Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Free's first 5 videos of 2015

Home Free has been posting the videos they have released, so far this year. I’ve touched on these in other posts, but I thought I’d give these first five videos a quick, closer look.

First up is “Everything Will Be Okay.” This is a Tim Foust original song, recorded on his solo album. Home Fries were already familiar with this song when the video came out, but I don’t think they were expecting all the cuteness that came with it! You could almost hear the AWWWW that came from everyone that watched this video! Of course, I mean the EWBOK bear. Yes, fries were squealing their approval for this adorable video! Home Free was adorable too, but the EWBOK bear stole the show in this one. And since they sold the bear, he appears at concerts all over the country.

Next up is “I’ve Seen.” Another Tim Foust original from his solo album and this bloggers favorite Home Free song. This video gave its viewers a look at Home Free from a different perspective. We get to see the guys travelling, backstage and before and after concerts. I think the Home Fries favorite parts are where they show the audience at concerts. Several cameo appearances by unsuspecting fries! The song and video are both down to earth, yet meaningful.

“Thinking Out Loud/Let’s Get It On” medley comes next. My immediate response was “Oh My!” Where to start is the question for this video. The Hound + The Fox couple, who starred in the video, were just darling. The circular set was fun and so perfectly executed. Now the singing, again, oh my! Austin tugs on every last heart string out there, he nails it! Tim, well, Mr. Foust gives this song a sexy tone with his amazing range and sensual delivery. This video had the lady Home Fries’ blood pumping and hearts racing. Thank you Home Free!

Now to the “What We Ain’t Got” cover. This is another smash hit! The song is so powerful and Home Free takes it to a new level. The arrangement is exquisite and the video is touching. Honestly, I was so spellbound by their voices that I didn’t noticed the subtle changes in the video, the first time I watched it. When you watch the video and see how slowly the little things change, it gives everything a new meaning. Emotional, inspiring and stunning (the song, the video, the voices and the guys).

And last, but absolutely not least, “Butts Medley.” Now we all know that all the guys in Home Free have a great sense of humor. But I have to admit, I did not expect this, however I just love this video and amusing medley. A hilarious blend of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Wiggle (Big Fat Butt), Fat Bottom Girl, I Like Big Butts, Thong Song and Country Girl (Shake It For Me). Not the songs I’d try to mix up, but Home Free did it and it’s brilliant! You must see this video to understand how much fun it really is. A silly mix of rap and country that will make your feet and seat, well, wiggle! It’s tasteful, respectful, edgy and witty.

Check out their YouTube channel for more Home Free videos:

Which one is your favorite video?

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