Monday, June 29, 2015

Beer budget works for the ladies

Today I want to share some thoughts about Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget by Home Free. Tim Foust wrote it, funny as hell, awesome song, enough said, I’m out (drops the mouse on the floor and the batteries fall out, oh wait)!

No really, this song is a winner all the way around. Tim Foust did write this song and recorded it as a solo artist. It was a cute song on his solo CD, but if I’m allowed to say (and hope Tim won’t hate me forever, should he ever see this), Home Free made this song even better and cuter! The video is a perfect work of the male mentality. So why do all the women fans love this song and video? That’s easy. Five cute guys singing about wives spending too much money, beer, going to jail and expensive designers, what’s not to love? Did I mention that Austin isn't wearing a shirt? Oh and then there’s Tim, who does grumpy better than Grumpy, himself! Add in some superb whistling (won’t mention the whistle on Tim’s CD, *snicker), a little background dance moves (well, sort of), a cameo of Avi Kaplan and Home Fries and you get a good laugh and a hankering for a beer!

The song itself, makes the guys shake their heads in agreement and the ladies giggle, you know, maybe they agree a little too. Hearing Tim, the rumbling bass, talk about Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, had me laughing so hard my side hurt. As a side note, I did have to look up Jimmy Choo, because I had never heard of him! But we can all reassure Tim and the rest of Home Free that if they went to jail, Home Fries would drive hundreds of miles to visit them, even if the mall isn’t nearby.

Bottom line, this song has hilarious lyrics, a back home country beat and a Duck Dynasty feel, but with only one beard. With almost two million views, it seems to be a fan favorite and a guy favorite! Be sure to take a look, before they haul his ass away!

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