Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A closer look at the music on Country Evolution

So these five guys that sing with such sweet harmony and perfection, called Home Free, have definitely planted their names in the country music world, and I say look out! I know I said in my last post that country music gained some great sound when these five guys got together, but it’s a more than that. Their music brings back memories, but also brings classic songs into the future, yet still gives full respect to the original song. Something not all covers do. Their original songs are the kind that won’t be forgotten and could become classics themselves.

These guys have covered some of the most revered names in country music and a few big names in pop and rock music too. The best part is that their covers have become viral videos, hot singles and now part of their third and highly sought after album. The one that has shocked me the most is 9 to 5. If I’m allowed to be honest here, this was never a favorite song of mine. I was skeptical when I saw this, but I had faith that Home Free would make it good. Well, they did not disappoint. Their remake of 9 to 5 will put a jamming kick in your ride home from work. The one I knew would be awesome is Seven Bridges Road and it’s nothing less, in fact, it was a harmonious dream. They do Friends in Low Places and Devil Went Down to Georgia and give both of these songs some Timbasstastic enhancements and a whole new life. They did also feature Mr. Daniels playing his fiddle and Taylor Davis playing her fiddle, for DWDTG. Cause, well, fiddle fight. The Alabama sampler brings back some great memories and they sound so good, you just want the medley to go on and on. I guess you could say that Home Free is simply brilliant at giving excellent songs some Austin soul, Chris harmony, Rob sweetness, Tim bassness and Adam beats, to make a unique Home Free style.

But now I want to talk about their originals. I was tickled to hear there were five original songs on this new album. I was even more tickled when I heard them. These songs, in my opinion, define these fine gentlemen. They are about music, life and love; and there’s always room for dancing, fun and little reflection. Summer in the Country and California Country are laid back with a steady, easy beat like your heart beat, and tells a little about their 'life is good' attitude. Good Ol’ Country Harmony and Don’t It Feel Good tells how music makes them feel and how it can change their mood for the better. They both have that bouncy walking beat that makes you want stop and dance. Then there’s Serenity. Short and simple, but meaningful and beautiful. Yep that about wraps up how I see Home Free and their original songs; laid back, bouncing beats, simple and meaningful. I think we all just learned a little bit more about these guys. If I didn’t already love listening to Home Free, several songs on this album would have won me over.

The other songs, many have already heard from the videos, like Elvira featuring The Oak Ridge Boys, House Party by Sam Hunt, Fishin’ in the Dark/Boondocks mashup and Andy Grammar’s Honey I’m Good. These songs highlight each man’s talents so handsomely. The videos are all already very popular and I've reviewed them in my blog. Now that I've convinced the new readers to buy this CD, be sure to get the deluxe copy, so you get all fourteen songs. You can order Country Evolution at http://homefreemusic.com/.

Oh, and did I mention the wonderful Thank You, Home Free added on the CD liner? They thanked their fans, the Home Fries, for all our love and support. How cool is that? It's our absolute pleasure to support such fantastic people, who also happened to be extremely talented (yeah, and cute too). The Home Fries, have received several shout outs from Home Free, recently, and it makes us all kind of, well, sappy! Yep, that's our boys and we love them! From Home Fries around the world, we are proud to be Home Fries! Rock on, Home Free, rock on!