Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy summer brings some awesome Home Free videos!

Hey my wonderful Home Free blog junkies, I’ve missed blogging more this summer! And while my life has been the proverbial roller coaster lately, Home Free have been crazy busy professionally and personally! It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. I mean just this summer they’ve had videos galore, an amazing birthday concert, engagements, babies, concerts in Europe, a TV appearance and more videos! Damn, I’m tired just writing it out! I’m still enjoying “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. Just the other day, while getting ready for school, my eight year old daughter says, “suns come up,” and we both broke into “I got cakes on the griddle. Life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle…” There is nothing better than sharing classic music like this, with the younger generations.

In August (my birthday month), they came out with two new videos. One for the lovers and one for the partiers. Even though there was a collective heart break when Tim announced his engagement to his sweet girl, Jenika, the Home Fries wish them all the happiness in the world. And this video of “Die A Happy Man,” is a wonderful tribute to them and their love. This song is sexy and thought provoking (made my think of someone). Chance took it and really gave it soul and love, I closed my eyes and just listened to his smooth voice. Then he announced his own engagement! Yeah, love is the air for Home Free! But back to the video for “Die a Happy Man”, it’s charming and cute to see these two just being together and enjoying each other. And the song, well the song just makes you want to be in young love. Great song, wonderful voices bringing it to life by Home Free and a delightful tribute to love and Tim and Jenika. Home Free’s pure talent is so apparent and spectacular in this song, it’s definitely a must hear! Kudos for this little gem, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Then we shift over to a different kind of song and video with “Snapback”. I had never heard this song, so when we got the teaser about the new video, I went out and gave it a listen. Fun song with a beat that’s hard to resist. But, as has happened so many times, then Home Free got a hold of it. Yes, I am in love with Home Free’s version of this song! They sound full and rich. The video, well now, let’s not lie, we all enjoyed the view of our guys! We all enjoyed the diving amusement and silliness (Adam’s little surprise at the end, lol!). However, I think the video was truly stolen by, yep, you guessed it, the froggy float!!! He’s so cute and so is Tim when he jumps in with froggy. So, a little end of summer jollies from my fave five guys, to a great song! I often play “Snapback” three or four times when it comes on my playlist, just because it makes me happy and I can’t sit or stand still!

That was a bit of a quick rundown of these two videos, mainly because they have another one coming out soon, so I decided to get caught up before the next one. Which we all know will be another Home Free amazing song and video! They just can’t do things any way but AWESOME!

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