Wednesday, July 1, 2015


So how cool was it that yesterday we got TWO Periscope sessions with our favorite guys!?!?!?! A HUGE thank you to Rob for leaping into the future and sharing with your fans. Rob has gone from #SelfieMaster to #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun.

My daughter and I were heading to Target and I got a ding on my phone. It was a new sound, so as soon as we parked I pulled out my phone and saw the Periscope icon and clicked it. It was Rob and Tim! She and I were so excited, but we didn’t have sound for some reason (yes, I turned up the volume on my phone). I must have caught it at the very end, because by the time I tried to type Hello, it ended. I did go back and watch it later and loved how they were both trying to balance reading and talking and answering all at once. They were both stellar and funny! My two favorite parts were when Rob said someone called them a noodle head (I saw the comment jet by, but didn’t get a good look at it) and the end when Rob was trying to swipe to end it. It didn’t work the first time and Tim lost it. Very comical! What an amusing way for us fans to get to see them being casual and a victim to technology.

When the second ding sounded, later that night, I made sure my sound was up and joined the party. And was it ever a party! Rob, Austin, Chris and Tim were hanging out at a video shoot (Adam was filming) and seemed to being having a little fun with Periscope. From a little play acting, to Tim sneaking up from the bottom of the screen to the bicyclist that came riding through (and another little matter that I will not mention), that was the best kind of real. The blushes and head shaking, the goofy and unexpected made this experience the paramount of surprises for those that were there! It was like a triple chocolate cake or a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake! Even though it’s gone quickly, we’ll never forget how yummy it was! Home Free has just opened up a whole new world of laughs and surprises for Home Fries! #doesitgetanybetterthanthis

Austin is so adorable and I think he just might have given the guys the next #neverliveitdown moment. I think Nate’s dream just fell to number two, not forgotten, but maybe a little less remembered, for now.

What would you like to see/hear in the next Home Free Periscope video?

Periscope can be downloaded on Apple and Android phones for the best experience, in my opinion. Or you can click the given link and view it on a computer. Either way, this is going to be a blast! 

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