Friday, August 5, 2016

My Church and Country Boy, Home Free can do anything!

Howdy faithful followers! Welcome back to the foolish prose that runs through my mind about these endlessly talented and respectful men of Home Free. I never did blog about Tim’s birthday bash, but it was a once in a lifetime concert that I will take with me to my grave. I felt 25 again and I wish the night had gone on forever. I didn’t have near enough time to talk to all the wonderful fries I met for the first time and the music took me to my happy place. So instead of a play by play, I will just say Thank You Tim Foust and friends for an evening that made me feel incredibly alive and blissful. I had planned this long, emotional and sappy blog about My Church, but my perspective got lost in my absolute love for the song. So, I had to take a step back and re-think the whole write up. In the meantime, my fave five released another new video!!! So now I’m three events behind and life has been crazy, but a good crazy! So I will try to plow through the harried thoughts in my head and share my opinion of My Church and Thank God I’m a Country Boy. Sounds like our boys are getting spiritual and I know the Home Fries are loving every note of it!

My Church, this song is brilliant and brings back a world of “stuff”! All good “stuff” and I really can’t get enough of it! I have heard the original and Maren Morris does a beautiful job. Her unique, smoky voice gives the song an inspirational edge. Well, you know what’s coming, I’m sure. That’s right, then Home Free got a hold the song. Honestly, I’m running out of ways to say how deep, rich, passionate and flat out ridiculous their voices sound. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can slow these guys down. Every time I think ‘how are they going to out do this?’, they do! Their spin on My Church is almighty and riveting. I’ve mentioned before how each of these guys, on their own has impressive talent, and when you put them all together, their music is without flaw. The video was one of their simple, but moving videos that gives you just enough to look at without taking away from their pure and unblemished voices. I’ve always enjoyed how you get to hear all of them highlighted in most of their songs, and My Church is one of the best. You could feel the words of this song, from their hearts. This one was definitely on a replay loop for several days. Oh, and damn nice car, Nate! So, standing ovation for My Church, gentlemen! Without a doubt, top  notch vocals and exceptional choice of theme for the video.

Thank God I’m a Country Boy. OK, I was my daughter’s age when this song came out. Yes, I did like John Denver, but didn’t appreciate him until I was a little older. When I saw the song title in the Patreon message I said, “Oh, this is going to be fun!” Goofballs, they are such goofballs. Loveable, adorable, gifted goofballs! Of course, the guys sounded harmoniously perfect and gave it the unbeatable Home Free style, not to mention the spirited yodeling! But I have to give this one to the video! No, those aren’t cakes on the griddle and should Tim really have an axe? Did anyone else think of the Beverly Hillbillies while watching this video? What are they raking? Never mind, I don’t want to know. Austin’s city life was highly amusing, but the boys without him was even funnier! Home Freemont, LOL! Beer and farm tools, SMH (could end badly). And should Tim have lighter fluid? Maybe in the next video, Chance or Rob should handle the dangerous items (Adam’s hands are usually busy air drumming). Love it! The faces they make are priceless, another part of their one-off charm! This is one of those videos you must watch over and over to focus on one guy each time, to fully absorb their expressions. And yes, thank God they are country boys! We wouldn’t want them any other way! 

Thank God I’m a Country Boy is definitely a knee slapping, spoon tapping, goofy video that Home Fries are going to enjoy sharing and watching over and over again. My Church got attention from everywhere, as well it should! Two more winning videos by Home Free! 

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