Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Home Free, more Periscoping and Home Fries can't get enough!

The whole Periscope thing has just been a complete blast! There is nothing like hearing that whistle go off on my phone and then see Home Free live! Now, so you don’t think I sit around waiting for Home Free Periscopes, I often watch them later. But there have been a few that I am so glad I got to watch as they happened! The fireside chat, periscoping from the stage during a show and during a break while recording a video with Kenny Rogers! There have been so many and the fans are falling in love with Home Free all over again. These live streams have not just given fans some extra time with the guys, but those who have never been able to see them live, get a delightful sneak peek!

During the fireside chat, the guys did a little singing, some joking around and even opened themselves up to questions. It was almost as good as sitting there with them, just hanging out and being friends. They were genuine and full of little surprises, like Austin breaking wood by throwing it  at rocks, successfully, I might add.

Then they scoped from the stage! The first time they scoped from Downey, ID and sang A Little Bit of Everything. I was so impressed with how incredible they sounded AND how well Rob handled the camera while singing! They did great! Then they scoped from Kasson, MN and sang Champagne Taste. Again, they sounded fantastic and played to the audience and the camera! I’m not sure if that makes them impressively talented or really big camera hogs?! After these two great scopes on stage, fans in the audience posted videos of the guys Periscoping during the show. It was kind of funny seeing it from the audience point of view. Best part, though, was when Tim asked a lady in the audience if she was watching them Periscope and when she said yes, he laughed and said, we are live on the other side of your phone! Yeah, but we were on stage with you! Tough choice, right there!

Then today, when I thought the Periscopes just couldn’t get any better, they jumped on during a break while shooting a Christmas video with the one, the only, The Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers! Chris opened up the scope and put the camera on Mr. Rogers. He waved, but I’m not sure he knew exactly what was happening, but he smiled and was very gracious. Yes, I was very happy to see Home Free all dressed and looking sharp, but Kenny Rogers. This was a short scope, but a truly awesome one!

So, again, I refer to Rob as #coolestdudeinHomeFreeforusingPeriscopetobringthefanssomeextrafun! But a HUGE Thank you to all of Home Free for bringing us along with you on this fast paced, spectacular ride! We've seen them real time when they're tired, on stage, relaxing, wasting time and goofing off. Honestly, I can't wait to see what to see what they will do next! Your fans are simply astonished at your non-stop devotion to us!

Down Periscope!

Heres’s a few screen shots from some of these Periscopes.

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