Friday, August 14, 2015

Home Free All About That Bass cover video published a year ago on 8/18/2014

Hey, Home Free fans! The Don’t It Feel Good tour is almost here and I know there are fries heading out to State Fairs and music festivals all over the northern part of the country to see Home Free this summer. I don’t understand why they don’t want to do outdoor summer concerts here in Texas (Dallas area). We had a great summer, only twelve days over one hundred degrees, so far.

Today I thought I’d go back and check out Home Free’s cover of All About That Bass, since it was released almost a year ago. Let me start off by saying that when this video came out, I had just discovered Home Free from their Ring of Fire video. I had not heard the original song, nor had I seen the original video. When I saw Home Free’s video, I thought it was funny and loved it, but I didn’t know how funny, at the time.

So, here I am, a little out of touch with the world, watching All About That Bass cover by Home Free. It was great, I liked the song, they guys had fun with it, I could tell they were cool. After I had watched all the videos of Home Free I could find, I decided to watch the original video by Meghan Trainor.

First, Meghan you’re a doll. I’m glad you have the guts to say what’s on your mind and the talent to make the delivery enjoyable and yet still mean something. You go girl! Second, I could not stop laughing as I watched the original video and how it compared to Home Free’s video. The hair and the hats, laying on the sheer colored fabric and the pretty camo plastic cloth and the list goes on. And to go from the pop version of this song to the really cute and perfectly arranged country version was brilliant.

It may have been All About That Bass, but this video was all about Home Free and how they were gearing up to win over fans around the world! They started with a terrific song by Ms. Trainor, did their own creative, awesome arrangement and with Kristine Slipson, put together an adorable video with just the right amount of humor and an over-abundance of talent! And, of course, seeing them do this song live, is a special treat. Nothing like five guys singing about booty and posing like Barbie dolls, something Home Free pulls off quite well!

I know the fries have all seen this video, but ICYMI

Who thinks Austin looks 12 in this video (especially compared to WWAG)?

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