Friday, May 6, 2016

Good things to come

I sit here, with plenty to do, but find myself continuing to think of Home Free, and in particular, Chris Rupp. The five gentlemen of Home Free have been such an incredible and positive influence in my life the past two years. The good news is Home Free will continue to make me laugh and appreciate amazing music, the bad news is they will do so without Chris Rupp.

I like to find the positive in every situation and as sad as Chris leaving is, the positives are far greater! For starters, Home Free will live on and that makes Home Fries unbelievably happy. We can still count on the road trips with the windows down and Home Free playing, Tim’s ground rumbling bass notes, Austin’s earth shattering wails, Rob’s sweet angelic or rapping vocals and Adam’s mind blowing beat boxing. Soon I’ll be able to add Chance’s specialty. Next, Adam Chance is getting an opportunity to perform with a vastly talented and entertaining group of guys and I, for one, am very excited to see what he brings to the stage. We’ve heard him sing and he fits right in. He has come down to meet the fans and won our hearts. So all in all, Home Free is going to be fine and the fans are excited to see what the new kid has to offer.

Now, for Chris and his positive. Well, in my opinion, Chris has so much talent I’m sure there is only positive here. I mean he plays piano and guitar, sings, writes songs, arranges and has a dynamic stage presence, plus, he’s just a nice guy! He has worked so hard for so long on Home Free and now they are well on their way. I’m am so happy that Chris has decided to turn all his work and effort into something for him. He deserves this opportunity. I bought his Shine CD and I love the music! Country Reigns and Moving On are my favorites and for two very different reasons. Country Reigns is just good stuff, period! Moving On, for me personally, took three incredible losses and gave them new perspective and light. It’s impressive when a musician can bring out such a wide range of emotions. Chris does that beautifully. Then there’s Drinkin' with Me for a little fun and Shine for a little dancing and so much more. His first CD is already a great success. I’m so happy for him and very proud of him. I have often had feelings of pride when it comes to the men of Home Free and this bittersweet time is no exception.

Thank you to Chris for the decisions you’ve made over the years. Your choices have given so many of us, Home Fries, some of the best times of our lives. I mean I’ve been to concerts in my youth and even dabbled in music and writing in my lifetime, but to be able to sit back and take in all the fantastic music and unforgettable mishaps of these down to earth guys, is priceless. The Home Free style has always been unique, lovable, fun and full of vocal genius. So, again, Thank You Chris for your decisions. I wish you all the best, all the happiness and all the positive vibes you could possibly handle and more. You'll forever be in the hearts of Home Fries! Good (hat)guys do finish first!

The big positive for us fans....well, now we not only have new songs and videos to look forward to from Home Free, but Chris Rupp too (maybe both together too)! Double the fun for us! I can’t make it to the Patreon party next week, so I’ll throw my good luck and good-bye hugs and wishes here. Bring on the next generation of Home Free and Chris Rupp! #totesexcited #notears #TryEverything #MovingOn

Party down Home Fries, watch out for each other and have a terrific time!



  1. Michelle, This is so well written. You express your love for Chris's part in Home Free, and your sadness in his leaving. What I especially liked was how you said it all with a positive view on his & Home Free's future.