Monday, September 14, 2015

Home Free Don't It Feel Good Tour starts tonight!!!

I'm having a hard time believing it’s already mid-September, so instead of freaking out and wondering where the time has gone, I’m going to talk about the start of Home Free’s Don’t It Feel Good tour! That’s right, it starts tonight in Frederticton, New Brunswick, Canada! Congratulations to all the lucky fans that get to see the first official show of the tour.

I say official show because the privileged fair goers in Minnesota got a sweet sneak peek at the new show at the State Fair last week. They got to hear the new songs from the new tour, including the new original songs! As stated by the biggest HF fan, “It was AMAZING hearing the eight new songs ... I was holding my breath to hear everything. Elvira, the second day, was extra special. Tim's lowest "mau-mau" was stunning and provoked a spontaneous ROAR of approval... the guys looked a little shocked.” I, for one, am doing my very best not to watch the videos of the Minnesota State Fair, so I can hear the songs, for the first time, when I get my pre-ordered copy of their new Country Evolution album. I know the Home Fries that were at the State Fair were on a Home Free and cotton candy (or should I say fried food) high! The excitement level in the fan pages was through the internet roof.  

OK, so I did listen to one of the new songs a couple of times and that was 9 to 5. Let me just say there are no adjectives for this! None that I can say right now (I’ll be making up words for this). I was completely thrown off guard with this baby. I’m not going to give it away, but I will say this much, vocal percussion and beatboxing will soon take over the world (insert evil laugh)!

The good news is I only have a month to wait before I get to see the new show in Texas! A little road trip with the girls and then a couple of us come back home to get our daughters to see the last show together! I love that I can share all of this with my daughter! Great friends, amazing music and a little fan girling too!

To end their summer tour, Home Free got to spend several days in Alaska. We all know the guys love Alaska and this year was no exception. They posted pictures of fishing and dog sled bed and breakfasts, interesting restaurants and of course gorgeous scenery! One Home Fry from the great hot state of Texas said this, “Two nights at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and the guys were beautiful! Two nights at the Alaska State Fair had cooler and wetter weather. The tent overflowed with people but both shows were awesome. In Fairbanks Tim’s voice shook some ceiling loose and a fan kept the fallen piece.” I was ready to plan a vacay to Alaska after all the pictures posted. And there were some interesting stories that came out of Alaska too, including one about a speeding ticket, a bass singer and one damn lucky Frozen Fry!

OK, I saved the best for last. I’m certain many of you already heard, but the incredibly talented men of Home Free are taking an extra-long trip in January to the UK! That’s right, they are Europe bound. I think every European Home Fry is already making plans to go. Home Free will be in London on January 30th for the London A Cappella Festival. I’m very excited that the Fries across the pond get their chance to see Home Free live. And talk about the excitement in the fan pages, I could feel the energy about to burst into flames from my laptop screen! It was so much fun!

Alright, I’m ready, let’s get this tour started!

Where are you seeing Home Free?

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