Monday, April 4, 2016

#Ponytailandsunburns New Home Free video

Well Howdy faithful readers and welcome back! New Home Free video time and I have a lot to say about this little gem!! This video is Home Free’s cover of Garth Brooks’ ever popular and forever referenced, Friends in Low Places. Ah, I remember blasting the radio, windows down and me and my partner in crime and best friend, singing at the top of our lungs! Especially that mysterious third verse that the radio got away with playing every now and then. Home Free doesn’t do that third verse, but their take on the song with this video was Home Free style all the way!

Let’s get the ooohhh’s and aaaahhh’s out of the way first. Adam’s hair….DAMN!!! I love his hair back in a ponytail. I certainly don’t want to get in trouble, but I’m going to be daring this Monday morning and say Adam looks damn sexy in this video! There, I said it! His pool surfing was pretty impressive, well until he was so rudely interrupted! LOL! All the guys looked fantastic! It looks like the wonderful setting in the Cayman Islands did all of them some good! Flip flops, comfy clothes and/or shirtlessness, amazing water scenes, fruity drinks, goofiness, oh and some serious sunburns. The guys have fun messing with each other and enjoying time with their loved ones, plus giving the Home Fries a little sexy to make us happy. #ourboysknowhowtomakeussmile

Of course, we all love Tim’s wonderful low notes and Home Free’s special touch to this song. This song, although a kiss my ass, break up song, is still fun and pulls you in. It’s those wonderful friends in low places that get us through life and if given a choice, I’ll take the life in this video after a break up any day! Yep, drinking and getting weird with my friends would be the perfect remedy to any split. Home Free went the right way with this ageless song. I do have to laugh a little about the not so well hidden, stealth chicken (thanks for the pointer, Adam). The words “did Chris eat stealth chicken?” were uttered by a fry. This fry will remain nameless and faceless to protect their identity. The stealth chicken is pretty serious business in these videos! #stealthchickenonthebarbie The Fries just have to believe that Stealth Chicken, aka Albert, will be seen again. We won’t talk about Tim getting his haircut, that’s the painful part of the video (LOL, yes, I’m kidding, maybe).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the fun loving, sweet men of Home Free remind me so much of my older brothers. I grew up with three older brothers and there was ruthless teasing and shenanigans, but there was also great fun and many laughs! Seeing Home Free videos, watching them on stage, talking with them briefly during VIP’s and signing lines, I truly see my brothers and it’s awesome! I hope that water dumped on Tim’s head wasn’t too cold! 

I enjoyed the laid back feel of the video, the good times being had, the beautiful background and, of course, Home Free doing what they do best, singing a great song in perfect a cappella harmony. If you haven’t seen it yet, grab an umbrella drink, sit back in a chaise lounge, turn up the volume and let ‘er rip! #ponytailandsunburns #stingraysandfruitydrinks #friendsinlowplacesmaketheworldabetterplace And if you’ve never seen Home Free live, just do it, y’all! A great time will be had by all. I'll be traveling to Oklahoma to see them twice this month and I can't wait! #lookoutOklahomathefryinvasioniscoming Friends in Low Places and many other classic and new country songs can be found on their Country Evolution CD available on iTunes and Amazon. You can find their tour information at


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  1. Love your blog, Michelle!
    You portrayed the new video (& the guys) very well! Keep them coming!!