Thursday, December 24, 2015

My reaction to Home Free's continued love for their fans

Damn it these men know how to make a woman cry! But trust me, in the best way possible. I've said this before but even though I'm not really old enough to be their mom (with the exception of Austin), I get that proud mama feeling when they do something so great it rocks my soul, like singing at the Opry or working with legends like The Oak Ridge Boys or Kenny Rogers or when the get on The Tonight Show but don't make it and still come out looking like complete and honorable gentlemen and thank the fans for it!!!

I have had tears of joy for Home Free for the past two weeks. And it will only continue as they make their European debut in January. Home Fries on the other side of the pond are in for a shock to their system. They know how epic these guys are, but seeing them live will set their hearts pumping and the spirit soaring with bliss!

As the story gets passed around, I'm sure it changes a little each time so I'll keep it short. They were invited to be on The Tonight Show with Kenny Rogers (bless his beautiful heart) to sing Children Go Where I Send Thee. The guys were on top of the world while their fans looked down at their excitement while floating above them, where the guys put us. However, due to some crazy and unbelievable set of events, three flights were cancelled and the guys ended up booking a very expensive private jet. Once it was too late to back out of the private flight, they were told they could not make The Tonight Show and they were being pulled from the line up.

As the Home Fries were broken-hearted, not for us, but for Home Free, they started offering to help pay for the flight of many dollars. The guys decided to do a Go Fund Me, just to help recoup some of the cost of this golden flight and set a goal of ten thousand dollars. Now, personally I just about fell out of my chair at that amount. However, as I sat in a movie theater watching "Star Wars" with my kids, that ten thousand dollar goal came and went in an hour! I made my small donation to help some men who have made me smile and cry and love life again. It wasn't much, but all those "it wasn't much" donations and several very healthy donations had the guys Go Fund Me total ending at twenty five thousand dollars.

Well the Home Fries were just beaming with pride at what they did. But what Home Free did next made us all weep even more! Their next TV gig was a go and it was delightful. An adorable little girl may have stolen the "cute" part of the show, but Home Free stole our hearts. On the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel, Home Free told this very story. The story of how their fans raised the money to pay for the missed opportunity and more. I was stunned. I cried and did a little goofy dance and well maybe let out a little (ok BIG) scream. I felt that mama pride hitting my soul, my heart and my smile didn't stop for hours! I mean it when I say I love each and every member of Home Free. I joke about the good looks they posses and all their other adorable qualities, but they are just damn good people (from the bottom to the top). God Bless Them (and all the Home Fries too). They also got to sing two songs, Angels We Have Heard on High and White Christmas. Needless to say, they sounded amazing. I can't wait to watch it again (cause DVR!)!

This morning us fries got some more news that gave us another grin and feeling of satisfaction. Home Free let the fans know how they are going to use the extra money. The letter from Go Fund Me was heart felt and brought more tears as they talked about wiping away their tears. I am so glad they made this decision and I think the Fries are too. Home Free will use the extra money to help them with their expenses on their European debut. Now you have to understand that the American and Canadian Fries are so excited for those European Fries that get to see Home Free, that this is a double win. Nice job Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin. Y'all did good and the Fries love you!

And yet, somewhere in all this chaos and enjoyment, they released another video, which is stunning. This is a must see video of Away in a Manger:


  1. Fantastic article. Fantastic band. I also feel the mama pride, tho I'm way too young.

  2. Fantastic article. Fantastic band. I also feel the mama pride, tho I'm way too young.

  3. Amazing write up as always. I too was surprised at the things they said about the Fries. It warmed not only my heart but my soul. Thank you.

  4. In a world where there is so little trust they are a shining example of goodness. What they have brought to the world makes my heart smile.

  5. Captured my sentiments exactly! Beautiful and proud to be a fry right now! Thank You Michelle!

  6. We Canadian Fries are equally as excited for our boys to cross the pond, Michelle! Absolutely fabulous 'article'. Brings tears to my eyes!! 😉

    1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to leave y'all out. I considered you part of the American Fries! ;-) #loveCanadianFries ;-)

  7. Very well put as usual.. You have a way with words girl!

  8. Nice article. Let's hear it for Mama love. So proud of what they have accomplished, but even more in the humble way they treat their fans. A class act.