Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't It Feel Good Tour here I come!!!

On Friday, October 16th, I will drive down to Houston with a great fryend and meet up with many other Home Fries to see Home Free! Then we will scoop up our sweet small fries and head out to Abilene to see Home Free again. Now some people out there might think that’s a little over the top, but believe me, this is nothing compare to how far and long fries will travel to see the five amazing guys that call themselves Home Free. It’s just what Home Fries do. If they can, fries will drive or fly to as many concerts as they can, not just to see the boys, but to meet and see each other.

For the past two weeks I have been as busy as the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. I was up to my eyeballs in events with my daughter, work (which is a story that has me wanting to crush some skulls, but that’s for another blog) and my daughter’s birthday. So, I haven’t really had time to get excited or giddy about the Home Free concert, right? WRONG!!!

The past four or five nights I have tossed and turned for a couple hours before I could get to sleep. I’ve been thinking of all I had to get done and what I’m going to wear to the concert and birthday parties and what I’m going to buy at the concert and do I have my tickets and how should I make the VIP picture look and oh, my daughter’s birthday. Wow, I almost lost it there for a minute. Even as I type this I am thinking about what to pack and my plans for that morning. Fortunately, I was able to keep my thoughts in the right place to get the birthday party off the ground and make it a fun day for her. We’ll be doing crafts until her next birthday. Now, on to mom’s night out with great fryends, great times and five adorable men that make damn good music!

In Houston, I get to have a little fun. There won’t be any bull ridin’, calf ropin’ or two steppin’ on the tables, I’m no stealth chicken. However, I do plan on letting my Texas girl out to play. I got my fancy new cowboy boots and my Thelma and Louise attitude ready (well except the bad parts). But the best thing is seeing Home Free and hearing some great new songs. I can’t wait to hear Seven Bridges Road, Good Ol’ Country Harmony, Don't It Feel Good and 9 to 5 live! I have not watched the whole show via Periscope or YouTube yet. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but I’m trying to hold out.

There is this new addition to the show that has quickly become a fry favorite and that is Story Time with Tim. I have only seen a couple of them, but I laughed so hard I gave myself a cramp. Between Tim’s comical story-telling and Austin’s live action antics, you couldn’t ask for more. But then you get the rest of the guy’s reactions, who apparently don’t always know what’s coming. This is going to be as awesome as Texas is hot (93 degrees on this fine mid-October day)!

Then there’s Abilene. I will get to see my fry friends and the guys again, but this time I get to share it with my little angel. This will be her third Home Free concert and I love that she enjoys going with me. Her birthday was this past Sunday and she saw a picture of someone getting a big hug from one of the guys and she says, “I want one of those, but from all the guys, for my birthday!” OK, I guess it’s safe to say she is getting over being shy around them. The first time we saw them she was terrified of Tim and hid behind a stranger when she got to Austin. Now she’s ready to take them home and instantly have five new big brothers!

I’m so amped up to see Home Free in concert again, and I have many things to do before Friday. Like pack my dancing speaker (which hops when there’s a lot of bass or percussion), cowboy boots, Home Free pictures and my wild and crazy Home Fry mindset!! Houston, here I come!

Do you get all giddy and anxious days before a Home Free concert?

Seven Bridges Road:

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