Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A new avenue for Home Free and they are perfect!

Welcome my wonderful followers. I know I missed a review for SOLD! However, I may let my 9 year old daughter write that review since she loves that video, so stay tuned!

Every now and then you see or hear something that moves you more than you thought it could. Well Ring of Fire by Home Free did over two years ago, followed by I’ve Seen. Today it’s How Great Thou Art. Such a powerful song on its own. A song that you can’t help but stop and listen to (with your eyes closed), so you don’t miss anything. And yes, where I am extremely partial to Home Free, when you hear them vocalize in perfect angelic harmony this spiritual message, you will understand why these men have become so popular. 

Each man of Home Free brings his own unique and incredible style to every song they perform, but How Great Thou Art takes this to a whole new level. Dare I say to the heavens? Adam, our beloved vocal percussionist sings and I think it’s fair to say, “and the crowd went wild.” So many Home Fries have been talking about how much they love Adam’s voice. Well, he is a Rupp, after all. Austin does what he does best, sing with passion and nothing short of perfection. I can’t say enough about how far this young man has come and the Home Fries adore Austin and are enchanted by his voice. Rob, well, that “voice of angel”, elevated his fans right up to the clouds. The newest daddy of Home Free sings with grace and love and so beautifully. Chance, with his smooth vocals, gives the harmony a rich, uplifting sound that helps fill this song with devoutness. Tim, then there’s Tim. From Mom to O Holy Night to Die a Happy Man to How Great Thou Art, Tim has shown us that he has a soft, gentle side to his big booming deep voice. And there’s nothing sweeter than a man with a magnificent bass sound, sing so silkily and elegant. All this talent, all this sigh-provoking beauty, harmony that sends chills down to your soul and words that give your heart a reason to love and worship make for an immaculate video and song.

If you haven’t seen Home Free’s video of How Great Thou Art (do you live on the moon?), you need to watch it! My fave five deliver a flawless performance alongside the exemplary scenery of The Alps behind them. The scene where the six foot plus tall men of Home Free are so tiny amongst the great mountains, says so much! I felt the true meaning of the song right there. Saying I love this video/song just doesn’t seem to cover it. But, I’ll say it anyway, I absolutely love How Great Thou Art, by Home Free. 

FifGen you captured God’s great earth with amazing precision. Simply gorgeous! My words are just my opinion, but the number of views this video has and the attention is has and continues to receive, shows that my opinion is shared by many others.

You can find this song on the Full of (Even More) Cheer, Home Free’s re-release of their Christmas album Full of Cheer. You can pre-order your copy at Walmart.com or at HomeFreeMusic.com. I can’t wait to see them on their A Country Christmas tour! 


  1. absolutely wonderful, the harmonies are awesome, I simply love it

  2. I have watched this video countless times and I totally agree. It is amazing and our "Boys" do this song proud!! Love Home Free's gospel sound!!

  3. Thank you for your lovely words! Their performance is so beautiful, and the mountains are the most perfect background!
    And yes, "the crowd went wild" when they heard Adam Rupp sing those few lines, which suit him so well. He does have that inner calmness in him.