Friday, April 21, 2017

Super cute Home Free video with a little less thinking

Hey y’all, I’m back! Home Free has gone and done it again. I had to take time out of my busy schedule and watch a new video, over and over, so I could blog about how much I love it! Darn the luck! Think a Little Less, what a song. This song just does something to you when you hear it. And, of course, Home Free puts their unique spin on it, then adds their boyish charm to the video and BAM, another video to make the fans go…Oh My!

The song, alone, makes women swoon and guys want to hold their ladies a little closer. Home Free’s video makes me feel like I just went on the dream date of a lifetime! So much fun, all of them. Dinner was romantic and yummy (pretty flowers but Rob is better); the movie and popcorn were just right (and a hidden Reese’s, yum), the carriage ride was a fairy tale come true (the blanket was a nice touch), the underwater sea life tunnel was incredible (Austin in the bubble, too cute, and turtle!) and the drinks and conversation or song were the perfect ending (the head nod at the end by Chance, sigh). I hope we get a second date! Oh wait, well I still had an amazing time! Their smiles can make your heart flutter. 

Chance sang this song with sheer smooth splendor. He is provocative, suave and inviting. Can I just say, with more simplicity, wow. My fave five guys of Home Free did a fantastic job with their dates and with this song. These guys have harmony in their blood, talent from their souls and an aura of pure adorable with some to spare. I don’t know how they continue to make videos that the fans crave and pick songs that they give their style and make better. Their one of kind sound gives music so much depth and emotion. I know I’m not alone when I say that Home Fries sit at the edge of the seat when they see a Patreon email or post from Home Free with a new video. Some of us even pull over on the side of the road to watch it, because we can’t wait until we get where we’re going first. Great job on the song gentlemen and super cute video! 

So, quick funny story, my anniversary it coming up soon and I think I need to play this video repeatedly, in my husband's presence, to send a message. Otherwise we’ll spend the evening watching the NFL draft, which is not a date I saw in this video. #poorlychosenweddingdate #hubbydidmentiongoingdancing #twosteppineven #thinkalittleless

I’m getting a little antsy about when I will get to see Home Free in concert again, but I’m certain it will happen, this year! #subliminalsuggestionComeBackToTexas #NOWplease But, in the meantime, I’m going to watch this video, again! 


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