Thursday, July 23, 2015

Home Free at The Opry by guest blogger Genevra Lazzeritti

On Friday, July 17 2015, Home Free stepped into the circle and made history. Home Free’s debut at the Grand Ole Opry was truly a spectacular event and one I felt privileged to be able to be a part of. As the worlds only “country” acapella band they have been faced with the task of carving out a space for themselves in a world often characterized by the twang of steel guitars and banjos. Friday night they proved to themselves and the world that instruments are not needed to make good country music.

For those that don't know the Grand Ole Opry has a long and prestigious history as being the place where anyone who is anyone in country music plays. For the last 90 years it has broadcast a radio show live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. To be invited to play on that historic stage says that you might, just might be on your way to making it big in country music. Only the most talented and best are invited to play on the Opry stage. Not only did our guys step into the circle and perform in the birthplace of country music, they rocked the house.

From the moment they stepped on stage they were greeted with thunderous applause which was something that had never happened before in the history of the Opry. I am not sure I can capture in words the excitement and energy of the crowd that night, it was completely overwhelming to see and be a part of. It had been rumored that Home Free might have been debuting their newest song “Summer in the Country” but in the end they went with their versions of “Life is a Highway” and “Ring of Fire”. According to sources close to the guys this change was requested by the host for the guys segment Opry member Larry Gaitlin. Gaitlin remained on stage for the guys performance and was apparently blown away by Tim’s low bass or at least it looked that way to us. Part of the appeal of the Opry is that everyone from the biggest stars to the newest newcomer gets the same amount of time on the stage, and Home Free used that time well as each song was met with a standing ovation from the entire house. Sitting in the audience I was moved to tears with pride for the guys. In fact it was really hard to stay in my seat for that final part of the night.

Afterwards we were one of the few that managed to get into the signing line to congratulate the guys. The responses we heard from the Opry staff as we waited had to be one of the highlights of my night. They were universally blow away by the guys talent, and these are the people who see and hear good country music almost every day. Despite my phone being almost dead I had to pull up you tube to share Summer in the Country quite a few times. Several were going to look them up on you tube and a few even talked about making the trip to Greenville to catch the concert the next day. That is when we found out the guys had been invited back, apparently it is uncommon for that to happen on the spot, but then so is multiple standing ovations.

Overall as an audience member I was flying high with the excitement and adrenaline from all epic events of that night. Their Opry debut, the 3 standing ovations and the uncommon instant invite back; all just go to show the world how wonderful and talented the guys really are. Even now sitting here trying to capture it all on paper leaves me pumped and ready to head off to find their next concert. (its Colorado on August 1st, and a maybe at this point). What a night, what a ride, all I can say is congrats guys, it was beyond awesome to be a part of that event with you.

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