Friday, October 2, 2015

My 7 year old's favorite Home Free songs

Well, Home Free's Don't It Feel Good Tour is well under way and it's two weeks until I finally get to them live (again)! I will see them in Houston and Abilene (plans changed, so I had to give up two shows). I'm very excited, because it's a ladies night out in Houston, so if you live in the area, LOOK OUT! Oh we're harmless, but we are ready to have fun with fellow fries! Then in Abilene I will be joined by my daughter, who will be 8 by then. The reason I bring up my daughter is today she is my guest blogger. She is going to share with us her top five favorite Home Free songs. A chance to see how the little ones view Home Free's music.

Starting with five and going to her number one favorite song. Remember she's seven and these are her words.

5. Any Way the Wind Blows - "The video is fun and I like singing the song."
My addition: She fell in love with this video the first time she saw it. I'm actually surprised it's not higher up on the list.

4. Butt Remix - it's funny (the song and the video)
My addition: We giggled all the way through this video, especially at Austin. My favorite part of this song is Adam's beatboxing. She's seven so, of course, the seat wiggling gets her laughing every time.

3. House Party - "I like the song and the video is fun."
My addition - She already loved this song by Sam Hunt, so when I told her Home Free was doing it, she was so excited. Then we saw the video and that made it even better. Beatboxing Batman is cool, but the pillow fight won her over.

2. Honey I'm Good - "Funny, especially with the bad words."
My addition - She loves singing this song and always has me turn up the volume when it comes on. We came up with a way for her to sing it with other words, but the "you got that ass", always makes her LOL.

And here it is, I was very surprised by this, her number 1 favorite song by Home Free!
1. Devil Went Down To Georgia - "It's like no other song, it's cool!"
My addition - She's never heard this song before, but she's always asking me to play this song from the new album. I expected HIG or HP to be number one, but this was her pick, hands down!

My daughter went from being scared of Tim and Austin, the first time we saw them, almost a year ago in Nederland, Texas to talking to them way past our time in the signing line in Dallas. She wanted to tell them that kids sang some of their songs (covers) and she meant Kidz Bop. Adam, finally figured out the best way to keep things moving was to pretend to tell Tim what she said (they couldn't hear her) and Tim nodded and smiled and she was happy!

Her birthday is the day before Chris' birthday and the best part is we are going with another fry and her daughter (same age as mine) and her birthday is the day after Chris'. We are hoping the girls can get a picture with Chris.

So, the countdown begins. In two weeks I will be driving down to Houston with a fellow fry, windows down, Home Free playing and we'll be singing our hearts out! I hope to meet some fries I haven't met and be reunited with some of my fellow Texas fries! Have a Happy Home Free Fryday!

What are your top 5 songs by Home Free?

Honey I'm Good -

House Party -

Butts Remix -

Any Way the Wind Blows -

Home Free YouTube channel -

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