Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A fantastic Christmas collab for Kenny Rogers and Home Free

Well, Home Free’s “Don’t It Feel Good” tour is over and I know all the Home Fries wish the guys and the crew some extra special time off with their families. I got to see two highly energetic shows in Houston and Abilene. Don’t worry, the tickets I had to Nederland and Austin went to some very deserving Fries and I hope they had a great time! The American Fries are gearing up for the holidays and maybe a holiday Home Free concert or two. The European Fries are undeniably going bonkers waiting for Home Free to make their European debut! Not only is one of the shows sold out, but they added shows in Ireland and Scotland too! Check out the added shows at I hope the guys of Home Free are ready, because there is no going back now.

In the midst of the “Don’t It Feel Good” tour, setting up a quick overseas tour and releasing their third CD - Country Evolution, they have also released several videos. The latest one with the distinguished and extremely gifted, Kenny Rogers. Before I get to the video for “Children Go Where I Send Thee”, I want to say when I heard this song, the first time, I smiled from ear to ear when I heard Kenny sing. It brought back a great feeling of my youth and reminded me of his amazing talent. A cowboy and gentleman with a charming smile and a unique voice that I could listen to all day. It’s really great to hear from Kenny Rogers and we get a new album from him, as well, Once Again It's Christmas.

These day’s music videos have to be so dynamic and spectacular to succeed. If it’s not touching your heart, making you laugh or sending a much needed message, they don’t always get the viewership the artists are hoping to get. YouTube as made music videos a very competitive business. Several years ago one of my bosses told me to always remember the KISS principle; Keep it simple, stupid. Now I was told this in regards to designing an application, but I think it applies to many areas of life, music videos not excluded. Kenny Rogers and Home Free picked a simple but inviting building to house their video. But then they got dress up and took this simple video to another level. Each gentleman looks sleek and mighty handsome in their cowboy garb. Then you add this wonderful song with the beautiful and striking harmony and vocal beat of these six men and you get the whole package. A Christmas song, that is not strictly for Christmas time, but still a soul inspiring song, with nicely dressed talented men singing with emotion and spirit. I must have watched it ten times in a row when I first saw it. Kenny will blow your mind with his time-honored gravely and sweet voice. Home Free does what they do best, bring it, with gusto and feeling. Together they take this classic song and give it classic passion with a new style that is quickly climbing the ranks of music, suave country a cappella.

Home Free has worked with two ageless country personalities, The Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers and both times have gone down to the bare voices. They also worked with Charlie Daniels, covering “Devil Went Down to Georgia”, but we all know the fiddle had to make an appearance for that song. I truly love the affect Home Free is having on country music, classic and new and on the general population regarding a cappella. A cappella is breaking ground all over the music industry and it’s great to see the timeless musicians diving in head first.

“Children Go Where I Send Thee” has been sung by many performers, all who give it their own style and feel. This version with Kenny Rogers and Home Free really does give it a rocking country beat with a fun and festive flair. I am still being amazed and surprised by each new video Home Free does, alone or with a friend, they add they own blend of Home Free charm.

Check it out – Children Go Where I Send Thee

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