Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Home Free releases I've Seen video, 1 year ago

It's been one year since Home Free released the video for I've Seen, written by Tim Foust. And where the video is only a year old, the song dates back to Tim's EP, The Way The Story Goes, released in 2010. Then he released The Best That I Could Do CD, in 2012, which also had I've Seen on it. After seeing the Ring of Fire video, by Home Free, featuring Avi Kaplan, I started watching videos of Home Free. I decided to buy their Crazy Life CD and Tim's CD came up on iTunes too, so I bought it. Why not, right? I fell in love with this song, on Tim and Home Free's CDs!

I've Seen was the song that started me down the great and wonderful path that lead me to the kind, crazy, dedicated and party everyday world of the Home Fries, I know today. This song (sorry to sound a little mushy here) took my life back to a place where the days were filled with laughter and enjoyment. Not just because of the all encompassing and soul grabbing music of Home Free, but because I remembered what it was like to enjoy life and not just make through one long day after another. I remembered my music and my passions. I couldn't remember why I gave them up, but I was glad to have them back. I've Seen took hold of my heart and breathed life right back into it. This song convinced me to start writing again. I don't think I've stopped since I heard it, in August of 2014. (If you ever want to read my poems or song lyrics, check them out at

I've Seen will always be my favorite Home Free song, because it means so much to me. I have often struggled with which version I like better, Home Free's or Tim Foust's. They are both moving in their own way. Then I saw the video. The video is like hanging out with guys for a few minutes. They give so much and work so hard for what they love and their fans. I love how the include their fans in so many videos. I was even at one of the concerts in the video, just way in the back. Now, since I support them on Patreon, I sit up front! Yeah, baby!

Home Free has revamped this song many times, and the last live video I heard of it, sounded like they'd gone back to one of the earlier versions and I can't wait to hear it live in April! 

If you haven't heard this song or seen the video, or if it's been a while, check it out.

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