wowed you most?
6.     OK silly pick one questions:
a.      Pancakes or waffles?
b.      Sweet or spicy?
c.      Pizza or burger?
d.      Soda or tea?
e.      Sunshine or rain?
f.       Legos or video games?
g.      Movie or book?
h.      Comedy or action?
i.       T-shirt or button down?
j.       Jeans or shorts?
7.     What type of live concert do you prefer more outdoor fairs/festivals, big auditoriums or universities, where it’s mostly college kids?
8.     What’s your favorite video that Home Free has done so far?
9.     Do y’all get nervous before a concert or live appearance?
10.  Who snores the loudest?

I’ve been in two VIP sessions, but only asked one question and it was, what song is the hardest to sing live? Austin said Thinking Out Loud, Tim said the ones we don’t sing live, because they are too hard. That’ll learn me to phrase my question better next time. I almost added How many times does Tim get sent to his room in a day, to the questions above, but asked the snoring one instead. The VIP sessions are a great way to learn more about the guys and their music. Personally, I can’t wait for the next concert!

What question would you ask the Home Free guys?

Does your brow or crinkle have a Twitter account?

My last blog post talked about how excited we get when someone famous favorites or retweets our posts. I love the energy and excitement that builds around a fan base when it comes to their chosen famous personality. Today I have decided to stretch out to Twitter accounts that represent famous people’s physical attributes. Since I am a fan of the country a cappella group, Home Free, I’m going to explore their specific quality accounts. They have built up such a big fan following, you would think they were the real people.

There are five sweet, talented and generous guys in Home Free. And although I enjoy writing about them, today I’m going to talk about Crinkles, Austin’s Abs, Foust Brow, Rupps Guns, Adam’s Ting and Rob’s Beard. These are all Twitter accounts for physical attributes of the Home Free Guys. They are entertaining and yet hold true to being what they say they are; a crinkle, abs, brow, guns, ting and a beard.

Foust Brow is the first feature account I remember seeing and I couldn’t help but laugh when he insisted, he’s just a brow, Tim Foust’s brow that is. But the voice behind Foust Brow is very adamant that he is not Tim, just Tim’s fabulous brow. He has quite a following, too. I remember one Friday, which in Twitterland is Follow Friday, he had tons of requests, including mine, for him to follow them. We knew this wasn’t Tim, but why did so many ladies want to be followed by a brow? Foust brow is grateful to his followers, but he's also a little full of himself. However, if you're a Home Fry, you wouldn't have any other way. The brow is intriguing and quite the lady killer.

Crinkles has become another “famous” personal trait account. Crinkles represents the adorable crinkles on the heartthrob, Austin’s, nose when he sings. Haven’t seen them? Check out the Home Free O Holy Night video for a close up. Bossman or Austin has another trait account called Austin’s Abs. Both of these “boys” play their role as Austin’s crinkles and abs very well. They are funny, personal and love teasing their fans. Crinkles and Abs have gained a dedicated group of followers and interact with them every day. Most of the time, it’s good clean fun, but these guys know what Fry buttons to push to get Twitter a flame. Honestly, I never knew how much trouble a crinkle could get into, until now! I might add that the Home Fries are a willing and vocal group of ladies that revel in helping the proverbial “train wreck!”

Rupps Guns is, of course, Chris Rupp’s marvelous guns that he loves to show and the ladies love to admire. This account was a bit of a late comer to the party, but has quickly become very popular. Not sure if it’s because the guns are nice to look at or because he is cool and keeps the Home Fries thinking and on their toes with questions and games, daily. These guns, like the others, enjoy talking with the fans, spreading the word of Home Free and well, occasionally misbehaving. Not the real Chris Rupp, but his guns have his fans following him any where he goes!

I am not hip enough to know what Adam’s Ting represents, nor am I brave enough to make a guess. Adam Rupp is the beatboxer of Home Free (and a damn good one), so we’ll just go with his ting being a beatboxing term, and leave it at that. There was a Twitter convo about this, but I'm sorry (#notsorry) to say, I missed it. Adam’s Ting is fairly new to the personal feature group, but is quickly joining the ranks of the other “guys.” Like Adam, his Twitter trait personality is a little quiet, but when he does tweet, you can bet it’s going to cause a raucous. You can’t throw out a name like Adam’s Ting and not get a big Home Fry reaction! Kind of like when Adam does his drum solo, the crowd goes wild.

Rob’s Beard is the quietest one of the group, the Twitter groups, not Home Free. Rob Lundquist, is very conversational and a joy to talk with during the concert experience. Listen to me, like I know them or something, ha! His beard, however, likes to be seen and admired, not so much heard. The Home Fries will bring Rob’s beard out of his shy cocoon. After all, we must have a complete set of Home Free characteristics represented. These personalities interact with each other as if they were really “on” the Home Free guys at concerts, parties or other gatherings. Well played!

Now don’t get me wrong here, yes, these boys are not afraid to stir up trouble and get the fans riled up and just have fun. And boy do they ever stir up trouble! But they also promote Home Free and make friends with fans. These account keepers are clever and well versed in all things Home Free. These Twitterlings, to the fans, are almost like having a little slice of the guys all to ourselves. We find them all irresistible and we are very glad, whoever they are, that they have chosen to bring the Home Fries into their Twitter world. I wonder what the real Home Free guys think of their physical attributes “exposing themselves” in Twitter (oops, I might have led this train down the wrong track with that comment)? If you don't follow these guys, you should, join the party: @CrinklesCrew, @FoustBrow, @RuppsGuns, @_theAustinsAbs, @Adams_Ting and @BeardFree

What would your physical attribute Twitter account be called?

Originally posted 6/17/15

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A little rain can’t stop Home Fries

It was Saturday June 20, 2015, Home Free is set to take the stage at The Chautauqua Festival in Wytheville, VA that evening and the rain is coming down. Tim Foust posts a picture that shows a few fans sitting in their chairs, waiting patiently, in their rain ponchos and not the least bit bothered by the weather. In fact, the faithful Home Fries are taking pictures.

I was not at this outdoor festival concert, but, as a Home Fry, we get immediate reports on the concerts when fries are there! It’s awesome, it’s like being there. Home Fry, Anita Williams, tells us that she asked someone (not a Home Fry), to take pictures of their group. Anita stated that the lady kept smiling, thinking it was because they were being silly, she didn’t give it much thought. Then Anita and her fry friends saw the pictures! 

These goofy, fun loving men make being their fans easy and rewarding.

After the concert, Anita posted more pictures and had this to say, “OMG I am having concert withdrawal. Tim literally had me feeling the bass in my butt. Adam literally had my heart pounding in time to the beats. You could hear Chris when he sang bass, OMG, I had never heard it that clear before, he was incredible. Rob had my ears ringing with his whistles. Austin had me giggling with his expressions. They ALL had my eyes following everything and my mind trying to process it all. Can't go to sleep now. Ugh. But what a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I couldn’t have said it better myself. Home Free is not just outstanding on stage when their singing, but they bring plenty of surprises before the concert too! And these lucky fans have proof! Check out their schedule and try to catch Home Free, a witty and brilliant a cappella country vocal band, at a fair or festival this summer. They will not disappoint!

See the Home Free Tour Information page for dates or visit for concert ticket information.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bass X 2, good ol’ boys and a sweet lady

Several months ago a fantastic conversation started on Twitter between The Oak Ridge Boys’ Duane Allen and Home Free’s Tim Foust. Things like collaboration, sing together and The Grand Ol’ Opry got thrown around and tweeted. Oh my, did the Home Fries ever go CRAZY! What a combination of class, talent, fun and bass! This is one of those collaborations that make headlines. Home Fries have been tweeting periodically to find out when this fine piece of awesome is going to happen, but got little to no response….until last week!

Classic harmonious country singers The Oak Ridge Boys meets today’s ground breaking first a cappella country vocal band, Home Free, and Elvira gets a make over!

Stay tuned Fries….it’s coming! Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow (I can already feel the rumble).

ICYMI Home Free will be playing at the Grand Ol' Opry on July 17th. Check out for more information.

New Home Free video, "Honey, I'm Good, and yes, they are!

Home Free has  a new video, a cover of “Honey, I’m Good,” by Andy Grammar. Every time Home Free comes out with a new song or video, whether it’s a cover or an original, they continue to amaze me in one way or another. This video is fun, upbeat and a lot of laughs, with a good message to go along with all that fun. It’s a great song to start with, then you add the extraordinary talent of Home Free and their jaunty personalities, to the impressive arrangement and video concept, from FifGen Films, and you end up with a playful toe tapping video. Rob's voice is an exact match for this song and it's great hearing him take the lead. The kidding and comradery in this video is how I imagine these guys are every day. And let me just say that they all get an A+ in the art of making faces! Adam and Tim are the kings of making faces, but Rob, Chris and Austin are quickly catching up. I should also mention that Tim Foust has said that he recorded the lowest note he’s hit so far, in this song. Yeah, it rocks (the floor)!

The first video I saw by Home Free was their cover of “Ring of Fire,” featuring Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix. Every video since then has had something memorable about it. I won’t go over them all, but here are a few of my favorites. “All About the Bass,” featuring Tim’s vocal range and silliness of all of them. “This is How We Roll,” features the guys doing a great likeness of a scene from “The Big Lebowski.” Adam gets the gold star in that video for his amazing imitation of Steve Buscemi! Let’s jump to the Christmas song video of “Angels We Have Heard on High.” This one has so many qualities to point out, such as the clean, sweet vocals of all of the members of Home Free, yes, even Adam (no beatboxing there). Then you add the beautiful church and simple but stunning video itself, and again perfection.

From the start of 2015, each video and the song that goes with it, have had the Home Fries going crazy. A good crazy, but crazy, nonetheless. “Everything Will Be Okay,” and the adorable teddy bear; “I’ve Seen,” with the Home Fry cameos; “Thinking Out Loud/Let’s Get It On,” well, can you say swooning Home Fries; “What We Ain’t Got,” just stunned all who saw it; “The Butt Remix,” had everyone dancing in their seat and tapping their feet. Now it’s “Honey I’m Good,” and it has also created quite a stir, already. The good spirited song, low bass notes, energetic vocals, funny faces, oh and a cameo by Rob’s wife at the end, make this another video homerun for Home Free.

I always wonder how they are going to top the most recent video/song, but I now have complete confidence that they will. They have won the hearts of all their dedicated followers, the Home Fries. But everyday Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin continue to grow their fan base with their talent, good looks, dynamic personalities and willingness to go the extra mile, to make what they do, fantastic. Enjoy the new video!

Originally posted 4/15/15

Get to know and love Home a cappella at it's best!

Do you love a great guitar riff, bass line or drum solo? Yeah, me too. I’ve always had a great appreciation for spectacular vocals, though. Whether they are big and bold, sweet and simple or unique and emotional, it’s more work than most know. A cappella groups, in my opinion, have always been under rated and misjudged. I’m certainly not an A cappella connoisseur, but I know what sounds good. I have recently discovered A cappella groups such as Pentatonix, Home Free and many more. I’ve heard some amazing singers and vocal percussionists (now that is mind blowing). But one of these A cappella groups stands out to me and their many fans.

Home Free is a county A cappella group and is five guys and only five guys. The talent these five gentlemen possess is something you have to hear to understand. Not to mention they are easy on the eyes, but I won’t go there, wink. Home Free has actually been around for about fourteen years and the two founding members are brothers, Chris and Adam Rupp. Chris is one of the main arrangers and the baritone. I can’t honestly say which he does better. His voice is one that catches your attention and reels you in and his arranging is nothing less than amazing. Chris is the most interactive with the fans and I know the fans appreciate him and all he does. Adam is the vocal percussionist and may I say, “OMG are you serious," good at what he does. Even though I’ve heard his solo in person, I still get blown away when I hear him. You have to see and hear him, to really appreciate Adam’s talent.

Rob Lundquist, tenor, joined the group in 2008. Rob is usually introduced as the man with the voice of angel and the beard of a real man. I would classify him as a cuddly teddy bear that could sing to me all night and I’d just want more. I’ve heard this big, jovial man sing the lead, do incredible whistle solos, beautifully interpret Christmas songs, like an angel and then rap until he just couldn’t rap anymore, and rock all of them. Rob is truly a perfect addition to this group.

Austin Brown, Home Free heart throb and youngest member. He is the high tenor and will knock your socks off when you hear him go for it. One of my favorite songs to hear Austin sing is “I Want Crazy”, by Hunter Hayes. He has so much energy and soul. Austin joined the group in 2013 after meeting them while performing on a cruise ship, and it was a great find for Home Free. He can break your heart in one song and have you ready to take on the world in the next song. Mr. Brown is full of life and it shows in his vocals.

Tim Foust, the bass, well and baritone and tenor, oh, he can sing all the parts with his five octave range. But, his bass voice is what all the ladies want to hear. Tim’s sophisticated arrangements set them apart from other groups. But before Home Free, he recorded a solo country album and Home Free has added three of those original songs to their playlist. Tim’s childlike personality goes perfect with his flirty, fun and moving performances.  Still, the best part is when Super Bass, literally, makes you feel the rumble with his low notes. Just pure awesomeness!

Individually, these guys stand out. Put them together and the result is a range of addictive music and pure entertainment. Their “Crazy Life” CD is a mix of covers that some would say are better than the originals, and original songs that will melt your heart and make you want to slap your boyfriend. Seeing them live in concert is an absolute must, in order to know, you will never miss the instruments! You’ll be pulled in, like so many of their fans. Not all their songs are for everyone, but I guarantee there is at least one song of theirs that will make you say, “Whoa, that was phenomenal!”  Or, if you’re more urban than I am, “Whoa, that was sic!”

A few final thoughts about Home Free is that these guys are generous to a fault, grateful beyond words, humble and funny, even at their own expense, not to mention extremely talented. I look forward to each song, video, concert and album they do. If they come to your city, go see them, you’ll be glad you did.

Check them out on YouTube. Some of their covers are “All About The Bass,” “Wake Me Up,” “Story of My Life,” “Thinking Out Loud/Let’s Get It On” and of course, “Ring of Fire.” Their original songs are “I’ve Seen,” “Everything Will Be Okay,” and “Champagne Taste (on a beer budget).” They have a couple of great medleys too, “Hunter Hayes Medley” and “Butts Medley.” You won’t regret it and just might get hooked on Home Free.

Originally posted on 4/2/15

Friday, June 19, 2015

Home Free Summer Tour and #FryFest2015 & Fall Tour

Check out the Home Free Summer Tour dates below, including a stop at the Grand Ol Opry in July! Visit for information about tickets for these concerts. 

Are you a Home Fry heading to the Grand Ol Opry and then Greenville, KY the next day. Check out the #FryFest2015 information below and join in the photo and video fun! Contact @LeslieTidd or @gmlazzaretti for more information on #FryFest2015.

Below are the Fall Tour dates, which I will post again when the dates get closer! Ticket are on sale now for these concerts. Visit for more information.

Welcome to Home Free In My Words

Welcome Home Fries and newcomers. I am Michelle and this is my second blog. I'm still new to the blogging world, but I'm having fun, so I guess I'll just keep writing as long as people keep visiting.

I am a Home Fry, a dedicated fan of Home Free Vocal Band, a country a cappella group. Let me get this out there right now, I do not personally know any member of Home Free or their crew. I am a huge Home Free fan and everything on this blog is purely my opinion. I do add some facts, once in while. However, my goal here is give Home Free the exposure they deserve, to the social media world. These five gentlemen, Chris and Adam Rupp, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust and Austin Brown possess incredible talent and are simply impressive. They will amaze you with at least one song they have arranged and performed. I have written a full introduction to Home Free, it's the post at the bottom, but worth the trip down there.

Take a look around, there's poems, pictures, reviews and fun stuff. I will be attending more concerts, this fall, so more pictures and reviews to come. There will be more write ups and fun stories too. Home Free has some great new songs and collaborations coming up, and the Home Fries can't wait. In the meantime, check out their YouTube channel at You'll love their humor,sincerity, vocal and arranging talents and how much they love what they do!

Twitter accounts: @HomeFreeGuys @HomeFreeHatGuy @TimFoustMusic @AdamHfbeatbox @_theAustinBrown @RobLundquist

Twitter Parody Accounts: @CrinklesCrew @RuppsGuns @FoustBrow @_theAustinsAbs @BeardFree @Adams_Ting @NatesHotPockets @HFMailbox

Twitter Fan Group Accounts: @HFsHFries @homefreefashion @HomeFryNation @ThoseCrazyFries

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Did Home Free just release 2 new videos?

Hi faithful followers and newcomers! A new video by Home Free or is that two? These guys never cease to amaze me. They have released ten videos in 2015 and each video has been better, in its own way, than the one before. Their videos, to date, have featured an adorable teddy bear, concert footage, amazing vocals and arrangements, foot stomping and seat wiggling beats, tears of joy and even Home Free Lego dudes! Wow, how the hell do you beat all that?

Well, this is how. Home Free and FifGen have put together a video that includes serene country side scenery and a perfectly sung medley of Wagon Wheel and Song of the South. It starts off on an empty railroad track cast in a beautiful country setting. Moving back and forth from flat country lightly covered in snow to a dry summer backdrop. And, of course, that south bound train hustling past behind Home Free as they sing. And boy, do these five talented and cute guys know how to sing a country story, a cappella style. But, here is the best part. As they incorporate Song of the South into the medley, they add a quaint home town bar with live music, which of course, is Home Free. This charming bar is filled with patrons, who are actually Home Fries! That’s right, the dedicated and certainly excited Home Free fans were given the opportunity to partake in the filming of this video! Awesome job Fries!

Then, after a short teasing countdown, they made a big announcement and released a second new video. And this video is not only filled with a great day of summer fun with family and friends, but it’s a new song! “Summer in the Country,” has a fun small town beat and makes you feel like planning a big picnic that lasts all weekend. I know we all remember those weekends! Another winning video and song that brings back memories and leaves you wanting to make more.

How do you top eight fantastic music videos that have already thrilled Home Fries around the world? You ask them be on one video. The Wagon Wheel video by Home Free is beautiful scenery + a great song + suave, smooth vocals + Home Free + Home Fries = pure perfection. Throw in a surprise song, video and fall tour dates and now the Home Fries are squealing with joy, literally! And just a little tidbit here, did you know there is a cameo appearance by a sassy little chicken in each of these ten videos (except "Mom")? It’s always a game to see who finds it and who needs a hint. He has become affectionately known, as Stealth Chicken. Home Free’s merchandise man, Nate, named him Albert. Can you find the chicken?
Check out Wagon Wheel video:
See their newest video and song Summer in the Country:

Originally posted 6/14/15

Why does Home Free's music touch so many people?

Over the past year I have joined several Home Free fan groups and the one common denominator in most of these groups is how Home Free’s music got them through tough times, myself included. I’m certain that most musicians inspire hope, love and some tears in songs they perform, whether they wrote them or not. And I know that musicians, sports figures and actors have their dedicated followers. So, why do I think Home Free is a little different? Why do Home Free fans, or Home Fries, work so hard to let the world know about these five guys? Let me share what I’ve heard and seen this last year, and maybe you’ll understand too.

The first thing that grabs you and doesn’t let you go, is how Home Free delivers a song. It doesn’t matter if they are singing about love, losing love, a wife that spends too much, moms, being faithful, Christmas carols or their butts, they have your attention. Each man has his own unique quality and whether they are showing off one man’s talent or all five are showing off, you can’t help but listen to the end, so you don’t miss anything.

Chris and Adam Rupp, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust and Austin Brown could each wow you individually, and they do so without musical instruments. Chris knows how to sing to the ladies and make them sigh with his smooth, charming voice and the cowboy hat is just a bonus. Adam will blow your mind with his jaw dropping vocal percussion and beatboxing, plus his dance moves will leave you wanting more, a lot more. Rob can sing the hell out of any song you give him, whether it’s an angelic carol or a rap song, he does it all and he does it well. Tim’s playful, but alluring deep bass voice will rock your world, but don’t count him out of a sweet ballad, his tenor voice will make the ladies swoon every time. Austin, well he knows how to give a song life, his youthful vigor gives his singing multiple dimensions that will leave you awe-struck. I know, I've seen them in concert and their live performance is astonishing!

That’s their talents, which are obvious in all they do. Now let’s talk about the effect their music has on their fans. I have heard stories of how their music has helped young people better deal with disorders, ill or injured people fight harder through recovery, those who have lost smile in tough times, and give those with a lack of confidence a little more oomph to keep trying. Maybe it’s because Home Free has been at this for almost fifteen years and has never stopped working hard, or because these guys are incredibly personable and inviting in their VIP sessions or because they love to show their fans that they are having a great time and how much they appreciate our support. Not to mention how they support so many other artists, family and friends in social media on a regular basis. It could also be that they are just plain fantastic musicians, fun and adorable and fans just want to get to their next concert!

So, from all of this, you can pick a reason as to why these guys are so inspirational to their fans. They encourage never giving up, stay true to yourself, treat people the way you want to be treated, stay humble and appreciate the little things in life. Add all that to some amazing fans, who have the same beliefs and appreciate damn good music and you get an unbreakable bond between Home Free and Home Fries around the world. Home Fries feel that the least they could do for Home Free, after all they do for us, is spread the word about their exceptional music.

Check them out on YouTube. If you’re not already a Home Fry, you might just want to become one!

Originally posted 5/26/15

Home Free ROCKS the Dallas audience!

Good Wednesday afternoon everybody! I had a great end to the week and weekend. It was filled with Home Fries and Home Free! I bought VIP tickets to the Dallas show back in December, but, by some great stroke of luck, a Home Fry offered me an extra VIP ticket she had to the Oklahoma City show four days before Dallas. Well, I just couldn't say no (that would be rude, right?)! I met a great group of Home Fries and shared my first VIP experience with friends. I was so nervous, but I was put at ease by Austin and Rob, almost immediately. They were all very sweet. I commend them all for their patience and never ending smiles. If only there was a way to bottle their compassionate country gentlemen attitudes!

Since I had the great fortune to see two shows in four days, but I don't want this to be too long, I am going to concentrate on the Dallas Show. Mainly because the Dallas show was simply out of this world.

First, about twenty or so Home Fries met at Campisi's in downtown Dallas for an early dinner. We all had the pleasure of meeting a truly dedicated fan that flew all the way from Germany JUST to see the Home Free concert. She was sweet, excited, overwhelmed and just a pleasure to meet. I found myself very excited that she was going to meet Home Free.

In the VIP session we started with autographs and to my complete amazement, Rob remembered me from the OKC show. How cool is that!? I took my seven year old daughter and my twenty year old musician son with me. My daughter gave the guys Girl Scout cookies and I had to laugh a little at Adam. He was very hopeful that we had included the peanut butter cookies. Again, so personable and fun, all of them. We took our VIP pictures with the guys and then had a Q & A. It was refreshing and enjoyable hearing them talk comfortably about their lives and plans.

Now on to the show itself. I'm not sure I can find the best words to describe this show, but I will try. The moment they walked on the stage, the crowd went crazy! "Life Is A Highway," is such a great song and their version is filled with energy, personality and of course, bass! Afterwards Tim was talking about how great it was to be home, back in the south and proceeded to sing "The stars at night are big and bright." From what I heard, every person in that theater sang loud and proud "Deep in the Heart of Texas!" It was an awesome moment! That set the energy level for the rest of the show, both from Home Free and the audience.

Home Free then put on the show of a lifetime, my lifetime anyway. They were on fire all night! From the heartfelt song "Mom" to the seat wiggling "Butt Remix, to the ground rumbling "Ring of Fire" and right down to Adam's exceptionally superior beatboxing solo. I felt every angelic and rocking note Rob projected, absorbed every beautiful and powerful note Austin wailed, loved and held on to each note Chris sang like he was singing just to me, and closed my eyes and felt every rumble Tim produced and savored his sweet tenor voice too. I sang every song with them, danced in my seat, laughed, cried and cheered my fool head off! I don't know how they do it, night after night, but these five gentlemen will capture your heart and soul when you see them live. If you've never seen them live, you really need too, period.

I know they have fans around the world and I hope someday every fan gets a chance to see their show live. These five gentlemen will take all the worries out of your life and give you music the way it was originally given to us, just our voices. Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin are music. From the soft and loving to the completely care free and can't keep your feet still songs, they can do it all. Thank you Home Fries and Home Free for a week and weekend I will never forget, it was simply awesome!

Addendum: I also wanted to give a special thanks to the Home Free crew. They made the VIP experience fun and kept things moving. I always knew where I should be and what was next. I have some great VIP pictures, plenty of autographs and great merchandise. Let's not forget the remarkable light show and the impressive sound, from the bottom to the top. So Thank You Nate, Heather, Johnny and Allen for making the show even better!

Originally posted 5/6/15