Monday, April 10, 2017

Blue looks good on Home Free

It’s time, once again to dive into, yet another, Home Free video sensation with over a million views since March 31st. But first, I think we can all agree that Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban is a very seductive song and Keith is a wonderful fit for this beauty. Now enter Home Free and their unique style and music of unmatched depth. They take this sultry song and turn up the heat!

Rob’s sweet voice has wow'd us with songs like Honey I’m Good, Colder Weather and 9 to 5. However, this song takes the number one spot on the “holy smoke that boy can sing” list for Rob! His suave, silky tones gave me heart shivers. I love it! IMHO, he also ties Adam for the best dance moves. Rob was killing it in this baby. He had me at “I can see you over there…”

After melting with Rob’s charming start to this song, then comes Chance and it starts all over again. His smooth, alluring voice and engaging almost sad delivery was simply irresistible (was he singing to me?). I found myself starting the song over after Chance’s solo, just to hear Rob and Chance get things started again and again. This performance by Chance definitely hits you in the heart strings.

Of course, what sets Home Free apart from other performers is the all-encompassing musical talent they bring. From the sweet harmony of Austin, Rob and Chance, to the low hums and thumps of Tim to the always unbeatable percussion of Adam, whether it’s foot stomping or simple yet significant. This song has every last bit of this unrivaled Home Free awesome (as I call it). Not to mention those adorable dance moves that they guys had to learn. They’ve come a long way since the Sing Off. Their hard work paid off though, they looked quite fetching, especially with those splashes of blue!

Videos such as this, is what keeps the Home Fries, their fans, coming back for more. More harmony, more bass, more vocal percussion, more sultry voices and more of the fun, talent and delight that Home Free produces. Seeing them live is the ultimate adventure, though. I missed them in Texas this Spring, but I’m very hopeful they come back in the fall. You can see their tour dates on

If, for some reason, you haven’t seen Home Free’s video of Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color, stop what you’re doing and watch it NOW!

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