Monday, July 6, 2015

A step back to the Ring of Fire video

Good morning Home Fries and visitors! I hope those in the U.S. had a great Fourth of July weekend. Mine was crazy busy and fun. But now back to work or play, not sure which this is, but back to it! I know Home Free is posting their videos from this year, but I'm taking a look back to last summer and the infamous “Ring of Fire” cover video featuring Avi Kaplan by Home Free.

This video has a special meaning to me, as it’s the one that brought Home Free into my world. The video itself has so much going on especially since none of them move from their spot. A bon fire, some old trucks a few beers and six absurdly talented guys singing a classic country song creates a video that doesn’t just go viral but makes fans for life!

When Tim Foust starts singing, you’ll want to soak up his voice and hair. Avi Kaplan (bass singer with Pentatonix) is featured and it’s always a pleasure to hear his sweet smooth bass voice. Then this very attractive young man, Austin Brown, starts singing and he will melt your heart. Wow, can he sing. And can we talk about his lightning t-shirt, cause oh my. When it gets back to Tim and we get to hear the meat of his almighty bassness, I got hooked. The two striking bass singers give this song a traditional feel and the rest of Home Free gives it an incredible modern sound. The down to earth harmony by Chris Rupp and Rob Lundquist, along with Austin Brown add the robust foundation. Then there’s Adam Rupp, who is beatboxing, that’s right I said beatboxing in “Ring of Fire,” and it’s tastefully done like Adam does to perfection. An exceptional way to bring a classic song into the future and still give it the respect it deserves. No instruments, no dancing, no fancy effects, just six men standing around a roaring fire with gifts that can render you speechless.

I’ve seen several fans ask in fan pages, which Home Free song/video made you a big fan, and “Ring of Fire” is always at the top of the list. It was their first “viral” video and currently their video with the most views on YouTube with over 8.6 million views. This Home Free cover and video has something for everyone. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t seen this video, take a few minutes to watch. I bet you’ll watch it again.

Which Home Free song/video made you a Home Free fan?

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