Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foolishness at it's finest by Home Free

Happy Holidays fry friends and welcome guests! Wishing y’all the best in the New Year! Well, once again the guys of Home Free have been busy and now I’m behind. That’s OK, it’s not like y’all need me to tell you how enjoyable Home Free videos are, but it sure is fun! I’m taking a different approach to today’s review of Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, I hope you like it!

The opening scene of this fine and goofy little Christmas ditty was all I needed to see to know this one was going to bring tears of laughter. Those of us that saw their A Country Christmas show knew those bright and cheery clothes could only mean tons of fun, but now what I wasn’t expecting was the #cutestcuddliestteddybeardressedasthemostadorableelfever! When Rob walks away, defeated at the start, my heart just melted. But I wasn’t down for long. The #UglyChristmassweatersuits that Austin and Tim are wearing are #theyugliestsuits I’ve ever seen. However, #TimandAustinwearthemwell. The Adams as #saidReindeer and #bearbutt are priceless. There are so many #kneeslappers in this little gem, I’m not sure how many to mention. #blanksongbooks, #thefaces, #Timbeingsneaky, #Austinandhisremote #WTHiswithAdamChanceandthebleach #whyAdamreindeerwhy #ohthefaces #howmanytimesdidAustingethitinthehead #Timandthelights #andohmyTimandthelights #Robandthoseears #SingitRob #haveatoothbrush #SMH and last but not least, #pleasecomecarolingatmyhousebutIhavenobleachsorryChance  

I hope that wasn’t too hard to read, but I just felt this silly work of art needed a special description that #onlyHomeFreedeserves. My blog is short today (and those of you that have met me, insert short joke here) but only because I have some baking, cooking and wrapping to do before Santa comes tonight. I did want to give y’all a #ridiculousvideoreview for a #ridiculousvideo this Christmas Eve. No matter what holiday you are celebrating #HomeFreeandHomeFriescanmakeitbetter. #Watchoutforthemaninthesleighwhoplayswithelves before you #staggeroutthedoorintothesnow! Spread a little cheer this holiday season and get ready for 2017. I can’t wait to see what Home Free has in store for us! 

Just in case any of the guys stop by to see my daftness, Merry Christmas to you and yours Adam R., Rob, Tim, Austin and Adam C.

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