Sunday, June 21, 2015

A little rain can’t stop Home Fries

It was Saturday June 20, 2015, Home Free is set to take the stage at The Chautauqua Festival in Wytheville, VA that evening and the rain is coming down. Tim Foust posts a picture that shows a few fans sitting in their chairs, waiting patiently, in their rain ponchos and not the least bit bothered by the weather. In fact, the faithful Home Fries are taking pictures.

I was not at this outdoor festival concert, but, as a Home Fry, we get immediate reports on the concerts when fries are there! It’s awesome, it’s like being there. Home Fry, Anita Williams, tells us that she asked someone (not a Home Fry), to take pictures of their group. Anita stated that the lady kept smiling, thinking it was because they were being silly, she didn’t give it much thought. Then Anita and her fry friends saw the pictures! 

These goofy, fun loving men make being their fans easy and rewarding.

After the concert, Anita posted more pictures and had this to say, “OMG I am having concert withdrawal. Tim literally had me feeling the bass in my butt. Adam literally had my heart pounding in time to the beats. You could hear Chris when he sang bass, OMG, I had never heard it that clear before, he was incredible. Rob had my ears ringing with his whistles. Austin had me giggling with his expressions. They ALL had my eyes following everything and my mind trying to process it all. Can't go to sleep now. Ugh. But what a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I couldn’t have said it better myself. Home Free is not just outstanding on stage when their singing, but they bring plenty of surprises before the concert too! And these lucky fans have proof! Check out their schedule and try to catch Home Free, a witty and brilliant a cappella country vocal band, at a fair or festival this summer. They will not disappoint!

See the Home Free Tour Information page for dates or visit for concert ticket information.

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