Friday, September 25, 2015

5 gigs in New York in one day! Home Free is just cool like that!

Another incredible day for Home Free and their fans! Today Home Free meets New York and we all win! They had interviews, live performances and even a new collaboration released today.

First thing this morning, Kenny Rogers appeared on the Today Show and talked about his new Christmas album, Once Again It's Christmas, and his retirement. And may I just say, Kenny Rogers is truly a class act. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched part of the interview. He did mention working with Home Free on one of the songs on his Christmas album. He mentioned that his son’s choir teacher told him about Home Free and when Kenny googled them, he liked what he heard. As it happens, that Christmas album was released today.

The Home Fries wasted no time checking out the song with Home Free and the whole album. Christmas in September, nice. The song they do together is Children Go Where I Send Thee. I have to admit, I didn’t remember this song, but once I looked it up, I remembered hearing this when I was child. Then today, I bought the album and listened to this song first. Oh. My. Heavens. I was stunned. Kenny Rogers is positively amazing. Voice still strong and uniquely Kenny. Tears filled my eyes and chills when down my spine, when I heard him singing it out. Then you throw in the “they can sing anything and make it awesome” men of Home Free and you have this upbeat, heart-warming Christmas song that will certainly become a new tradition in my family! You really need to hear this song. It’s stunning.  And there’s a video coming too, with Kenny Rogers. Home Free is winning hearts from so many generations and genres of musicians. Excuse me, feeling the proud mama tears welling up. (Yes, I know they aren’t my kids and no, I’m not old enough to be their mother. OK maybe Austin. It’s just the way the Home Fries feel about these guys)

While in New York, Home Free did an interview with Fox 5 NY. I really wish they could do an interview like this at Fox 4 here in Dallas, Texas (hint hint). This was a fun interview. The guys claim not to be that good at instruments, however, we all know that ain’t true (sorry the Texan in my snuck out). They sang Elvira. I can’t help but follow the bass and this bass is jamming. But, I also can’t get enough of Adam’s beatboxing in this one and the news casters were pretty impressed too. He even got to play them out to commercial. Below is a link to the video from that interview.

Later, in the morning, the guys went to Facebook in New York and used Facebook Mention to do a live broadcast. They sang Honey I’m Good, and quite well, as usual. It was fun seeing them in a new situation and picking on poor Austin. Youngest brother syndrome, there. They announced that they would be performing, and hopefully broadcasting, live from the Empire State building later that afternoon. Home Fries around the world set their alarms and sat and waited by their phones and computers! You can see the video from Facebook on their Facebook page.

In the meantime, they made another stop in New York at Billboard. And to the great pleasure of the anxious and excited Home Fries, Billboard Periscoped (yes, that’s a verb!) Home Free singing Honey I’m Good and Don’t It Feel Good (love this song). We didn’t get see any of their visit, but the Periscope was enough to keep us happy, for a little while. We don’t want much, do we? Home Free twenty four seven three sixty five, haha! Poor guys!

To our dismay, 2:00pm came and went and no broadcast from the Empire State building. Big Fry frowny face, all over the world. You could probably hear the collective fingers tapping and the sad awwww at some point, no matter where you live. We know they had a great time and hope that someone will post a video. I promise to update this post if they do post it somewhere. Their day isn’t over yet. They will be performing at Town Hall tonight and there will be Home Fries present for that shindig. Lucky fries! I’m patiently waiting for mid-October!

***UPDATE Here is a link to a short clip of their performance atop the Empire State Building.

Well this post is really long and I’m tired from their day in New York. Remember to check out Kenny Rogers’ new Christmas CD and the new Home Free Country Evolution CD. And check out Home Free on YouTube, Kenny Rogers did!

Have you heard the new collaboration between Kenny Rogers and Home Free?

Picture from Empire Status Building Twitter page

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