Friday, July 31, 2015

Did someone say party?

Hello Home Free fans and visitors. I hope everyone is still enjoying the latest video released by the fun loving guys of Home Free. Country Fried Pop Medley has been a huge hit since its release on July 29th and is over thirty five thousand views on YouTube. That number may be off, I’ll make a sad confession here; those view numbers are confusing to me.

Today’s topic is Home Free and Patreon. First, Patreon is a great site that allows fans to support artists and creators by contributing money in amounts they can afford. I’m certainly not an expert on Patreon, but it has helped many creators get started and keep up with the competition.

Home Free is on Patreon and is currently sitting at $24,174.00 per video from 2,405 patrons. WOW! Patreon allows them to set milestones. When they hit those milestones, they give the Home Free patrons something in return. So far they have reached 7 milestones, ranging from $500 all the way up to $20,000.00 per video. That is just outstanding, in my opinion. The last milestone, at twenty thousand per video, the patron fans got learning tracks for Anyway the Wind Blows. That was pretty cool, I love listening to each part. It gives their already rich, full-bodied sound even more depth. And just to be clear, patrons receive many other benefits for their contributions too, including mp3’s of the songs and even live streaming with the guys depending on your level. The more you contribute, the more benefits you get. But the one thing that makes it completely worth it, is you get first pick at concert tickets and that’s with just a $1 per video contribution!

Their next milestone is $25,000 per video and they are getting close! Now before I tell you the patron reward for this milestone, if you’re not a patron close your ears (you’ll hear the screams). Are you ready for this? When Home Free reaches the twenty five thousand dollar per video milestone, they are going to throw a Home Free patron party! Home Fries around the world are squeeeing in their seats! Did you hear it? #partytime

If you’re already a patron, pass it on. We all know how these wonderfully talented guys have given many of us a cheerful spirit and youthful energy when we hear them sing or see them live. If you’re not a patron, consider a $1 per video contribution. There are several options, including contributing $1 and setting a monthly cap, so you don’t break the bank.

Still need some convincing? Well if a Home Free patron party isn’t enough, then check out some of their videos. Below are several useful links to learn more about Patreon and Home Free!

Are you a Home Free Patron?

Summer in the Country video -
Country Fried Pop video -
Butts Remix video -
Champagne Taste video -

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Country Fried Pop anyone?

Those Home Free Guys don’t know how to do things in a small way, do they? Country Fried Pop Medley is their latest new video and of course, they hit it out of the park!! This video has already spread like wild fire. Home Fries have jumped all over this one with a teenage enthusiasm. But then, how could you not? Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and so many more. This medley is a pop song lover’s dream. However, Home Free gave it an a cappella country twist and their own special blend of adorable! 

I know you’re thinking ‘five men singing pop songs together, OK.” But let me tell you, over the past year, these guys have continued to amaze me with their endless ability to take any song and make it their own with their rich, unique, brilliant vocals and boyish charm. Oh, but they are not boys, they will make the ladies giggle like girls in one song and swoon in the next one. 

This video has a little bit of everything in one giant mash-up. Home Fries know that Austin Brown loves mash-ups and he arranged this one with compelling skill. There’s Austin wails, Tim serenades, Rob rappings, Chris harmonies and Adam percussioning. There is an overall goofiness about the video, but don’t let that fool you, their talent is real and unrivaled. Their expressions are priceless and the intermingling of the songs is down right mind boggling. And for the Home Fries, there's a step back in time to a much loved guilty pleasure.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Home Free having some fun and inviting y'all to come along. You’ll recognize the songs, enjoy the fun theatrics, oh and don’t forget to look for the chicken. Remember, he’s stealthy!

I love Home Free’s desire to keep their fans guessing what is next and then stunning us with new videos and songs. The fries love you Home Free! We know about a couple things coming up and we are dying of anticipation. New album, new songs, new tour and some legendary collaborations have the Home Fries ready to bust! However, we are grateful for this entertaining video and we'll share it with the world!

What is your favorite part of this new video?

Monday, July 27, 2015

4 Home Free concerts in the Lone Star State for me!

This blogger has gone and done what she said she wasn't going to do! When Home Free announced their Don't It Feel Good fall tour dates, I was down right pumped that they had five concerts in Texas. Now Texas is pretty big, so five concerts could be hundreds and hundreds of miles, one way! They will be in Austin, Nederland, Houston, Abilene and El Paso. El Paso is about 650 miles from me, so that one was a no. However, those other four cities are very doable!!!

Now I'm not a rich woman, but my first thought here was "I'm going to Austin, Nederland and Houston and I'm going VIP." I knew I would have to take my daughter to at least one concert. I thought my son might want to go to one also. Plus, I kind of have a Home Free posse, and we all wanted to go together. You know, ladies road trip, no men allowed. After the excitement settled down, I realized I couldn't do all four shows, but I could do two, for sure! So there was my plan. I'd go to  Houston with the girls, yeehaw! Then we'd come back and get the kids and go to Abilene. That works, plan made, start saving my money!

Well, one day I was innocently hanging out on Twitter and a radio station in Austin posts a contest to win 2 tickets to see Home Free in Austin. All you had to do was retweet, so I did. I never win anything, but I retweeted anyway, promotion for the guys, right, right! A few days later I get an email and I thought it was from a representative in my son's drum corp, but it wasn't. It was from KASE iHeart radio station in Austin and I had won two tickets to see Home Free, WHAT??? I laughed for about an hour. Downside, I had to pick up the tickets, in person, in Austin within 30 days. And how do you like them fortuitous apples, I was driving to San Antonio to see my son on his birthday and perform within a couple weeks. New plan, stop in Austin and pick up FREE tickets to see Home Free!

Once I had purchased tickets to Houston and Abilene and had the tickets I won to Austin in my hands, I realized that I might as well go to Nederland too. It's a lot closer to drive from Austin to Nederland to Houston, then Austin to Dallas to Houston. So, before I looked anything up, I bought a ticket to the Nederland show. Then I looked it up and guess what??? Don't laugh now! It's about the same distance. Ha, what a dork!

So my plan to see two Home Free concerts in October has turned into four concerts and approximately 1240 miles and never leaving the state of Texas. I know it will be worth it. Some girl time, some driving with the windows down and the music all the way up, some time with my kids, oh and let's not forget four awesome Home Free concerts! Don't tell anyone, but I think I have become a Home Free groupie! When you see these guys live, you'll feel the same way us Home Fries do..."When can I see them in concert again!?!?"

How many miles have you traveled to see Home Free?

Friday, July 24, 2015

You Received Three Standing Ovations at the Opry, What Are You Going To Do Now? Perform in 100 Degree weather in Greenville!

By guest blogger Leslie Tidd

After an EPIC night & performance at the Opry, Home Free & the fries traveled to Greenville, Ky. We arrived in Greenville early Sat morning around 1:30am, along with several other fries. We slept a few hours and were up to get our chairs set up for the concert that night. We left to finish up last minute odds and ends and returned around noon.

 Wow it was hot, the heat index hit 114 at one point but that didn’t deter any of the fries from sitting and waiting.  As we waited, we helped others set up their chairs after the sound booth was moved back opening more spots for chairs. After rearranging seats several of us left, only to come rushing back when we received word that someone took it upon themselves to move 4 chairs that belonged to the fries. All was resolved by the time we got back. It was great seeing all the fry’s stand together & prevail. #FryFamily

The guys arrived, checked in and we sat and watched their sound check. Shortly after sound check, Tim came back out for his birthday. He was greeted by 100’s of fries that had gifts and well wishes for him. Tim hugged everyone that wanted a hug & took a group pic with all the fries. Tim received so many gifts a gator was needed.

The guys are such characters, the man who was introducing them was taking a little longer than they expect, so the guys acted like they were running in slow motion coming to the stage. I’m sure you can imagine & hear the laughter from the crowd. Home Free took stage and the high from the previous night was still there despite the heat. During intros Tim introduced Austin as King of the jungle; I wonder if King of the jungle supersedes King Timmy? Tim also thanked the line dancers and asked if they’d like to join them on tour. Obviously, the answer was YES!

Home Free chose not to do some of the intro bits to their songs, unsure if it was because of actions from previous concerts or the heat. (Plus side no one disrupted their show)  Adams drum solo was amazing as always; it was shorter than usual but I’m guessing the heat was a factor. The guys didn’t have an intermission. (This was my 1st outdoor summer concert, so not sure if this is normal for them or not) I periscope the concert and during Adam's solo, Chris was also periscoping. So I ended up periscoping Chris, periscoping Adam. :-p

Did I mention the heat? Wow it was hot, as hot as we were the poor guys had it much worse on stage. At one point Austin grabbed a sweat towel and wiped Tim’s brow. Before the show ended the guys were drenched but none of that took away from their performance. They were absolutely amazing.

I don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing this weekend was. Witnessing the EPIC Opry milestone was the obvious highlight. However, seeing the fries stand together and what we’ll all withstand to be there and support them, proves the best group in the land, has the best fans in the land!

Want to know a secret? Tim told the crowd that Wagon Wheel/Song of the South will be on their new album.
So now we know 2 songs!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Home Free at The Opry by guest blogger Genevra Lazzeritti

On Friday, July 17 2015, Home Free stepped into the circle and made history. Home Free’s debut at the Grand Ole Opry was truly a spectacular event and one I felt privileged to be able to be a part of. As the worlds only “country” acapella band they have been faced with the task of carving out a space for themselves in a world often characterized by the twang of steel guitars and banjos. Friday night they proved to themselves and the world that instruments are not needed to make good country music.

For those that don't know the Grand Ole Opry has a long and prestigious history as being the place where anyone who is anyone in country music plays. For the last 90 years it has broadcast a radio show live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. To be invited to play on that historic stage says that you might, just might be on your way to making it big in country music. Only the most talented and best are invited to play on the Opry stage. Not only did our guys step into the circle and perform in the birthplace of country music, they rocked the house.

From the moment they stepped on stage they were greeted with thunderous applause which was something that had never happened before in the history of the Opry. I am not sure I can capture in words the excitement and energy of the crowd that night, it was completely overwhelming to see and be a part of. It had been rumored that Home Free might have been debuting their newest song “Summer in the Country” but in the end they went with their versions of “Life is a Highway” and “Ring of Fire”. According to sources close to the guys this change was requested by the host for the guys segment Opry member Larry Gaitlin. Gaitlin remained on stage for the guys performance and was apparently blown away by Tim’s low bass or at least it looked that way to us. Part of the appeal of the Opry is that everyone from the biggest stars to the newest newcomer gets the same amount of time on the stage, and Home Free used that time well as each song was met with a standing ovation from the entire house. Sitting in the audience I was moved to tears with pride for the guys. In fact it was really hard to stay in my seat for that final part of the night.

Afterwards we were one of the few that managed to get into the signing line to congratulate the guys. The responses we heard from the Opry staff as we waited had to be one of the highlights of my night. They were universally blow away by the guys talent, and these are the people who see and hear good country music almost every day. Despite my phone being almost dead I had to pull up you tube to share Summer in the Country quite a few times. Several were going to look them up on you tube and a few even talked about making the trip to Greenville to catch the concert the next day. That is when we found out the guys had been invited back, apparently it is uncommon for that to happen on the spot, but then so is multiple standing ovations.

Overall as an audience member I was flying high with the excitement and adrenaline from all epic events of that night. Their Opry debut, the 3 standing ovations and the uncommon instant invite back; all just go to show the world how wonderful and talented the guys really are. Even now sitting here trying to capture it all on paper leaves me pumped and ready to head off to find their next concert. (its Colorado on August 1st, and a maybe at this point). What a night, what a ride, all I can say is congrats guys, it was beyond awesome to be a part of that event with you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Opry recap coming soon, until then....

Hi followers! I know it’s been a few days since Home Free performed at The Grand Ole Opry and I haven’t written anything about their performance. To my great disappointment, I couldn’t be there for their Opry debut, the concert in Greenville, KY and Tim’s birthday. I was actually spending the weekend with my son celebrating his twenty first birthday during a one day break in his summer tour with The Boston Crusaders Drum Corp in San Antonio, TX. Needless to say, I did read about the Opry event and saw a video of their performance. I don’t know Home Free personally, but seeing them standing on stage at The Grand Ole Opry performing AND getting a standing ovation, brought tears of complete joy, to my eyes. I was so proud of them! May sound a little silly, but I was not the only one. Many Home Fries felt that same overwhelming delight and giddiness. They sang “Life is a Highway” and, of course, their astonishing version of “Ring of Fire.” From what I saw, they brought the house down, as only Home Free can do, when you hear their rich, meaty voices. I get chills just thinking about the video I saw.

Soon, I will have guest bloggers give a recap of their Opry performance and hopefully a little on Tim’s birthday celebration. I’ve seen pictures and it looked like a fantastic Fry party. However, they might need a few days to come down from their Home Free high to get their story together. In the meantime, I have a few things to put out there.

1.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for your Grand Ole Opry debut and the standing ovation you received. The fries all knew they would love you!
2.       Happy Birthday Tim! I can’t imagine what could have been a better gift than the Opry and a whole lotta fries to celebrate your birthday with you!
3.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for having a second video enter Video Shootout Hall of Fame! That’s right, the “Crazy Life” video beat out country stars like Jason Aldean, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert to win four weeks in a row and enter the Hall of Fame!
4.       CONGRATULATIONS TO HOME FREE for the “Ring of Fire” video going over nine million views.

Wow, HOME FREE doesn’t do anything in small way, do they? While we wait for the epic weekend overview, let’s get some other Home Free videos to some monumental numbers.

The Butts Remix:
Champagne Taste (on a Beer Budge):
Summer in the Country:
Wagon Wheel (Song of the South):
Colder Weaher:

Did the Opry performance bring tears to your eyes?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good luck Home Free at your Opry debut!

Hey Fries and guests I wanted to take a few minutes to give a quick shout out to Home Free and the Home Fries! Home Free may be performing in Reno tonight, however, there’s a mess of Home Fries heading to Nashville, Tennessee! Tomorrow, Friday July 17, 2015 Home Free will debut at the Grand Ole Opry!! I can only imagine how the guys of Home Free must feel about this honor. One question I would ask them if I had the chance to interview them, would be “Do you get nervous before a performance.” I have an idea the answer tomorrow, just might be, not just yes, but HELL YES!

The Grand Ole Opry means so much the country music world. Walking out on that stage must be an overwhelming feeling of pure joy, a sense of achievement along with a whole lot of nervous. A huge Congratulations to Home Free! I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come for you. I am so excited that the country music crowd at The Opry will get a chance to experience the unique rich sound of your music.  Best of luck to you!

And the Home Fries will be there to show their love and support. I know the seats would be filled with mostly Home Fries, if we could all be there. I look forward to a couple a guest bloggers sharing their experience with us next week. Safe travels Home Fries!

I’ll be heading south to hot and humid San Antonio, but part of my heart will be in Nashville with Home Free and Home Fries! Y’all have fun! Next trip to The Grand Ole Opry, I’m there!

Are you going to The Grand Ole Opry to see Home Free?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Free Monday done right!

Good afternoon Fries and newcomers! Wow what a day already for Home Free. I know most of you have already seen the announcements, but my head is still spinning! Monday’s can be pretty damn good when they start like this!

First, features three videos in a Video Shootout fan poll each week. Any video that wins four weeks straight, goes to the Video Shootout Hall of Fame. Home Free just beat out Jason Aldean and Keith Urban in week three and go up against Miranda Lambert and Laura Bell Bundy in this final week. If they get the win this week, this will make the second video in the Hall of Fame for Home Free. Their cover of “What We Ain’t Got” made its way into the Hall of Fame earlier this year. This time their Lego animated “Crazy Life” video is fighting for a spot. Way to go Home Free and Home Fries!

Crazy Life - 

Then, as a sweet surprise, none other than Kenny Rogers, that’s right, the Gambler, made an announcement that rocked the Home Fries world. Kenny is coming out with a new Christmas album this year and has several guests recording with him. You got it! Home Free is one of the guest artists that will be recording with Kenny Rogers on his new Christmas album. So, first congratulations Kenny on your first new Christmas album in seventeen years, you are a classic gentleman and country superstar! Second congratulations Home Free for the opportunity to record with such a legend! And that’s the second legendary country artist to invite Home Free to the recording studio. Earlier this summer they joined The Oak Ridge Boys to bring Elvira back! From the new fun pop of “All About The Bass” to the classic “Elvira”, Home Free does it all, countrified, of course.

And if that’s not enough to make the Home Fries bust open at the seams, on Friday July 17, 2015 Home Free is debuting at The Grand Ol’ Opry! Wow! Does it get any better? Knowing these five amazing guys of Home Free, they will find a way to make it better. Until then fries from all over are traveling to Nashville Tennessee to fill up the Opry with a large order of Home Fries! This blogger won’t be able to be there (I have a celebration of my own), but I’m hoping I get some guest bloggers to fill us all in when they return. Congratulations Home Free on your debut at The Grand Ol’ Opry and recording with The Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers. Y’all are destined to become the modern classic gentlemen of country music, with an a cappella twist!

I’m a little early, but Sunday is Tim Foust’s birthday and I’ll be on the road, so I’m gonna leave this here for all to see.

What do you think is next for this fast rising talented group, Home Free?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Free's first 5 videos of 2015

Home Free has been posting the videos they have released, so far this year. I’ve touched on these in other posts, but I thought I’d give these first five videos a quick, closer look.

First up is “Everything Will Be Okay.” This is a Tim Foust original song, recorded on his solo album. Home Fries were already familiar with this song when the video came out, but I don’t think they were expecting all the cuteness that came with it! You could almost hear the AWWWW that came from everyone that watched this video! Of course, I mean the EWBOK bear. Yes, fries were squealing their approval for this adorable video! Home Free was adorable too, but the EWBOK bear stole the show in this one. And since they sold the bear, he appears at concerts all over the country.

Next up is “I’ve Seen.” Another Tim Foust original from his solo album and this bloggers favorite Home Free song. This video gave its viewers a look at Home Free from a different perspective. We get to see the guys travelling, backstage and before and after concerts. I think the Home Fries favorite parts are where they show the audience at concerts. Several cameo appearances by unsuspecting fries! The song and video are both down to earth, yet meaningful.

“Thinking Out Loud/Let’s Get It On” medley comes next. My immediate response was “Oh My!” Where to start is the question for this video. The Hound + The Fox couple, who starred in the video, were just darling. The circular set was fun and so perfectly executed. Now the singing, again, oh my! Austin tugs on every last heart string out there, he nails it! Tim, well, Mr. Foust gives this song a sexy tone with his amazing range and sensual delivery. This video had the lady Home Fries’ blood pumping and hearts racing. Thank you Home Free!

Now to the “What We Ain’t Got” cover. This is another smash hit! The song is so powerful and Home Free takes it to a new level. The arrangement is exquisite and the video is touching. Honestly, I was so spellbound by their voices that I didn’t noticed the subtle changes in the video, the first time I watched it. When you watch the video and see how slowly the little things change, it gives everything a new meaning. Emotional, inspiring and stunning (the song, the video, the voices and the guys).

And last, but absolutely not least, “Butts Medley.” Now we all know that all the guys in Home Free have a great sense of humor. But I have to admit, I did not expect this, however I just love this video and amusing medley. A hilarious blend of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Wiggle (Big Fat Butt), Fat Bottom Girl, I Like Big Butts, Thong Song and Country Girl (Shake It For Me). Not the songs I’d try to mix up, but Home Free did it and it’s brilliant! You must see this video to understand how much fun it really is. A silly mix of rap and country that will make your feet and seat, well, wiggle! It’s tasteful, respectful, edgy and witty.

Check out their YouTube channel for more Home Free videos:

Which one is your favorite video?

Monday, July 6, 2015

A step back to the Ring of Fire video

Good morning Home Fries and visitors! I hope those in the U.S. had a great Fourth of July weekend. Mine was crazy busy and fun. But now back to work or play, not sure which this is, but back to it! I know Home Free is posting their videos from this year, but I'm taking a look back to last summer and the infamous “Ring of Fire” cover video featuring Avi Kaplan by Home Free.

This video has a special meaning to me, as it’s the one that brought Home Free into my world. The video itself has so much going on especially since none of them move from their spot. A bon fire, some old trucks a few beers and six absurdly talented guys singing a classic country song creates a video that doesn’t just go viral but makes fans for life!

When Tim Foust starts singing, you’ll want to soak up his voice and hair. Avi Kaplan (bass singer with Pentatonix) is featured and it’s always a pleasure to hear his sweet smooth bass voice. Then this very attractive young man, Austin Brown, starts singing and he will melt your heart. Wow, can he sing. And can we talk about his lightning t-shirt, cause oh my. When it gets back to Tim and we get to hear the meat of his almighty bassness, I got hooked. The two striking bass singers give this song a traditional feel and the rest of Home Free gives it an incredible modern sound. The down to earth harmony by Chris Rupp and Rob Lundquist, along with Austin Brown add the robust foundation. Then there’s Adam Rupp, who is beatboxing, that’s right I said beatboxing in “Ring of Fire,” and it’s tastefully done like Adam does to perfection. An exceptional way to bring a classic song into the future and still give it the respect it deserves. No instruments, no dancing, no fancy effects, just six men standing around a roaring fire with gifts that can render you speechless.

I’ve seen several fans ask in fan pages, which Home Free song/video made you a big fan, and “Ring of Fire” is always at the top of the list. It was their first “viral” video and currently their video with the most views on YouTube with over 8.6 million views. This Home Free cover and video has something for everyone. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t seen this video, take a few minutes to watch. I bet you’ll watch it again.

Which Home Free song/video made you a Home Free fan?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


So how cool was it that yesterday we got TWO Periscope sessions with our favorite guys!?!?!?! A HUGE thank you to Rob for leaping into the future and sharing with your fans. Rob has gone from #SelfieMaster to #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun.

My daughter and I were heading to Target and I got a ding on my phone. It was a new sound, so as soon as we parked I pulled out my phone and saw the Periscope icon and clicked it. It was Rob and Tim! She and I were so excited, but we didn’t have sound for some reason (yes, I turned up the volume on my phone). I must have caught it at the very end, because by the time I tried to type Hello, it ended. I did go back and watch it later and loved how they were both trying to balance reading and talking and answering all at once. They were both stellar and funny! My two favorite parts were when Rob said someone called them a noodle head (I saw the comment jet by, but didn’t get a good look at it) and the end when Rob was trying to swipe to end it. It didn’t work the first time and Tim lost it. Very comical! What an amusing way for us fans to get to see them being casual and a victim to technology.

When the second ding sounded, later that night, I made sure my sound was up and joined the party. And was it ever a party! Rob, Austin, Chris and Tim were hanging out at a video shoot (Adam was filming) and seemed to being having a little fun with Periscope. From a little play acting, to Tim sneaking up from the bottom of the screen to the bicyclist that came riding through (and another little matter that I will not mention), that was the best kind of real. The blushes and head shaking, the goofy and unexpected made this experience the paramount of surprises for those that were there! It was like a triple chocolate cake or a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake! Even though it’s gone quickly, we’ll never forget how yummy it was! Home Free has just opened up a whole new world of laughs and surprises for Home Fries! #doesitgetanybetterthanthis

Austin is so adorable and I think he just might have given the guys the next #neverliveitdown moment. I think Nate’s dream just fell to number two, not forgotten, but maybe a little less remembered, for now.

What would you like to see/hear in the next Home Free Periscope video?

Periscope can be downloaded on Apple and Android phones for the best experience, in my opinion. Or you can click the given link and view it on a computer. Either way, this is going to be a blast!