Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Free loves Minnesota State Fair Foods

Hello Fries and visitors! The Minnesota State Fair is coming and we all know the Home Free guys are big fair goers and love to try new fair cuisine. There are some interesting ones this year. Let’s play a little game. Let’s check out some of these new foods and guess which ones we think the Home Free guys might try. Thanks to Leslie for this fan suggestion. Here's a few of the 40 new food items!

Buffalo’d Bones – fried spare ribs tossed with buffalo sauce” Well YEAH I don’t see any of Home Free missing this one
Burger Dog – ground burger, hot dog, bacon, cheese & jalapeno: Not a chance the Home Free guys will miss this puppy
Cowboy Bites- bacon, corn, jalapeno & cream cheese breaded & fried: This a Hell Yes for HF, with a nice cold beer!
Deep Fried Ribs- baby back ribs, breaded & fried w/BBQ sauce: Fried & ribs, yes for all men!
Snicker Bar Salad- chopped snickers & apples in vanilla pudding: Maybe a split for Home Free here. I can see them all eating this but it depends on how much spicy they've had.
Grilled Venetian Pizza- grilled over an open flame in 3 flavors: I take Home Free for pizza guys, so I’d say yes here.
Hot Tail – Roasted pig tail in ginger sauce: Meat in ginger sauce, hmmm. I’m calling for a split here, maybe Rob & Adam.
Indi Frites – Indian seasoned russet & sweet potatoes, battered & fried: Home Free split, I think. I say yes to the FRIES, but the battered part leaves me wondering. Maybe Tim and Austin.
Italian Dessert Nachos – Cinnamon sugar cannoli chips, sweet cream fruit & more: Now this is a dessert. Sounds very sweet, so I’m going with a split, but undecided on who. Maybe Rob and Austin.
Limerick Stix – pimento cheese & cayenne pepper fried in corn meal: I’d say this is a Home Free yes
Mac N Cheese cupcake – mac & cheese in bread crumbs: This would be a great snack for Home Free. Maybe more breadcrumbs than they’d like, but I think they would try it.
Maple Bacon Funnel Cake – bacon funnel cake topped w/bacon & maple glaze: A Home Free yes, cause bacon. This could be a split, but I’m going with yes.
Minnesota Wild Rice Benedict Muffin – eggs benedict in a rice muffin cup: Yes for Home Free
Prime Rib to go – prime rib, peppers, onions & mushrooms in a bread cone: I’d say yes for HF, meat! I sure hope they guys have room for all this meat!
Sriracha Balls – chicken or cream cheese mixture, breaded & fried & topped w/Sriracha sauce: I’d give this a Home Free yes. It’s a lot of spicy, but it goes good with cold beer.
Breakfast burger – sausage, bacon, onions, cheese, egg and tomato: I think this a Home Free favorite.
Spam burger – in 5 flavors: Maybe it’s just me, but I see Chris, Tim and Austin all over these. Say what you will about Spam, it’s good!
Sweet Potato Taco – mashed sweet taters, black beans, onion & coleslaw on tortilla: I’m undecided on this one. I see maybe and no written all over it, but the guys could surprise me.
Totchos – tater tots, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits & green onions: A fun snack to enjoy with cold beer, I say HF yes
Wine Fried Kalettes – battered kale fried in wine: Yeah, I’m gonna have to say a Home Free HELL NO on this. Now watch them all like this one.
BBQ Pickle Ice Cream – vanilla ice cream mixed with BBQ sauce & pickles: Hmmm, Home Free split, am I right? I see one or two trying this one, just for kicks (Tim and Adam).

How brave are you with Fair Cuisine?

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