Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Opry recap coming soon, until then....

Hi followers! I know it’s been a few days since Home Free performed at The Grand Ole Opry and I haven’t written anything about their performance. To my great disappointment, I couldn’t be there for their Opry debut, the concert in Greenville, KY and Tim’s birthday. I was actually spending the weekend with my son celebrating his twenty first birthday during a one day break in his summer tour with The Boston Crusaders Drum Corp in San Antonio, TX. Needless to say, I did read about the Opry event and saw a video of their performance. I don’t know Home Free personally, but seeing them standing on stage at The Grand Ole Opry performing AND getting a standing ovation, brought tears of complete joy, to my eyes. I was so proud of them! May sound a little silly, but I was not the only one. Many Home Fries felt that same overwhelming delight and giddiness. They sang “Life is a Highway” and, of course, their astonishing version of “Ring of Fire.” From what I saw, they brought the house down, as only Home Free can do, when you hear their rich, meaty voices. I get chills just thinking about the video I saw.

Soon, I will have guest bloggers give a recap of their Opry performance and hopefully a little on Tim’s birthday celebration. I’ve seen pictures and it looked like a fantastic Fry party. However, they might need a few days to come down from their Home Free high to get their story together. In the meantime, I have a few things to put out there.

1.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for your Grand Ole Opry debut and the standing ovation you received. The fries all knew they would love you!
2.       Happy Birthday Tim! I can’t imagine what could have been a better gift than the Opry and a whole lotta fries to celebrate your birthday with you!
3.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for having a second video enter TheBoot.com Video Shootout Hall of Fame! That’s right, the “Crazy Life” video beat out country stars like Jason Aldean, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert to win four weeks in a row and enter the Hall of Fame!
4.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for the “Ring of Fire” video going over nine million views.

Wow, HOME FREE doesn’t do anything in small way, do they? While we wait for the epic weekend overview, let’s get some other Home Free videos to some monumental numbers.

The Butts Remix: https://youtu.be/IA0WCc3vTls
Champagne Taste (on a Beer Budge): https://youtu.be/1L8zGfKDCCY
Summer in the Country: https://youtu.be/QbwIFEhrFzw
Wagon Wheel (Song of the South): https://youtu.be/NVakU9TYRDw
Colder Weaher: https://youtu.be/YmYqO6KDYf4

Did the Opry performance bring tears to your eyes?

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