Friday, September 25, 2015

5 gigs in New York in one day! Home Free is just cool like that!

Another incredible day for Home Free and their fans! Today Home Free meets New York and we all win! They had interviews, live performances and even a new collaboration released today.

First thing this morning, Kenny Rogers appeared on the Today Show and talked about his new Christmas album, Once Again It's Christmas, and his retirement. And may I just say, Kenny Rogers is truly a class act. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched part of the interview. He did mention working with Home Free on one of the songs on his Christmas album. He mentioned that his son’s choir teacher told him about Home Free and when Kenny googled them, he liked what he heard. As it happens, that Christmas album was released today.

The Home Fries wasted no time checking out the song with Home Free and the whole album. Christmas in September, nice. The song they do together is Children Go Where I Send Thee. I have to admit, I didn’t remember this song, but once I looked it up, I remembered hearing this when I was child. Then today, I bought the album and listened to this song first. Oh. My. Heavens. I was stunned. Kenny Rogers is positively amazing. Voice still strong and uniquely Kenny. Tears filled my eyes and chills when down my spine, when I heard him singing it out. Then you throw in the “they can sing anything and make it awesome” men of Home Free and you have this upbeat, heart-warming Christmas song that will certainly become a new tradition in my family! You really need to hear this song. It’s stunning.  And there’s a video coming too, with Kenny Rogers. Home Free is winning hearts from so many generations and genres of musicians. Excuse me, feeling the proud mama tears welling up. (Yes, I know they aren’t my kids and no, I’m not old enough to be their mother. OK maybe Austin. It’s just the way the Home Fries feel about these guys)

While in New York, Home Free did an interview with Fox 5 NY. I really wish they could do an interview like this at Fox 4 here in Dallas, Texas (hint hint). This was a fun interview. The guys claim not to be that good at instruments, however, we all know that ain’t true (sorry the Texan in my snuck out). They sang Elvira. I can’t help but follow the bass and this bass is jamming. But, I also can’t get enough of Adam’s beatboxing in this one and the news casters were pretty impressed too. He even got to play them out to commercial. Below is a link to the video from that interview.

Later, in the morning, the guys went to Facebook in New York and used Facebook Mention to do a live broadcast. They sang Honey I’m Good, and quite well, as usual. It was fun seeing them in a new situation and picking on poor Austin. Youngest brother syndrome, there. They announced that they would be performing, and hopefully broadcasting, live from the Empire State building later that afternoon. Home Fries around the world set their alarms and sat and waited by their phones and computers! You can see the video from Facebook on their Facebook page.

In the meantime, they made another stop in New York at Billboard. And to the great pleasure of the anxious and excited Home Fries, Billboard Periscoped (yes, that’s a verb!) Home Free singing Honey I’m Good and Don’t It Feel Good (love this song). We didn’t get see any of their visit, but the Periscope was enough to keep us happy, for a little while. We don’t want much, do we? Home Free twenty four seven three sixty five, haha! Poor guys!

To our dismay, 2:00pm came and went and no broadcast from the Empire State building. Big Fry frowny face, all over the world. You could probably hear the collective fingers tapping and the sad awwww at some point, no matter where you live. We know they had a great time and hope that someone will post a video. I promise to update this post if they do post it somewhere. Their day isn’t over yet. They will be performing at Town Hall tonight and there will be Home Fries present for that shindig. Lucky fries! I’m patiently waiting for mid-October!

***UPDATE Here is a link to a short clip of their performance atop the Empire State Building.

Well this post is really long and I’m tired from their day in New York. Remember to check out Kenny Rogers’ new Christmas CD and the new Home Free Country Evolution CD. And check out Home Free on YouTube, Kenny Rogers did!

Have you heard the new collaboration between Kenny Rogers and Home Free?

Picture from Empire Status Building Twitter page

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A closer look at the music on Country Evolution

So these five guys that sing with such sweet harmony and perfection, called Home Free, have definitely planted their names in the country music world, and I say look out! I know I said in my last post that country music gained some great sound when these five guys got together, but it’s a more than that. Their music brings back memories, but also brings classic songs into the future, yet still gives full respect to the original song. Something not all covers do. Their original songs are the kind that won’t be forgotten and could become classics themselves.

These guys have covered some of the most revered names in country music and a few big names in pop and rock music too. The best part is that their covers have become viral videos, hot singles and now part of their third and highly sought after album. The one that has shocked me the most is 9 to 5. If I’m allowed to be honest here, this was never a favorite song of mine. I was skeptical when I saw this, but I had faith that Home Free would make it good. Well, they did not disappoint. Their remake of 9 to 5 will put a jamming kick in your ride home from work. The one I knew would be awesome is Seven Bridges Road and it’s nothing less, in fact, it was a harmonious dream. They do Friends in Low Places and Devil Went Down to Georgia and give both of these songs some Timbasstastic enhancements and a whole new life. They did also feature Mr. Daniels playing his fiddle and Taylor Davis playing her fiddle, for DWDTG. Cause, well, fiddle fight. The Alabama sampler brings back some great memories and they sound so good, you just want the medley to go on and on. I guess you could say that Home Free is simply brilliant at giving excellent songs some Austin soul, Chris harmony, Rob sweetness, Tim bassness and Adam beats, to make a unique Home Free style.

But now I want to talk about their originals. I was tickled to hear there were five original songs on this new album. I was even more tickled when I heard them. These songs, in my opinion, define these fine gentlemen. They are about music, life and love; and there’s always room for dancing, fun and little reflection. Summer in the Country and California Country are laid back with a steady, easy beat like your heart beat, and tells a little about their 'life is good' attitude. Good Ol’ Country Harmony and Don’t It Feel Good tells how music makes them feel and how it can change their mood for the better. They both have that bouncy walking beat that makes you want stop and dance. Then there’s Serenity. Short and simple, but meaningful and beautiful. Yep that about wraps up how I see Home Free and their original songs; laid back, bouncing beats, simple and meaningful. I think we all just learned a little bit more about these guys. If I didn’t already love listening to Home Free, several songs on this album would have won me over.

The other songs, many have already heard from the videos, like Elvira featuring The Oak Ridge Boys, House Party by Sam Hunt, Fishin’ in the Dark/Boondocks mashup and Andy Grammar’s Honey I’m Good. These songs highlight each man’s talents so handsomely. The videos are all already very popular and I've reviewed them in my blog. Now that I've convinced the new readers to buy this CD, be sure to get the deluxe copy, so you get all fourteen songs. You can order Country Evolution at

Oh, and did I mention the wonderful Thank You, Home Free added on the CD liner? They thanked their fans, the Home Fries, for all our love and support. How cool is that? It's our absolute pleasure to support such fantastic people, who also happened to be extremely talented (yeah, and cute too). The Home Fries, have received several shout outs from Home Free, recently, and it makes us all kind of, well, sappy! Yep, that's our boys and we love them! From Home Fries around the world, we are proud to be Home Fries! Rock on, Home Free, rock on!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Country Evolution is finally here!

IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!!! I WAS SO, oh sorry, forgot to turn off the caps lock. I was so excited about the new Home Free Country Evolution CD coming out today that I decided to take advantage of Spotify, because I didn’t want to wait until it arrived! Yes, I realize that makes me a bit of a dork, but I guarantee you I was not the only one! #youknowwhoyouare

Elvira, Honey I’m Good, Summer in the Country and House Party have already been released on video and I know the Fries love them all (can't stop watching them is more like it). But there is so much more to come with this new album. Devil Went Down to Georgia WITH Charlie Daniels (featuring Taylor Davis with the one and only instrument on this album), 9 to 5 and Friends in Low Places, just to name a few.

I have already heard eight of the songs on the deluxe album, but I have held off listening to the original songs and a few covers, until I get the new album. As a Patron, we got a preview of their newest video last night and OH. MY. HECK. I’m in love! This is one of my ALL TIME favorite songs. I try to be open minded about covers, because great songs are made to be celebrated and redone by great musicians. Well, these fine gentlemen have, once again, nailed it! The original can never be beat, but Home Free has given Seven Bridges Road a new life and a new feel, but the same great song that moved me as teenager. Well done, simply, well done.

I’m very big on having original songs when you make an album. I’ve worked with music in my past and I know how hard that can be. The original songs Home Free has on this CD tells you a lot about these good ole boys! They have stories, a two stepping beat and, of course, perfect harmony. You’ll tap your toes to Good Ol’ Country Harmony and just smile when you hear California Country. I think my favorite is Don’t It Feel Good, well at least for right now. That tends to change the more I listen to their music. The originals songs are fantastic and I’m ready to soak them in for a while. Definitely, a must hear album. And I highly recommend the deluxe version, well cause more songs and those songs are worth it!

A cappella has come so far in the past few years and Home Free is making sure it continues to grow and get better. Flawless harmony, jaw dropping vocal percussion, extraordinary live performances and their unequivocal charming, boyish personalities. Taking on country music as an a cappella group, in itself was a Herculean feat. Can you say, never been done and most would walk away? Well, no one is walking away now. They have conquered Johnny Cash, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Eagles, Dolly Parton, Meghan Trainor, One Direction, Florida Georgia Line and more, with amazing country style and Home Free flair! But they have also taken on original music from their own Tim Foust and Austin Brown. They have all done arranging and I’ve heard (maybe seen a little) they all do some beat boxing too! The music world gained some sweet sounds when these five got together! I think they'll make history!

Country Evolution is a remarkable album from Home Free. It really does reflect old country in a new a cappella country fashion that is hard to match and new music destined to become classics. Country Evolution is available now on iTunes:, and at Wal-Mart stores. You can also order it at .
Which is your favorite song from Country Evolution?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Home Free Don't It Feel Good Tour starts tonight!!!

I'm having a hard time believing it’s already mid-September, so instead of freaking out and wondering where the time has gone, I’m going to talk about the start of Home Free’s Don’t It Feel Good tour! That’s right, it starts tonight in Frederticton, New Brunswick, Canada! Congratulations to all the lucky fans that get to see the first official show of the tour.

I say official show because the privileged fair goers in Minnesota got a sweet sneak peek at the new show at the State Fair last week. They got to hear the new songs from the new tour, including the new original songs! As stated by the biggest HF fan, “It was AMAZING hearing the eight new songs ... I was holding my breath to hear everything. Elvira, the second day, was extra special. Tim's lowest "mau-mau" was stunning and provoked a spontaneous ROAR of approval... the guys looked a little shocked.” I, for one, am doing my very best not to watch the videos of the Minnesota State Fair, so I can hear the songs, for the first time, when I get my pre-ordered copy of their new Country Evolution album. I know the Home Fries that were at the State Fair were on a Home Free and cotton candy (or should I say fried food) high! The excitement level in the fan pages was through the internet roof.  

OK, so I did listen to one of the new songs a couple of times and that was 9 to 5. Let me just say there are no adjectives for this! None that I can say right now (I’ll be making up words for this). I was completely thrown off guard with this baby. I’m not going to give it away, but I will say this much, vocal percussion and beatboxing will soon take over the world (insert evil laugh)!

The good news is I only have a month to wait before I get to see the new show in Texas! A little road trip with the girls and then a couple of us come back home to get our daughters to see the last show together! I love that I can share all of this with my daughter! Great friends, amazing music and a little fan girling too!

To end their summer tour, Home Free got to spend several days in Alaska. We all know the guys love Alaska and this year was no exception. They posted pictures of fishing and dog sled bed and breakfasts, interesting restaurants and of course gorgeous scenery! One Home Fry from the great hot state of Texas said this, “Two nights at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and the guys were beautiful! Two nights at the Alaska State Fair had cooler and wetter weather. The tent overflowed with people but both shows were awesome. In Fairbanks Tim’s voice shook some ceiling loose and a fan kept the fallen piece.” I was ready to plan a vacay to Alaska after all the pictures posted. And there were some interesting stories that came out of Alaska too, including one about a speeding ticket, a bass singer and one damn lucky Frozen Fry!

OK, I saved the best for last. I’m certain many of you already heard, but the incredibly talented men of Home Free are taking an extra-long trip in January to the UK! That’s right, they are Europe bound. I think every European Home Fry is already making plans to go. Home Free will be in London on January 30th for the London A Cappella Festival. I’m very excited that the Fries across the pond get their chance to see Home Free live. And talk about the excitement in the fan pages, I could feel the energy about to burst into flames from my laptop screen! It was so much fun!

Alright, I’m ready, let’s get this tour started!

Where are you seeing Home Free?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Home Free is finally going across the pond!!!!

Home Free goes to the UK in January! This news turned the fan pages upside down! But this is a story best left to a Eurofry to I defer this blog to Carina!

Friday, September 4, 2015

What's My Superpower? I'm a Home Fry!

So today I'm going to throw so much Home Free/Home Fry silliness at you, you might think I'm Fryzy (crazy fry) I'll try to run through it without being my overly wordy self, but we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday, while in the office the one day a week I have to go in, I was checking Home Free fan pages on my phone. One post in particular caught my attention and since my first hour and half conference call was cancelled, I took a walk. A fry wanted to make a Home Fry dictionary (yes, we have our own Fry language). The responses she got had me laughing out loud, in public. Here are just a few of the Fry phrases that were posted (the meanings should be fairly obvious): Fry fog, Ruppercussion, procastfrynation, Austinisms, fryfessions, Home Fryism, fryzzled, stupifried, frymazing and satisfried. The list goes on and on. This brave fry has her work cut out for her. I didn't even mention the type of fries, like Small Fries, Spicy Fries, French Fries or Frozen Fries. Again, the list goes on and on!

Next, Home Free is playing at the Minnesota State Fair to close out their Summer tour. Last year there were several posts about all the fried foods they tried. Earlier this summer, I wrote about what foods I thought the guys might try from this year's list of new fair foods at the Minnesota State Fair. This was purely for fun and guesses only. See if you agree with me, read my post here:

I know how fast the word of new Home Free videos spreads, so I'm sure most of you know that Home Free has released, for the third week in a row, another new video to help promote their new CD "Country Evolution". The new video is their cover of "House Party" by Sam Hunt. Well, we all know that Home Free loves to have fun in big ways and this video is just that. Pajamas and partying that leads to lots and lots of feathers. You'll have to watch to see what I mean!

So far we have a Fry dictionary, Home Free at the Minnesota State Fair and three new videos in as many weeks. I'm exhausted and I don't get to go to the fair! I'm going to share one more of my older posts for a specific reason. Back in June I wrote a post about what questions I would ask Home Free if I ever had the chance to interview them. One of the sillier questions was, "If you could create your own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor what would it be?" And I found it a little funny that in their new video there is a scene where Ben and Jerry's ice cream makes an appearance. I may have been on to something there, and didn't even know it. Read the rest of my questions here:

OK, this last one is, IMHO, so cool! Hottest Single Today (on Facebook and Twitter) put out a list of the 20 most active fans WORLDWIDE and guess who was number 19 as of yesterday? HOME FRIES!!! One very awesome Fry found this post and spread the word. In less than twenty four hours and voting on Facebook and Twitter, (#TeamHomeFreeHomeFries) we went from 19 to 8!!! That's right, Home Fries ROCK! And don't forget it! We may not be able to the catch the Directioners or the Swifters, but we can hold our own in this battle of HUGE artists! What's my super power? I'm a Home Fry!

Which of the three new videos is your Fryfave?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Home Free is on fire!

Hey Fries and guests! It’s time for my Home Free video rampage once again. They surprised us with another twofer, and I know the Fries just loved that! At the beginning of the summer we got two videos back to back with Wagon Wheel/Song of the South Medley and Summer in the Country. Both videos went over big with the fans, because, well some lucky Fries where in the Wagon Wheel video and the SITC was a chance to see the guys with their families and friends, having a great time. I know these videos are hard work and trying at times, but you would never know. The guys make the videos look fun and FifGen make the videos look amazing!

To help wind down summer, Home Free gave us two more videos and a new CD, not mention some awesome previews of their new songs. And for that we thank Home Free for letting the Fries that were there, share with the rest of us Fries. The generosity and appreciation Home Free shows to their fans is one of the many, many attributes that we love about them so much.

Now, on to the second of the latest two videos. Elvira was going to be hard to beat. This blogger felt the admiration, pride and vocal prowess in the Elvira video. It was almost as powerful as when I saw the video of The Opry show, pure pride and tears of joy. So how do beat that, well maybe not beat, but bring a whole new take on a video. You go psychedelic artsy, of course. Fishin’ in the Dark/Boondocks Mash Up is a visual parade and reminiscent of a less stressful time. Even though the visuals were engrossing from the start, the song won my senses. Down in the Boondocks is an excellent song and Fishin’ in the Dark takes me back and makes me smile. Home Free, once again, did an outstanding job putting two great songs together to make a whole new groovy smash hit! Each man’s talent is showcased beautifully and together they rock this medley. The artistic format gives it freshness and a hip ambience. Then they add a pinch of silliness and a tiny hint of James Bond and you get a tasty Medley, that once again, I can’t stop watching! I have to admit, I did let out a big gasp when the chicken made his appearance. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he had a band aid on in the next video.

The Don’t It Feel Good Tour starts soon and Home Free is (at this moment) $165 away from another Patreon milestone that will bring a GIANT party to the Home Fries/patrons. So let’s see, Debut at The Opry, song/video with the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, Christmas song/video with the legendary Kenny Rogers, one successful video after another, new tour, new CD and days away from a BIG milestone in Patreon. Yeah, I’d say that Home Free is on FIRE, with a whole hell of a lot more to come!

I’m as excited about the new songs as I am about the covers on their new CD. And then there’s the concerts I have coming up in October, which is next month (wow that was a bit of a slap in the face)! Below are links to Patreon, their YouTube channel and of course, the new video! Until next time, let the music take you to a better place.

What do you think is the fate of the chicken?

Fishin' in the Dark/Down in the Boondocks MashUp -