Thursday, October 22, 2015

Houston & Abilene concerts were mind blowing!

Good afternoon Home Fries and visitors!  Needless to say my Home Free/Home Fries weekend excursion was nothing less than unparalleled fun and excitement. Two concerts in 3 days, driving all over Texas, singing and dancing, meeting amazing people called Home Fries and sharing it with my beautiful daughter! Doesn’t get any better than that! Now 3000 pictures and 900 miles later, it’s all over, but I can still feel the exhilaration of the weekend.
Let’s start with Houston, because mom got a night out with awesome friends and oh there was there this Home Free concert too. The drive to Houston was a welcome break. A long peaceful drive with a lady I have grown to love like a sister and uplifting music. I enjoy long drives and one filled with Home Free music (and seeing the mirrors rattle with the Tim notes) and good company is perfect. We got the hotel, made ourselves gorgeous and then met up with other fries. I got to meet fries I’ve talked to endlessly but never met in person. Names with faces and personalities, that’s the part of the trips that makes me feel like I’m meeting family for the first time. I love my fry family!
Now for the VIP event and concert, you know the important stuff. First, a huge shout out to Home Free and their entire crew. I’m not sure I can put into words what these people accomplish each night they have a concert. A thousand questions that have been asked over and over, people who can’t quite make up their minds, the fast, slow, impatient, giddy, friendly and everyone in between. And yet they are all smiling, nice and get it done! Thank you, Y’ALL ROCK! VIP was busy but exciting and I now have my favorite VIP picture. I got my merchandise signed, questions answered, a song not in the show, a copy of Country Evolution and a great picture. Supporting Home Free on Patreon to get first shot at VIP tickets is worth every shiny penny and more!
I really enjoy taking pictures and the seats in Houston were so close to the stage, you could prop your feet on the stage from your seat. Well this was a little too close for good pictures, IMHO. So I traded seats with someone in the third row, stage right. Pure perfection. The concert was so close and Home Free was superb! From the first song to the last, there was energy and intensity in Home Free and the crowd. From the original songs to their outstanding covers and Tim’s poetry corner. Rob knocks every song out of the park, Austin continues to run on all cylinders, beautifully, Chris leaves them wanting more of his serenading, Tim just blows everything out of the water, high or low and then there’s Adam. I’d like to say Adam was amazing or phenomenal, but that doesn’t seem to fit. I’m still looking for the right phrase to describe Adam’s performance. He blew our minds and rocked the damn crowd to their feet. Houston was incredible! There was even a little fry party afterwards with dancing, singing and a drink or two.
Well, after a drive home and a night to recover, my fry friend and I took our eight year old daughters to Abilene to see Home Free. There was not as much primping and meeting, as it was somewhat of a drive by for this concert. So I won’t waste any more time and I’ll get right to the meat of the story. VIP was a lot of fun. Our daughter’s birthdays are on either side of Chris’, so we made Happy Birthday signs for their VIP picture and said Happy Birthday to all three of them. Home Free was very playful and goofy in Abilene. I got great VIP pictures, including one where Austin lets loose a little (love it).
The Abilene stage was not too close, so I kept my front row seat (yea!). The audience in Abilene was, let’s see, how can I say this, INSANELY LOUD. The guys came out and did their opening number, Fishin’ in the Dark/Boondocks medley and they were on fire and the crowd let them know! There was so much fervor after that first song that that set the mood for the rest of the concert. The look on Austin’s and Rob’s face when the crowd went crazy was absolutely adorable. The guys felt the powerful momentum coming from the audience and managed to keep up with us until the very end. They sang their sweet, country gentleman hearts out in Abilene. Every note and every song, from I’ve Seen to Elvira to Thinking Out Loud to 9 to 5 was flawless and passionate. I would look at my daughter to see if she was having fun and she was either dancing and singing or completely mesmerized, which is often how I felt, mesmerized. Home Free was stunning and shook my soul down to the core in Abilene. Their talent is outstanding, but their live performances will take to you a higher realm of music. I think many skeptics of a cappella music would be astonished by a live Home Free concert. And Adam will hypnotize you with bewilderment at his talent. It’s no wonder he gets two standing ovations during his drum solo. He’s simply not human when it comes to his vocal percussion/beatboxing skills. The Abilene show was beyond amazing, it was foot stomping, crowd cheering, don't be over, ridiculously mind blowing!
The combination of these five guys; Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin is pure musical rightness and exquisite harmony with the added touch of handsome! I can only imagine every show on this Don't It Feel Good Tour is just as good as the two shows I had the pleasure of seeing in the Lone Star State!
Well, I’ve been going on and on and I’m sure we all have things to do. I’m going to get my errands done while listening to Home Free, because everything is better with Home Free playing! More concert pictures will be added soon.

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