Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foolishness at it's finest by Home Free

Happy Holidays fry friends and welcome guests! Wishing y’all the best in the New Year! Well, once again the guys of Home Free have been busy and now I’m behind. That’s OK, it’s not like y’all need me to tell you how enjoyable Home Free videos are, but it sure is fun! I’m taking a different approach to today’s review of Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, I hope you like it!

The opening scene of this fine and goofy little Christmas ditty was all I needed to see to know this one was going to bring tears of laughter. Those of us that saw their A Country Christmas show knew those bright and cheery clothes could only mean tons of fun, but now what I wasn’t expecting was the #cutestcuddliestteddybeardressedasthemostadorableelfever! When Rob walks away, defeated at the start, my heart just melted. But I wasn’t down for long. The #UglyChristmassweatersuits that Austin and Tim are wearing are #theyugliestsuits I’ve ever seen. However, #TimandAustinwearthemwell. The Adams as #saidReindeer and #bearbutt are priceless. There are so many #kneeslappers in this little gem, I’m not sure how many to mention. #blanksongbooks, #thefaces, #Timbeingsneaky, #Austinandhisremote #WTHiswithAdamChanceandthebleach #whyAdamreindeerwhy #ohthefaces #howmanytimesdidAustingethitinthehead #Timandthelights #andohmyTimandthelights #Robandthoseears #SingitRob #haveatoothbrush #SMH and last but not least, #pleasecomecarolingatmyhousebutIhavenobleachsorryChance  

I hope that wasn’t too hard to read, but I just felt this silly work of art needed a special description that #onlyHomeFreedeserves. My blog is short today (and those of you that have met me, insert short joke here) but only because I have some baking, cooking and wrapping to do before Santa comes tonight. I did want to give y’all a #ridiculousvideoreview for a #ridiculousvideo this Christmas Eve. No matter what holiday you are celebrating #HomeFreeandHomeFriescanmakeitbetter. #Watchoutforthemaninthesleighwhoplayswithelves before you #staggeroutthedoorintothesnow! Spread a little cheer this holiday season and get ready for 2017. I can’t wait to see what Home Free has in store for us! 

Just in case any of the guys stop by to see my daftness, Merry Christmas to you and yours Adam R., Rob, Tim, Austin and Adam C.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home Free + Great friends = Sheer brilliance

Howdy Home Fries and guests! Today’s blog is a little different, as I will be talking about a couple of exceptional collaborations with great friends of Home Free, Peter Hollens and the one and only, Chris Rupp. Two incredibly talented men on their own, then you add our fave five guys of Home Free and you get nothing less than soul riveting music that will send chills right down to your cowboy boots!

Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art recently went viral and this gospel trend sounds remarkable with these perfectly harmonious men. Their new collaborations with old friends is no exception and building on that viral uplifting climb they are soaring on.

What Child Is This, is one of the more divine Christmas carols. Chris Rupp and Home Free take this song to a heavenly level. It was so good to see Chris together with Home Free, it just felt right. They made a simple video with a striking background in the caves. The shadows are superb! But the vocals, oh my, the vocals. The men of Home Free, past and present, never disappoint and this song and arrangement is an absolute example of their jaw dropping, spine chilling vocal gifts. Chris makes your heart flutter and brings you full into the song. The harmony sounds like it just happens with little to no work, yet its complex and performed without flaw. Austin fills my ears with pure delight when he chimes in with unequaled expressive energy. We all love Tim’s ground shaking bold bass, but his voice in this song is almost beyond my words. To be able to sing low and high, sweet and profound, spiritually and amazingly low here, takes my breath away. These six men bring indescribable depth and passion to this song. Thank you, Chris Rupp for sharing this with Home Free! The Home Fries miss you, but we are very proud of what you’ve accomplished on your own and with 7th Ave. All the best to you and congratulations on this brilliant video.

Amazing Grace is a song that pulls at your heart strings, it’s powerful and gripping. But grab hold of your boot straps, because this version of the song will take you to a peaceful place that you’ll never want to leave. Peter Hollens is always a treat to hear and has many videos of his own as well as one with Home Free. When Peter picks a song this emotional and adds five more men that possess more talent than a human should be allowed, you get a hymn that can fill your very being with goodwill and tranquility. It was done so beautifully. Each man added his own unique essence to the song. The video itself gives just enough ambiance to enhance this virtuous song. I enjoy Peter’s work and it’s great to see him work with Home Free again.  This is an impeccable arrangement of Amazing Grace and should do that viral thing in no time. Gorgeous, gentlemen, simply gorgeous. 

It was great seeing some fresh new collaborations and I couldn’t have asked for better companions for Home Free than Chris Rupp and Peter Hollens. These two songs are not available on a Home Free CD, right now. However, you can get them on Chris Rupp's A Little Bit of Christmas CD and Peter Hollens' A Hollens Family Christmas CD’s that have recently been released. And don't forget that Home Free has recorded their Full of Cheer Christmas CD as Full of (even more) Cheer with their new baritone/bass, Adam Chance. It's worth a listen to and features How Great They Art and a new studio recording of Colder Weather. Below are links to all their websites, where their Christmas and other CD's can be purchased.

I love Christmas music and a good spiritual song and I love the way these men have brought them back in style and with their own very special style!

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