Friday, September 4, 2015

What's My Superpower? I'm a Home Fry!

So today I'm going to throw so much Home Free/Home Fry silliness at you, you might think I'm Fryzy (crazy fry) I'll try to run through it without being my overly wordy self, but we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday, while in the office the one day a week I have to go in, I was checking Home Free fan pages on my phone. One post in particular caught my attention and since my first hour and half conference call was cancelled, I took a walk. A fry wanted to make a Home Fry dictionary (yes, we have our own Fry language). The responses she got had me laughing out loud, in public. Here are just a few of the Fry phrases that were posted (the meanings should be fairly obvious): Fry fog, Ruppercussion, procastfrynation, Austinisms, fryfessions, Home Fryism, fryzzled, stupifried, frymazing and satisfried. The list goes on and on. This brave fry has her work cut out for her. I didn't even mention the type of fries, like Small Fries, Spicy Fries, French Fries or Frozen Fries. Again, the list goes on and on!

Next, Home Free is playing at the Minnesota State Fair to close out their Summer tour. Last year there were several posts about all the fried foods they tried. Earlier this summer, I wrote about what foods I thought the guys might try from this year's list of new fair foods at the Minnesota State Fair. This was purely for fun and guesses only. See if you agree with me, read my post here:

I know how fast the word of new Home Free videos spreads, so I'm sure most of you know that Home Free has released, for the third week in a row, another new video to help promote their new CD "Country Evolution". The new video is their cover of "House Party" by Sam Hunt. Well, we all know that Home Free loves to have fun in big ways and this video is just that. Pajamas and partying that leads to lots and lots of feathers. You'll have to watch to see what I mean!

So far we have a Fry dictionary, Home Free at the Minnesota State Fair and three new videos in as many weeks. I'm exhausted and I don't get to go to the fair! I'm going to share one more of my older posts for a specific reason. Back in June I wrote a post about what questions I would ask Home Free if I ever had the chance to interview them. One of the sillier questions was, "If you could create your own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor what would it be?" And I found it a little funny that in their new video there is a scene where Ben and Jerry's ice cream makes an appearance. I may have been on to something there, and didn't even know it. Read the rest of my questions here:

OK, this last one is, IMHO, so cool! Hottest Single Today (on Facebook and Twitter) put out a list of the 20 most active fans WORLDWIDE and guess who was number 19 as of yesterday? HOME FRIES!!! One very awesome Fry found this post and spread the word. In less than twenty four hours and voting on Facebook and Twitter, (#TeamHomeFreeHomeFries) we went from 19 to 8!!! That's right, Home Fries ROCK! And don't forget it! We may not be able to the catch the Directioners or the Swifters, but we can hold our own in this battle of HUGE artists! What's my super power? I'm a Home Fry!

Which of the three new videos is your Fryfave?

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