Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The men and boys of Home Free in perfect harmony

Good morning Home Fries and visitors! It’s a beautiful day here in North Texas, so I thought I’d do a little writing before getting into the busy part of the day. Home Free just released their latest video and the one common hashtag being used to describe it is #totesadorb!

We all know the guys of Home Free didn’t grow up together, but this was a fun way of imagining how they met. Good Ol’ Country Harmony is such a great song and another Tim Foust original. It will leave your toes tapping and you singing it the rest of the day. And if you like the song, you should hear it live, the audience really gets into this song. The video was the perfect addition to this upbeat song. 

The Home Fries love our fave five guys, but I think many would agree that these five new young guys did a great job! Each one of them embraced their “older selves” and gave this video the same fun, groovy Home Free feel we all look forward to seeing. The young Rupp brothers were perfect, I can see them always up to something…something musical, that is! And young Rob…can you say flawless and amusing mini-me? This kid was awesome! Now young Tim was terrific, love the brow action practice session in the mirror, but was Tim ever shy? Then there’s young Austin (giggles), he is so adorable, just as current Austin, and the weight lifting is quite amusing! I give these five young versions of Home Free a large Fry approval! 

Now let’s go over some of the band name suggestions. The Christopher Rupp Project and The Adams Family were priceless! I can imagine those names did cross the minds of the brothers and both fine names (insert winking emoticon and laughing emoticon here). Robster Bisque, bwahahahaha! Brilliant and hysterical, that’s our guys! Then throw in some typical a cappella names, In Treble, Bari-Toned, Pendle-Tones and Aca-Holics before they get to Home Free. Most of us know the story of how they got the name Home Free, but I have to admit, this process is just darlin’! 

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you really need to go watch it! The song itself is worth the watch, but the video is sweet and charming (just like Home Free) and you’ll love it! You can hear Good Ol' Country Harmony on Home Free's Country Evolution CD, available on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. Michelle, I enjoy reading your blog! You've summed up the new (& fun) video very nicely!!

  2. "Most" but not all... How DID they get the name?

  3. Found you on the HFHF group. Nice blog. I'm from the same county :) It was a beautiful day