Thursday, July 6, 2017

Have you seen this extraordinary video of Home Free?

Well howdy Home Fries and curious readers! I know I haven’t been writing much lately, but life has had some interesting plot twists for me and I’m still recovering. Home Free, however seems to be on a roll. New videos, a new tour and more milestones! But it seems to me they did something recently that has just blown away their fans. Both the fans that were there to witness this phenomenal show of talent and love for their fans and those of us that got to see the video of this completely soul staggering performance.

I wasn’t at this outdoor concert but on June 17th Home Free was performing at the Kearney Amphitheater when a rather big storm was building around them. The city personnel told everyone to get under the pavilion, three songs into the Home Free concert. They were escorted off the stage to a safe place. Many of the fans, however, stayed behind to wait out the storm, which included a walk in the rain to the pavilion. An estimation from one of my friends that was there, was that there were close to 1500 people at the concert and about 700-800 left, the rest stayed. Approximately twenty minutes later, here comes Austin, Tim, Rob, Chance and Adam on that same walk in the rain and they stand up on a picnic table. We are very thankful that security stayed with our boys and kept them safe. Tim explained that the storm was not going anywhere, but they wanted to come out and share one acoustic song for the fans that stuck around. Austin begins to tell everyone, as loud as he can, to gather close and they will perform probably their most successful song, so far. He tells everyone to get close and be real quiet. And among lighting, thunder and rain, on a picnic table and no mics, these five men proceed to sing How Great Thou Art. Do you have chills yet, because I do!

I’m watching this video and I can barely hear the pitch pipe and the guys humming. I fear I won’t be able to hear them. Silly me! They came in with sweet harmony and then there came the thunder. You know what I mean, Tim. His strong booming voice gently brings this off mic beauty into full blown perfection. That big voice softly gets the crowds attention and even the storm outside couldn’t be heard. I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath as Tim resonates the gorgeous words. The harmony is soulful and dulcet. 

Without knowing how this was going to affect me, Rob started singing. To say I got chills and my heart fluttered, is just the beginning. When Rob sang, I cried, plain and simple. His voice was pure, saintly and simply divine. We all knew how beautiful Rob’s voice is, but in this setting with no mics and bad weather and the fans so close, he made me cry. I was so taken aback by the sheer exquisiteness of his vocals. Beyond words.

I think Austin could do every concert without a mic. So much power this young man possesses. Power, talent and emotion. Every time he hits that one note on “soul” in the chorus my stomach would quiver and I’d close my eyes and take in his magnificent voice. 

So at this point, I’m a mess and the song isn’t even half over. Then Adam gets his solo and I couldn’t help but smile like a proud mama. You know that feeling when your kid gets a small solo in a choir concert. Adam is so known for this remarkable vocal percussion talent that when he sang with such a pleasing voice, I was full of pride. 

Oh, but their voices weren’t the only thing that was amazing that night, as they get close to the end of the song and sing the words “…I shall bow in humble adoration…” the lights go out briefly, the thunders rolls and the lightning flashes, as if the skies and the powers that be, approve. But the guys never break, they keep this lovely hymn going.

And then Rob brings this song home with a stunning note and they end on a brilliant chord. My heart is thumping, I have chills, I’m smiling and crying, I’m completely overwhelmed by this single performance. However, when they finally finished the roar of sheer astonishment and gratitude from the crowd was deafening and staggering. I was almost as moved by the crowd’s reaction as I was by Home Free singing. Almost! What an incredible treat for the fans that braved the storm and what an incredible group of men to come back out in that storm to share their greatest success, off mic, with their dedicated fans. 

My fave five guys of Home Free never cease to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m certain whatever it is, it will make someone’s day, fill someone’s heart and make someone smile from ear to ear. They can quiet a thunder storm or simply make it the ideal background for a song like How Great Thou Art. I’m a little jealous of those that got to hear this live, but I’m grateful for those that shared their experience with us.

Before I leave you, let me make mention of one other man that needs to be recognized. I was told that this concert at the Kearney Amphitheater was dedicated by Home Free to Mr. Ed Haney. Ed was not just a fan, he was THE fan! I never got to meet Ed or his wife Lisa, but everyone knew them and loved them. Ed passed away shortly before this concert and he will be missed by so many people, Home Fries and non-Home Fries alike. He was an important and adored figure in the Kearney school district. His concert photos of Home Free were the best and I can only hope to be half as good as he was, some day. Ed now has the best seat in the house for every concert. Here’s to you, Ed.

Home Free your gift to your fans was soul riveting, thank you!

Here’s a couple links to videos from this surprise acoustic version of How Great Thou Art.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Super cute Home Free video with a little less thinking

Hey y’all, I’m back! Home Free has gone and done it again. I had to take time out of my busy schedule and watch a new video, over and over, so I could blog about how much I love it! Darn the luck! Think a Little Less, what a song. This song just does something to you when you hear it. And, of course, Home Free puts their unique spin on it, then adds their boyish charm to the video and BAM, another video to make the fans go…Oh My!

The song, alone, makes women swoon and guys want to hold their ladies a little closer. Home Free’s video makes me feel like I just went on the dream date of a lifetime! So much fun, all of them. Dinner was romantic and yummy (pretty flowers but Rob is better); the movie and popcorn were just right (and a hidden Reese’s, yum), the carriage ride was a fairy tale come true (the blanket was a nice touch), the underwater sea life tunnel was incredible (Austin in the bubble, too cute, and turtle!) and the drinks and conversation or song were the perfect ending (the head nod at the end by Chance, sigh). I hope we get a second date! Oh wait, well I still had an amazing time! Their smiles can make your heart flutter. 

Chance sang this song with sheer smooth splendor. He is provocative, suave and inviting. Can I just say, with more simplicity, wow. My fave five guys of Home Free did a fantastic job with their dates and with this song. These guys have harmony in their blood, talent from their souls and an aura of pure adorable with some to spare. I don’t know how they continue to make videos that the fans crave and pick songs that they give their style and make better. Their one of kind sound gives music so much depth and emotion. I know I’m not alone when I say that Home Fries sit at the edge of the seat when they see a Patreon email or post from Home Free with a new video. Some of us even pull over on the side of the road to watch it, because we can’t wait until we get where we’re going first. Great job on the song gentlemen and super cute video! 

So, quick funny story, my anniversary it coming up soon and I think I need to play this video repeatedly, in my husband's presence, to send a message. Otherwise we’ll spend the evening watching the NFL draft, which is not a date I saw in this video. #poorlychosenweddingdate #hubbydidmentiongoingdancing #twosteppineven #thinkalittleless

I’m getting a little antsy about when I will get to see Home Free in concert again, but I’m certain it will happen, this year! #subliminalsuggestionComeBackToTexas #NOWplease But, in the meantime, I’m going to watch this video, again! 


Monday, April 10, 2017

Blue looks good on Home Free

It’s time, once again to dive into, yet another, Home Free video sensation with over a million views since March 31st. But first, I think we can all agree that Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban is a very seductive song and Keith is a wonderful fit for this beauty. Now enter Home Free and their unique style and music of unmatched depth. They take this sultry song and turn up the heat!

Rob’s sweet voice has wow'd us with songs like Honey I’m Good, Colder Weather and 9 to 5. However, this song takes the number one spot on the “holy smoke that boy can sing” list for Rob! His suave, silky tones gave me heart shivers. I love it! IMHO, he also ties Adam for the best dance moves. Rob was killing it in this baby. He had me at “I can see you over there…”

After melting with Rob’s charming start to this song, then comes Chance and it starts all over again. His smooth, alluring voice and engaging almost sad delivery was simply irresistible (was he singing to me?). I found myself starting the song over after Chance’s solo, just to hear Rob and Chance get things started again and again. This performance by Chance definitely hits you in the heart strings.

Of course, what sets Home Free apart from other performers is the all-encompassing musical talent they bring. From the sweet harmony of Austin, Rob and Chance, to the low hums and thumps of Tim to the always unbeatable percussion of Adam, whether it’s foot stomping or simple yet significant. This song has every last bit of this unrivaled Home Free awesome (as I call it). Not to mention those adorable dance moves that they guys had to learn. They’ve come a long way since the Sing Off. Their hard work paid off though, they looked quite fetching, especially with those splashes of blue!

Videos such as this, is what keeps the Home Fries, their fans, coming back for more. More harmony, more bass, more vocal percussion, more sultry voices and more of the fun, talent and delight that Home Free produces. Seeing them live is the ultimate adventure, though. I missed them in Texas this Spring, but I’m very hopeful they come back in the fall. You can see their tour dates on

If, for some reason, you haven’t seen Home Free’s video of Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color, stop what you’re doing and watch it NOW!

The video above has the following links to purchase this song from iTunes or stream from Spotify:
Download this song iTunes:
Stream this song Spotify:

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foolishness at it's finest by Home Free

Happy Holidays fry friends and welcome guests! Wishing y’all the best in the New Year! Well, once again the guys of Home Free have been busy and now I’m behind. That’s OK, it’s not like y’all need me to tell you how enjoyable Home Free videos are, but it sure is fun! I’m taking a different approach to today’s review of Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, I hope you like it!

The opening scene of this fine and goofy little Christmas ditty was all I needed to see to know this one was going to bring tears of laughter. Those of us that saw their A Country Christmas show knew those bright and cheery clothes could only mean tons of fun, but now what I wasn’t expecting was the #cutestcuddliestteddybeardressedasthemostadorableelfever! When Rob walks away, defeated at the start, my heart just melted. But I wasn’t down for long. The #UglyChristmassweatersuits that Austin and Tim are wearing are #theyugliestsuits I’ve ever seen. However, #TimandAustinwearthemwell. The Adams as #saidReindeer and #bearbutt are priceless. There are so many #kneeslappers in this little gem, I’m not sure how many to mention. #blanksongbooks, #thefaces, #Timbeingsneaky, #Austinandhisremote #WTHiswithAdamChanceandthebleach #whyAdamreindeerwhy #ohthefaces #howmanytimesdidAustingethitinthehead #Timandthelights #andohmyTimandthelights #Robandthoseears #SingitRob #haveatoothbrush #SMH and last but not least, #pleasecomecarolingatmyhousebutIhavenobleachsorryChance  

I hope that wasn’t too hard to read, but I just felt this silly work of art needed a special description that #onlyHomeFreedeserves. My blog is short today (and those of you that have met me, insert short joke here) but only because I have some baking, cooking and wrapping to do before Santa comes tonight. I did want to give y’all a #ridiculousvideoreview for a #ridiculousvideo this Christmas Eve. No matter what holiday you are celebrating #HomeFreeandHomeFriescanmakeitbetter. #Watchoutforthemaninthesleighwhoplayswithelves before you #staggeroutthedoorintothesnow! Spread a little cheer this holiday season and get ready for 2017. I can’t wait to see what Home Free has in store for us! 

Just in case any of the guys stop by to see my daftness, Merry Christmas to you and yours Adam R., Rob, Tim, Austin and Adam C.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home Free + Great friends = Sheer brilliance

Howdy Home Fries and guests! Today’s blog is a little different, as I will be talking about a couple of exceptional collaborations with great friends of Home Free, Peter Hollens and the one and only, Chris Rupp. Two incredibly talented men on their own, then you add our fave five guys of Home Free and you get nothing less than soul riveting music that will send chills right down to your cowboy boots!

Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art recently went viral and this gospel trend sounds remarkable with these perfectly harmonious men. Their new collaborations with old friends is no exception and building on that viral uplifting climb they are soaring on.

What Child Is This, is one of the more divine Christmas carols. Chris Rupp and Home Free take this song to a heavenly level. It was so good to see Chris together with Home Free, it just felt right. They made a simple video with a striking background in the caves. The shadows are superb! But the vocals, oh my, the vocals. The men of Home Free, past and present, never disappoint and this song and arrangement is an absolute example of their jaw dropping, spine chilling vocal gifts. Chris makes your heart flutter and brings you full into the song. The harmony sounds like it just happens with little to no work, yet its complex and performed without flaw. Austin fills my ears with pure delight when he chimes in with unequaled expressive energy. We all love Tim’s ground shaking bold bass, but his voice in this song is almost beyond my words. To be able to sing low and high, sweet and profound, spiritually and amazingly low here, takes my breath away. These six men bring indescribable depth and passion to this song. Thank you, Chris Rupp for sharing this with Home Free! The Home Fries miss you, but we are very proud of what you’ve accomplished on your own and with 7th Ave. All the best to you and congratulations on this brilliant video.

Amazing Grace is a song that pulls at your heart strings, it’s powerful and gripping. But grab hold of your boot straps, because this version of the song will take you to a peaceful place that you’ll never want to leave. Peter Hollens is always a treat to hear and has many videos of his own as well as one with Home Free. When Peter picks a song this emotional and adds five more men that possess more talent than a human should be allowed, you get a hymn that can fill your very being with goodwill and tranquility. It was done so beautifully. Each man added his own unique essence to the song. The video itself gives just enough ambiance to enhance this virtuous song. I enjoy Peter’s work and it’s great to see him work with Home Free again.  This is an impeccable arrangement of Amazing Grace and should do that viral thing in no time. Gorgeous, gentlemen, simply gorgeous. 

It was great seeing some fresh new collaborations and I couldn’t have asked for better companions for Home Free than Chris Rupp and Peter Hollens. These two songs are not available on a Home Free CD, right now. However, you can get them on Chris Rupp's A Little Bit of Christmas CD and Peter Hollens' A Hollens Family Christmas CD’s that have recently been released. And don't forget that Home Free has recorded their Full of Cheer Christmas CD as Full of (even more) Cheer with their new baritone/bass, Adam Chance. It's worth a listen to and features How Great They Art and a new studio recording of Colder Weather. Below are links to all their websites, where their Christmas and other CD's can be purchased.

I love Christmas music and a good spiritual song and I love the way these men have brought them back in style and with their own very special style!

Home Free website:
Chris Rupp website:
Peter Hollens website:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A new avenue for Home Free and they are perfect!

Welcome my wonderful followers. I know I missed a review for SOLD! However, I may let my 9 year old daughter write that review since she loves that video, so stay tuned!

Every now and then you see or hear something that moves you more than you thought it could. Well Ring of Fire by Home Free did over two years ago, followed by I’ve Seen. Today it’s How Great Thou Art. Such a powerful song on its own. A song that you can’t help but stop and listen to (with your eyes closed), so you don’t miss anything. And yes, where I am extremely partial to Home Free, when you hear them vocalize in perfect angelic harmony this spiritual message, you will understand why these men have become so popular. 

Each man of Home Free brings his own unique and incredible style to every song they perform, but How Great Thou Art takes this to a whole new level. Dare I say to the heavens? Adam, our beloved vocal percussionist sings and I think it’s fair to say, “and the crowd went wild.” So many Home Fries have been talking about how much they love Adam’s voice. Well, he is a Rupp, after all. Austin does what he does best, sing with passion and nothing short of perfection. I can’t say enough about how far this young man has come and the Home Fries adore Austin and are enchanted by his voice. Rob, well, that “voice of angel”, elevated his fans right up to the clouds. The newest daddy of Home Free sings with grace and love and so beautifully. Chance, with his smooth vocals, gives the harmony a rich, uplifting sound that helps fill this song with devoutness. Tim, then there’s Tim. From Mom to O Holy Night to Die a Happy Man to How Great Thou Art, Tim has shown us that he has a soft, gentle side to his big booming deep voice. And there’s nothing sweeter than a man with a magnificent bass sound, sing so silkily and elegant. All this talent, all this sigh-provoking beauty, harmony that sends chills down to your soul and words that give your heart a reason to love and worship make for an immaculate video and song.

If you haven’t seen Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art (do you live on the moon?), you need to watch it! My fave five deliver a flawless performance alongside the exemplary scenery of The Alps behind them. The scene where the six foot plus tall men of Home Free are so tiny amongst the great mountains, says so much! I felt the true meaning of the song right there. Saying I love this video/song just doesn’t seem to cover it. But, I’ll say it anyway, I absolutely love How Great Thou Art, by Home Free. 

FifGen you captured God’s great earth with amazing precision. Simply gorgeous! My words are just my opinion, but the number of views this video has and the attention is has and continues to receive, shows that my opinion is shared by many others.

You can find this song on the Full of (Even More) Cheer, Home Free’s re-release of their Christmas album Full of Cheer. You can pre-order your copy at or at I can’t wait to see them on their A Country Christmas tour! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy summer brings some awesome Home Free videos!

Hey my wonderful Home Free blog junkies, I’ve missed blogging more this summer! And while my life has been the proverbial roller coaster lately, Home Free have been crazy busy professionally and personally! It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. I mean just this summer they’ve had videos galore, an amazing birthday concert, engagements, babies, concerts in Europe, a TV appearance and more videos! Damn, I’m tired just writing it out! I’m still enjoying “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. Just the other day, while getting ready for school, my eight year old daughter says, “suns come up,” and we both broke into “I got cakes on the griddle. Life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle…” There is nothing better than sharing classic music like this, with the younger generations.

In August (my birthday month), they came out with two new videos. One for the lovers and one for the partiers. Even though there was a collective heart break when Tim announced his engagement to his sweet girl, Jenika, the Home Fries wish them all the happiness in the world. And this video of “Die A Happy Man,” is a wonderful tribute to them and their love. This song is sexy and thought provoking (made my think of someone). Chance took it and really gave it soul and love, I closed my eyes and just listened to his smooth voice. Then he announced his own engagement! Yeah, love is the air for Home Free! But back to the video for “Die a Happy Man”, it’s charming and cute to see these two just being together and enjoying each other. And the song, well the song just makes you want to be in young love. Great song, wonderful voices bringing it to life by Home Free and a delightful tribute to love and Tim and Jenika. Home Free’s pure talent is so apparent and spectacular in this song, it’s definitely a must hear! Kudos for this little gem, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Then we shift over to a different kind of song and video with “Snapback”. I had never heard this song, so when we got the teaser about the new video, I went out and gave it a listen. Fun song with a beat that’s hard to resist. But, as has happened so many times, then Home Free got a hold of it. Yes, I am in love with Home Free’s version of this song! They sound full and rich. The video, well now, let’s not lie, we all enjoyed the view of our guys! We all enjoyed the diving amusement and silliness (Adam’s little surprise at the end, lol!). However, I think the video was truly stolen by, yep, you guessed it, the froggy float!!! He’s so cute and so is Tim when he jumps in with froggy. So, a little end of summer jollies from my fave five guys, to a great song! I often play “Snapback” three or four times when it comes on my playlist, just because it makes me happy and I can’t sit or stand still!

That was a bit of a quick rundown of these two videos, mainly because they have another one coming out soon, so I decided to get caught up before the next one. Which we all know will be another Home Free amazing song and video! They just can’t do things any way but AWESOME!

Remember to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to Home Free's You Tube channel at