Sunday, June 28, 2015

A look back to last summer

Almost a year ago Home Free released a video cover of Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids. First let me say that Kenny Chesney makes this song cool. The video is a laid back look at growing up when life was simpler and how the simple life can be perfect if you just go with the flow and let life happen.

Now let’s get to Home Free’s cover. Their job is to take this enjoyable tale and make it sound amazing with no instruments. I’ll start with the soulful beat Tim and Adam add that give the song new depth. They blend in the harmony and background of Rob and Chris which fills the song with energy. Then there’s Austin’s care free, charismatic lead that brings this baby home. A great song made even better by taking away the instruments and letting Home Free do what they do best, aca-arrange it with their own style.

This video was filmed in a grassy patch at Wright State University, where Home Free is sitting together singing their tale. So, as the song is highly memorable, but down to earth, the guys are hanging out on campus and when they start singing they give this song a whole new feel. I love their sound, the enticing beat, the sweet vocals and flawless harmony. Of course, I can’t conclude without mentioning that in addition to their captivating talent, they are quite fetching.

Their videos have come a long way since this “American Kids” cover. But, this one will always give the fans a close up look at these a cappella favorites singing a song that takes us all back to a time where life was dreams and fun. If you haven’t seen it, check it out and if you have seen, why not watch it again.

Where would your map dots be?

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