Thursday, June 30, 2016

@HomeFreeGuys cover of God Bless the USA leaves goose bumps

No time to waste on pleasantries. Home Free has taken amazing, phenomenal, emotionally moving, patriotic chills and love to whole new level with song and video. I’ve seen videos where they just stand or sit there and manage to grab a hold of your heart and soul with their remarkable voices and incomparable style, but this song and video just surpassed all of them.

I don’t even know where to start, but this will get me going in the right direction…this cover of God Bless the USA by Home Free is spine chilling, spirit lifting, heart-pounding and gut wrenching. Their presentation is simply unparalleled. I know I may be biased, as I adore Home Free and what they do with music, but I truly believe this video will stun all those that watch it. 

The scenery alone is striking and brought that proud smile to my face. This song has always been one that makes people stand up and sing with pure honor and dignity.  Lee Greenwood captured the true sense of patriotism with this magnificent song and Home Free maintained that finely tuned attitude and gave it even more life and essence. It’s almost impossible to find the right words to describe how I felt the first time I heard them sing this song live. Now they’ve made this video and I’m speechless and affected right down to my core, but thoughts are exploding, like fireworks, in my head. I have seen Home Free live seven times and it was only at the last concert in Tulsa that I snapped my first picture during this song. I had a sense of disrespect if I took pictures and didn’t stand and sing from my heart during this song. After seeing this video, I know now, I did the right thing not taking pictures during this song. Bravo, Home Free, Bravo. This video should be your pride and joy. I know Ring of Fire changed your lives, but this video will change many lives. Thank you!

Now that all the glory has been shared, I really need to get a few “holy smokes” out of the way. First, it was great to see Chris and his beautiful cowboy hat. I thought it was perfect that he got to sing ‘the lakes of Minnesota’ and that Rob joined him. Chris, Rob and Austin sound spectacular together in this song (like every other song, but this one stands alone). But then, OH MY, TIM!!!! To give Tim “across the plains of Texas’ was just fitting, but the way he sang that line made my heart stop beating. I think I shrieked a bit. Of course, being a Texan myself, I couldn’t ask for a better representation of Texas than the mighty bass voice of one Mr. Tim Foust, y’all. The emotion in the faces of all the guys was very apparent and put me in a very happy place, especially Austin and Rob. But the drum playing by Adam toward the end, where he played the air snare drum, gave me shivers. That was absolutely Adam Rupp perfection.

I know I get all gooey when I talk about these guys and I know I’m not alone in my thinking, but of all their videos, this one rattled my bones. I love all their videos. Sure, some more than others, but their fun personalities and ridiculous talent wins out every time. This video has me “falling in love” with Home Free all over again. So pure, exquisite and picturesque. Not to mention these fine gentlemen are easy on the eyes (you knew I would go there eventually). Home Free you amaze me and I hope this video goes viral and gets the attention is truly deserves. God Bless the USA!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just imagine a country a capella group rocking a dance tune!

Hello my faithful followers. I know it’s been a while, but I have been working hard at a new career and other changes in my life. Of course, I’m not the only one facing changes. We can now give an official open armed Home Fry welcome to Mr. Adam Chance as the new member of our beloved Home Free vocal band. And before I go into this new video, let me just say Chance (I will be calling him Chance) has more than exceeded my expectations and I wish Home Free 2.0 great success and fun in their upcoming endeavors. I can’t wait to them live, again!

I know Try Everything had Chance also, but there were still good-byes to be said and partying to be done. Now we can throw Chance under the Home Fry bus, which is full of over-whelming love and sibling like kidding, so let’s get to it! Home Free released a surprising cover of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling! This video/song caught me off guard. I had not heard the original and as many Fries would agree, I might be disappointed in the original after hearing Home Free’s version. I know Fries have apologized to original artists because they like Home Free’s version better, in the past. And, in my opinion, they have done it again. Don’t get me wrong, I like JT’s version of this song, but my fave five a cappella geniuses have, again, taken a great song and filled it with so much depth, soul and an over-abundance of pure talent, that you can’t help but like this version more than the original. 

Austin and Rob rock this song! Beautifully executed vocals and some sweet moves too. I don’t want to get in trouble with my honesty here, but Austin’s moves were making me replay scenes, over and over again (electric wavy, oh my)! Tim’s bass was just bassilicious! Yes, I just said bassilicous, am I wrong? #yeah Chance was everywhere and built this striking, robust harmony that fills your ears with bliss and he had some killer sounds! And then there’s Adam. This man gets more astonishingly good every time I hear him do his “Adam Thang”. If he gets any more realistically drum sounding, people are going to be looking for the drums hidden in the video instead of the chicken! But rest assured, it’s all Adam Rupp, 100%! Put all this bewildering vocal skill together and the song is full of flavor, richness and energy! 

Oh and let’s not go any further without mentioning the dance moves seen in this party on tape. So, go Chance with the booty shake. I giggled, out loud, more than once! Tim was having too much fun. The bench dancing was a treat and a little backside shimmy to boot. Adam’s moves are getting every bit as good as his beatboxing. I often watch videos and just watch Adam all the way through, so I can see every move. Austin was a boogie master! This seems to be his type of song, you could tell he was having a blast. And Rob getting down with his bad strut! There were several other dance appearances that made me giggle, *cough Buegs cough*, and want to get up and dance myself. A festive get together like only Home Free can do and great dance song made even better with a style that only Home Free can deliver. I got this feeling, down in my bones and my funky fave five guys just put into full swing. And let’s give a shout out to Satchmo (he needs to negotiate for a bigger role)!!

Whether they are doing down home country songs or breaking down the barriers with hip shaking dance tunes, Home Free will rock your world with their unique sound and amazing talent! Love the fun and love Home Free. This video will have you snapping your fingers, moving your feet and wiggling your seat! You won’t be able to take your eyes up off it, either! So check it out and share the heck out of it!