Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Do You Hear What I Hear? He said what?

The past few weeks have been stressful, crazy, fun and busy between Girl Scout cookie mom stuff, photography classes, volunteer photography and trying to find a new job. But in all the insanity of life it’s always a sweet surprise when we get a new video from Home Free. The best part is the last video they released is my favorite Christmas song, Do You Hear What I Hear? This video is not only stunning and powerful, but Adam arranged it. Not that I should be shocked, his talents are endless! And that ice castle is wicked!

I’ve been trying to find time to give this video the write up it deserves, but then something happened and I’m afraid it takes precedence over this amazing video.

First, a little background. Mr. Walter Coates gave his beautiful bride, Beth, a wonderful birthday present of tickets to see the Home Free for the Holidays concert in Durham, NC. He got her VIP tickets, so she got pictures with Home Free and their autographs, the royal treatment. Walter you deserve a great big hug and kiss for that present!

Before we go further, I really must lay down some warnings. Many have already seen the video I am referring to, but I think the warnings still need to be heeded, as I still have to be careful when watching this video. Prior to watching this video do not have any beverages in your hand or nearby, do not be eating, it’s best to be sitting down and not in a place where you must be quiet and make sure you have visited the little boys or girls room.

After all the VIP festivities the concert began. I can’t say much about the rest of the concert, but this little gem came out after Tim Foust posted “Did anyone get a video of our special rendition of Colder Weather last night in Durham?” Well, of course this had the curious cat in all of us leaping around to find out what happened. Remember the warnings and take a look for yourself at Walter’s video (don’t forget to come back): https://youtu.be/DwExsDGUj-w

OMG, my side hurts from laughter. Austin, you sweet southern adorable man, you are one of a kind! We all forget words to songs, but no one and I mean no one can make it sound that good and keep singing. Austin gets the Rock Star No Matter Mmmmm Ooooo Award! Rob, poor, poor Rob. But he did a fantastic job of keeping it together, at first. I love how Chris gives that little look when he heard Austin stumble. He knew things weren’t right, but I’m sure he had no idea what was about to happen…Tim. I dub thee Timstigator. Three times! Tim stirred up trouble three times! I love it when he takes a deep breath, trying to keep it together, before he busts everyone up with his solo.... nanananana (and the guys come in right on time, amazing). Tim is talented, good looking, smart and TEN YEARS OLD! Don’t ever change. I reinstate my question posted several months back….How many times does Tim get sent to his room on tour (not enough I’m certain)? Adam is the one that always has to provide the background sounds and usually doesn’t lose it, but I found it hysterical that he would beatbox, turn and laugh, beatbox, turn and laugh. Bless his heart. Although, if he can burp while beatboxing, then why should laughing be any different? Oh, that’s right….Tim.

We’ve all said Home Free could sing the phone book and we would still listen and love it. However, if you sing “I forgot the words”, there will be laughter, sarcasm, Tim and maybe a little unforgiving ribbing for months to come, but we love Austin!

What an extraordinary atmosphere to be able to have that kind of fun during a song and know that the fans are going to eat it up like homemade pecan pie! Walter, you couldn’t have picked a better night for a birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope y’all had as much fun as the guys did, during this song and as much fun as the Home Fries have had sharing it! This is PRICELESS! Home Free is the music, laughter, kindness and down to earth goodness that makes people feel better every day! We should all be able to laugh at ourselves (and each other in good fun) like this.

Don't forget to check out their new video: https://youtu.be/wIQQDYaoWpc

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  1. Have mercy I love Home Free. They are entertainment at its best. Even if there is an 'oops' moment they never fail to entertain and leave fans wanting more. Michelle your blog spot is stupendous and I am ever so glad you share. Kudos!